Nightsolo's The Witcher 1 Consequences

TW1 Decision TW2 Consequence TW3 Consequence
Thaler's Fate If he lived, you get a message and a package in Flotsam. He's alive even if you let him die.
Romaced Shani A journal entry explaining why Geralt parted ways with her. -
Kill or Save Adda Some dialog on the part of King Foltest. -
Kill or side with Siegfried Geralt is attacked or left alone by the Order. -
Side with the Order Fewer problems with the order, and you'll meet up with Siegfried. -
Side with the Scoia'tael Different dialog with Iorveth -
Remain Neutral Iorveth's path: you can't get through the door in Loc Muinne
Roche's Path: you have to kill an angry knight in Chapter II

last modified 21 June 2020