Pictures from the Urschel's Spaghetti Dinner

Pictures by John Stevens

1The lovely couple! Janna and Matt
2Bob and Jane Urschel
3Jane and her lovely granddaughter, Ella-Jane
4Janna, Deb and Steve Urschel
5Front Row: Jacob, Sara, Kristie Gong
Back Row: Patrick Sayre-Little, Jennifer Sayre, Kate
6Front Row: Jacob, Sarah, Janna, Kate, Kristi
Back Row: Patrick, Jennifer
7Kate, Kazue, Jennifer, Kristi
8Kazue, Kristi, Kate, Sarah, Jacob
9Jerry and Kelly
10Kelly, Jane, Jerry, Lena
11Sean and Pete
12 Deb, Matt, Pete, Bill, Steve
13Kazue, Laura w/Ella-Jane, Jennifer
14Bill, Jennifer, Janna
15 Phil Doe, Paula Noonan, Jane, Louise
16 Nikki and Chris Grimes, Joe and Kristi Roth, Sean
17Bob and Pete
18Pete and Bill
19Chef Bob says "Let's eat!"
20somebody, Bob, somebody
21 Laura w/Ella-Jane, Jane, Frances Emmons
22 Nikki, Joe, Chris, Kristi
23Patrick, Ellen Little, Matt, Janna
24Kate, Kristi, Kazue, Jennifer
25Lena, Kelly, Jerry, Patrick
26Sean, Liz, Pete
27 Marilyn and Dick Snapp, Deb and Steve
28Sarah and Jacob
29Bob and Jane prepare for the toasts
30Pete's toast
31Bill's toast
32Patrick's Toast
33The happy (and tired) couple

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last modified 11 February 2003