Miscellaneous WoW Screenshots

From journeys with all my various characters.

The title screen, without the titles, from "Wrath of the Lich King."
And again. What is my obsession with taking screenshots of this? Did I forget I'd done it already?
The title screen, with the dragon.
Some graphics card problems on my laptop.
All right, let's do this!
Waiting for the boat from Feathermoon Stronghold to mainland Feralas; in the rain.
Same thing, but the rain has stopped.
My rogue, disguised as a Vyrkul woman, riding on a mount sized for a smaller being. It just looks odd.
My paladin happened to take on this fire elemental in a bush. Perhaps I should have named the character Moses?
I started a death knight character, and thought it was a cool moment when Arthas himself arrived to personally give me orders.
An easter egg I found in Zangarmarsh, land of giant mushrooms.
I alt-tabbed back into the game at the end of a flight point, only to find Dalaran hadn't loaded yet.
Contrasting with the BigGril shot above, I've got my Human Paladin on a Bronze Drake, and for size comparison, disguised as a Ymirjar. While the human gets lost in the immensity of his mount, the Vyrkul looks as though the Drake was bred for a woman her size.
A nice easter egg on a hatch I came across whilst lost on an island in Sholazar Basin.
AAAHHH!!! A giant turtle and a mini nether drake are chasing me across the desert!
Well, actually, I'm escorting Tooga. The mini nether drake is mine.
Reaching Level 80 on my human Death Knight. I don't know why I took a screenshot, but there it is.
This is Grizzly Hills, but where'd all the trees go?
Got to level 80 only a couple of quests sooner than on my Death Knight. No, I'm not dead here. The quest has me in the "sprit world."
Apparantly, shapeshifted druids can ride on the camels in the Halls of Origination dungeon.
The druid himself explains why this is possible...
The title screen from the Cataclysm expansion
There is a set of craftable armor that looks like what the Stormwind City Guards wear. Can you guess which is the guard and which is the player?
I normally assume everything in this game is working as intended, but come on!
Not sure where I dug this up from, but it's the title screen from the Burning Crusade expansion, taken 30 October 2007.
Another old screenshot, taken 6 October 2011. I don't remember why I was back in Outland, but I did notice a fire elemental in this bush at the top of a mountain. Turns out it's possibly a better shot than the one above.
The title screen from the Mists of Pandaria expansion.
Another old screenshot, showing my obsession with errors in the game. In this case, I had just alt-tabbed back into the game and had to wait for much of the world to load.

last modified 23 May 2013