Janna is currently working for The Yukon Quest. (also see www.shopyukonquest.com)

Here is a list of wedding gift ideas. By no means limit yourself to these. Please RSVP your choice to avoid duplicate gifts. (they don't need six blenders).

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Wedding Fund
Honeymoon Fund

Floor Lamps
Comprehensive English Dictionary
Vacuum Cleaner
Pizza Cutter
Kitchen Knives
Non-Stick Frying Pan with a lid
Down Comforter
Sleeping Bag, rated to -20F (for Janna)
Stereo, with tape and CD players
TV, new and big (their current set is 13", from 1984, and very blurry)
GPS reciever
Drinking Glasses
one of those spoon thingies you put your dirty cooking spoon on to keep the counter top from getting gooey
Outdoor Thermometer
Cooking Thermometer
Cookie Sheets
Large Cutting Board
Basting Brush

LUGGAGE:(they don't have anything to pack their honeymoon into, so if you plan on getting these items, they wouldn't mind if you sent them up to them early :) )
Padded Hiking Backpack for Janna
Carry-ons for Matt and Janna
Weekend-size suitcases for Matt and Janna
Large suitcases for Matt and Janna

OTHER (please specify)

In addition to all the above, the Urschels have set up another registry at Pankratz Studios & Gallery for dishes and such. You may contact the folks who run that site, and mention the "Urschel wedding," to figure out what all is available there.

Email the Wedding-Gift Coodinator

This page last modified 20 March 2005