Pictures from the Reception

Pictures by John Stevens

1 Front of the Monday Club
2 View from the front of the Monday Club
3 The gazebo, sans decoration
4 Denise The officiator applies Bob's corsage
5 Mary Frances applies Jane's corsage
6 The Beach Cities Brass
7 ditto
8 Pete escorts his mother
9 The bride and groom recess
10 done with the gazebo pictures
11 The bride and groom show off their rings (or their scars?)
12 Bill, Louise, Kelly, and Lena hang out
13 Matt, Pete, Patrick, and Bill hang out
14 cake shot
15 ditto
16 ditto
17 ditto
18 ditto
19 The bridesmaid's table
20 The groomsmen's table
21 ditto
22 ditto
23 The Connells and Barbara Kraemer
24 Jacob, Melissa, Rob, Amy, Matt, Jon
25 Mary Frances, Steve, Deb, Bob
26 Bill and Patrick plan their toast, while Ellen stands by
27 Pete's toast
28 Bob's toast
29 Jane's Toast
30 Patrick and Bill's toast
31 Kate and Kristi's tost
32 dorks dancing
33 A dance line gets going
34 The Supreemes make a surprise appearance
35 Matt, Janna, Ellen
36 Bill, Janna, Jennifer
37 Lena, Jerry, Kelly
38 Sean, Liz, Lena, Jerry
39 Jerry, Kelly, Louise, Lena
40 Patrick, Natalie Fredman, Barbara Garn, Jennifer
41 Jacob and Sarah
42 Janna and Matt make the rounds
43 ditto
44 ditto
45 ditto
46 ditto

These pictures may be ordered from Mike's Camera

last modified 11 February 2003