Nightsolo's The Witcher 1 Downloads & Hints


Buy the Enhanced Editon from either:

Files I'm mirroring:

Mods I recommend:
Rise of the White Wolf (some of the below won't work with this)
Bigger Fonts for Rise of the White Wolf
RotWW Orange Weapon Trail Restoration
Kaer Morhen HD textures
Faster Movement for Geralt
Fair Kalkstein
Leuvaarden Buys Salamandra Badges
Easier Dice Poker
Fair Kalkstein
Many Items
Thaler Will Always Survive
Fairer Trade
Item Stacking
Plentiful Herbs
Sex Takes Time
Celina Wreath fix
No Blur Blizzard
Cat-Like Vertical Pupils for All Witchers
Blue Eyes Triss
Natural Shani
Witcher 3 Gertalt Face
Witcher 3 Shani Face
Witcher 3 Lambert Face
Witcher 3 Vesemir Face
Witcher 3 Zoltan Face
Witcher 3 Thaler Face

Only if you need them:
Raymond Ambush Quest Fix
Suspect: Kalkstein and Suspect:Leuvaarden Fix
BugFix for the Vizima Confidential Problem
Kidnappers' Door Bugfix
Radovid Door Fix
Gambling Ghost Bugfix


last modified 21 June 2020