Nightsolo's The Witcher Walkthrough


After a cutscene and a conversation with Dandelion, you'll experience several cycles of walking forward, talking, and killing a few bad guys, go inside houses and into the cellars. Repeat this process several times. The key to the cellar door is in the Trunk directly opposite the door. You will emerge from doors you've never exited before, so before going too far, take a moment to get your bearings.

Enter the Cloister, kill the two guards, and loot a key from one of their corpses. There is a Fireplace here if you wish to Meditate before the next phase. Enter the next room. This is all quite linear until you get to the end, with one final chance to Meditate and Save.

You'll fight Jaques de Aldersburg, then the King of the Wild Hunt arrives and gives you a choice. If you choose to hand Jaques over, the King will sort-of tell you a secret. If you choose to kill Jaques yourself, you'll get the same information later, and you'll have to kill The King of the Wild Hunt.

When you return to "present day," Talk to Dandelion to trigger the final cinematic and the end credits.

last modified 20 July 2017