Nightsolo's Prologue Walkthrough


After the long and lovely cinematic intro, and after the introductory cutscene, you'll finally gain control of Geralt. This is a very straight forward tutorial, so there isn't much for me to explain. Do as you're told and pick up a sword, then kill the invaders. More cutscenes and more fighting will ensue. Remember to Loot everything you can. Continue to follow instructions until you're faced with your first real choice: either stay in the Courtyard to kill the Frightener, or go with Leo back into the Laboratory. [Fighting the Frightener makes a battle in Chapter I a bit more difficult, and the cutscene seems negative.]

If you chose to stay in the Courtyard:
First, kill off the humans. Then, use your Tawny Owl Potion. The Frightener is only vulnerable while the Bell is ringing, so ring the Bell, then run to the two Cauldrons and use your Aard Sign on each in turn. This makes the Frightener vulnerable for only a short period, so quickly run back to it and wail on it until the Bell stops ringing. Repeat the Bell/Cauldron process as necessary until the creature is dead.

If you choose to go to the Laboratory:
After the cutscene, begin by killing the four Bandits. This lowers Savola's shield, and then you can kill him. He'll disappear when he teleports every now and again, but if you have object names enabled, you'll notice that his name tag appears before he does, making it quicker to target him when he reappears. After the fight, head towards the Laboratory to experience another cutscene.

Talk to Vesemir and learn all you can from him. Then find Lambert, who should be standing next to the kitchen door. When you've learned the recipe from him, loot the Kitchen, then go up the stairs.

On the Upper Floor, kill all the Bandits, and loot everything you can. The Calcium Equum is in the room labeled Armory, and the White Gull is in the Evening Hall. Return to the Ground Floor and Talk to Lambert. Vesemir is next. He'll give you some equipment, but more importantly he'll teach you Skinning aned Potion Brewing.

Go out to the Courtyard and loot the Frightener, as well as anything else in the area. Go back inside and Talk to Vesemir again. When you're ready, click the Meditate Button to the left of the dialog choices. In the upper-right corner of the screen, click the Hero Button to distribute your Talent Points. Then Click the Brew Potions Button, and find the recipe labeled Tris's Potion. Finally, click the hourglass in the lower-left corner of the screen.

When you come to, go upstairs and find the door labeled "Stairs to Tris's room." Go through, and approach the woman lying on the bed. Give her the potion. To do so, click the "Gift" icon to the left of the dialog options. This opens up your inventory. Left-click and drag Tris's Potion to the "Give Item" circle just to the left of the inventory boxes. As she regains her strength, you'll be presented with the opportunity to have sex with her (just don't choose the options that hurry up and end the conversation). Afterwards, learn all you can from her, but don't go to meet Vesemir for Leo's funeral yet. Instead, tell her you still have things to do.

Go back down to the Upper Floor, and find Eskel. Agree to have a fistfight with him. When you beat him, you'll have a new Quest called "Fistfight." This will stay in your Quest Log all the way through Chapter V, and I'll point out who you need to fight to advance the quest. Find Lambert either in the Evening Hall, or on the Ground Floor, and ask him about different styles of fighting. When you're ready, Talk to either Vesemir or Triss in order to end the Prologue and begin Leo's funeral. This leads directly into Chapter I.

last modified 21 June 2020