A Warrior's Journey

An addon called DingRecorder takes a screenshot automatically when a character levels up. The settings occasionally get lost, so sometimes the interface is shown, and sometimes it's hidden.
I like to show the evolution of the interface I'm using.

1 December 2009
New to the world. Wreckage from the Dranei's ship Exodar. With the exception of MoveAnything, none of my addons have been configured yet.
1 December 2009
Level 2. Whoopt-dee-doo. Yeah, it took me 17 minutes to get here, mostly due to configuring addons.
1 December 2009
I have collector's editions, so I get bonus mini-pets from the in-game mail. However, there are no mail boxes in the starting areas, so I'll have this mail notification icon on the minimap for quite a while.
1 December 2009
Helping crash survivors is a worthy of a level-up. Or maybe it was some other random good deed? I don't remember.
1 December 2009
Die, horde NPC scum!
1 December 2009
Helping a fisherman out by...doing her fishing for her. (Typical lazy npc)
1 December 2009
Helping more crash victims.
1 December 2009
Odysseus's cook needed stuff with which to cook.
1 December 2009
Wait, I'm a Dranei Warrior, not a NightElf Mohawk! No, really. I don't care what Mr. T says.
1 December 2009
Ahh, level 10. Time for a break while I get some rested XP.
11 December 2009
Ravagers are not native to Azeroth, so we exterminate them. But wait, Dranei aren't native to Azeroth either...
26 December 2009
Level 12. No, really.
28 December 2009
First a NightElf Mohawk, now a gnome in a Santa Claus suit? WTF? ;)
6 January 2010
Are Satyrs sadists?
7 January 2010
Blizzard improved their tutorials, so I thought I'd see how much better they are. Hence the giant question mark in the middle of the screen.
10 January 2010
Sweet 16.
19 January 2010
If I spent half as much time playing with the UI as I did leveling, I'd be much further through the game.
19 January 2010
This area must be a major discovery to warrant leveling up.
25 January 2010
I swear I'm done screwing with the UI. Really.
30 January 2010
Reporting for duty, ma'am!
10 February 2010
Waiting for Rested XP is starting to pay off. It takes longer to level, so I get more play time with the character before I have to find an Inn.
11 February 2010
Not so well hidden after all.
15 February 2010
Who says dungeons aren't good for leveling?
20 February 2010
Oddly, there is a quest item that drops for Alliance players in this Horde dungeon.
25 February 2010
I like Dungeon Finder tool, but playing with people from other servers makes it harder to find a guild.
1 March 2010
Finish a dungeon, turn in a quest, level up. Whiny people in that dungeon though, yeesh.
5 March 2010
This camp has some quests that are higher level than I am at the moment. Going to be a challenge.
10 March 2010
With a little help from my friends. Never mind that my friend in this case is a statue I made with my Jewelcrafting Profession.
29 March 2010
Finally, a screenshot worthy of the title. Padhraig is seen here finishing a dungeon, killing a boss, and earning and Achievement, all at the same time. Very satisfying.
10 March 2010
Thirty is indeed a nice round number, but does it really merit an Achievement? I mean, it's not exactly avoidable, so I don't see what the big deal is.
20 March 2010
Always happy to help the Night Elves. After all, they did let us crash on their island.
5 April 2010
I'm starting to get the hang of this tanking thing.
15 April 2010
For Gnomeregan!
20 April 2010
For Gnoemer...wait, didn't I just kill these guys a few days ago? I suppose I did. As easily as I can respawn, so can the bad guys. So what's the point? Who cares? It's still fun!
25 April 2010
Taking out trolls, with a little help from some dude who happened to be doing the same.
3 May 2010
Kobolds like shiny things. But then, so do many mobs in and around Azeroth.
4 May 2010
Not exactly a rush of blood to the head, but still an interesting skill.
5 May 2010
I've taken to just running dungeons for leveling up purposes. So yes, I'll run another after this.
5 May 2010
Ah, Uldaman. One of Blizzard's signature maze-like dungeons.
5 May 2010
I got lost in Uldaman for so long I gained two levels in the process.
5 May 2010
On a Warrior quest which requires 24 emblems, with a drop rate of about 1%. How could I not level?
12 May 2010
Back into the dungeons.
12 May 2010
Insert witty comment here.
13 May 2010
This could be called "Revenge of the Wastewander Assassins." But they died, so I guess not.
13 May 2010
No more Rested XP. But you probably already noticed that. I've given up on waiting for it. Blizzard buffed the speed at which a character levels, so there's not a whole lot of point in playing only when rested.
14 May 2010
Damn trees. I guess we're not environmentalists in Azeroth.
19 May 2010
Camouflaged leveling. It's a new thing the kids are doing these days?
22 May 2010
I've run this dungeon too many times. It's getting repetitive.
26 May 2010
I don't remember which quest I just turned in here, and I just did it!
27 May 2010
Feels like a milestone, but I'm not quite sure why. Perhaps because I have only 8 more levels until I get to go to Outland. Which, being a Draenai, would be home.
1 June 2010
Another Warrior-specific quest.
2 June 2010
Un'Goro is the source of many quests. And Thorium Ore.
3 June 2010
What can I say? I leveled.
7 June 2010
This guy is a dead Orc, but he seems to have left behind his factional hatred and just talks to anyone now.
7 June 2010
First time in Blackrock Depths, and the group decided to to the whole thing. Frelling huge dungeon, but a lot of fun. I honestly would not have found my way around on my own. Great group knew what they were doing.
9 June 2010
Second time I did the whole of Blackrock Depths. I guess I'm a glutton for punishment? No, I'm practicing my tanking skills.
9 June 2010
Some soloing before heading into other high-level "Classic" dungeons.
10 June 2010
Take that, Twilight Cultist! Actually, go about your business, I'm outta here!
10 June 2010
First level in Outland. Questing is so efficient these days!
10 June 2010
Sixty down, twenty to go.
21 June 2010
Reporting for duty, sir! What do you mean my feet are in your soup?
24 June 2010
Always happy to help a fellow Dranei.
24 June 2010
How would a Dwarf's hat fit a Dranei? Either that dwarf has a big head, or I have a small one?
28 June 2010
The Broken are Dranei, too.
29 June 2010
Night Elves are nice. They let us crash on their island.
30 June 2010
Take that, vile Naga! (Does it mean anything that I use a Naga mouse to play? I suppose not, since every race in this game has friendly and hostile factions, so you end up killing your own people no matter what.)
1 July 2010
Oddly, the mandatory guild run never happened. Fortunately, I leveled.
3 July 2010
How a gnome became a member of the Cenarion Expedition is anybody's guess.
5 July 2010
Welcome to Northrend, may I take your order?
6 July 2010
Ooh, shiny!
7 July 2010
Always happy to help the Murloc King. Wait, you're not really the king?
8 July 2010
Nice birdie. Please don't bite my hand--OW! Bad birdie!
18 July 2010
Reporting for duty, sir! What do you mean I'm standing on your books?
19 July 2010
I hear and obey, oh great stone head thing.
21 July 2010
Time to cash in on this quest.
24 July 2010
I did eventually get Wonton Warlord completed. Really.
25 July 2010
I did eventually get Hour of the Worg completed. Really.
26 July 2010
No, there's nothing wrong with this pricture, I'm actually disguised as a ghoul, being given a tour of a new zone by a gargoyle.
26 July 2010
I'm dead, but not dead. Only one more level to go.
27 July 2010
That's it. No more to see here. Move along.
Time Played = 9 days, 19 hours, 32 minutes, 45 seconds 05 May 2011
The cataclysm has arrived and it's...in an underwater cave? I though there'd be more...you know...fire.
18 May 2011
So we're in a building with air, yet everyone has these air bubbles over their heads.
19 May 2011
I dream of Ysera in the Emerald Dream...or not. Kinda cool how you can kill your nightmares, though.
24 May 2011
The guy I'm talking to is a Night Elf, and the one beyond is a dragon. The guy to my left is Cenarius, a demigod, that much I understand. But what exactly IS he?
2 June 2011
Uh, excuse me sir, is this a God Dam?
18 April 2013
Two years since I last played this character. I'm amazed my UI is still the same.
27 April 2013
Same dungeon, different day. Instant queues as a tank is nice, but tanking is hard.
27 April 2011
Two levels in one day? I'm playing way too much.
28 April 2013
Dungeon queues take longer now, for some reason. This gives me time to quest.
29 April 2013
See you again in two years, when I level this guy again.
03 July 2015
I gave him wood.
03 July 2015
The addon I use to take screenshots malfunctioned. I didn't notice until a couple levels later. So this one is fake, but it's roughly where 92 would have been.
03 July 2015
This one is fake, too. Close to real, though.
24 July 2015
(as is this one) Yes, that's THE Khadgar.

No! Not the sister!

Out of the shadows and into the jungle.

That's a big cannon.

I'll help him as soon as I'm done dancing on your table.

I was too busy killing this boss to see that the rest of the group was going for an achievement, hence my apology. They should have told me before the fight, but I also should have paid more attention to the chat.

I'm not very good at keeping companions alive, am I?

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