Nightsolo's Long Fallout Walkthrough



Vault 13 - Start

You start just outside your home of Vault 13. You can try to use the computer next to the door, but they wonít let you in right now. Loot the bones next to you and equip the Knife. Ammo is hard to find this early in the game, so use the knife, and wander the cave killing rats. When youíre done, exit to the World Map. Wander the desert for a day, then come back and enter the Vault by using the computer next to it.

Loot the locker on the wall in the foyer for some Flares. The medic will heal you for free if youíre hurt. Go down to the 2nd level and talk to Theresa. Wait until after 1700 and some other Vault Dwellers will enter her room. Convince her to stay, and youíll get XP for preventing a coup.

Down on the 3rd Level, in the westernmost room there are two Computers you can use your Science skill on to gain some XP and up your skills. Go east and talk to the Overseer. Tell him whatever. Head back west, and youíll see a chick guarding a locked door. Ask about whoís authorized to get weapons, then say you have a need for weapons, too. Sheíll let you in. After looting those lockers, Talk to the Water Guard (if he's there), and ask for permission to take some supplies. Loot the lockers in the water room. Now you can leave and head towards Vault 15.

Shady Sands

On your way towards Vault 15, youíll come across a green circle labeled "Unknown." Go there. Seth and Katrina will welcome you to the town of Shady Sands. Talk to Katrina about everything you can for some XP. Ask Seth whatís going on around town. Loot everything in town, and barter for things you need. Keep an eye out for Dynamite and a Rope. In the building to the east of the entrance is a guy in a leather jacket and blue jeans named Ian. You can get him to join you for $100 or by convincing him with a high Charisma.

In the large house to the south of that is the leader of the town, Aradesh. Tell him youíll take care of the Radscorpion problem. You can talk to his daughter, Tandi, who's either there or wandering all over town. Talk to the very busy cook in the back and compliment her cooking. In the small house to the west of that is Razlo, his wife, and a sick man. Razlo will only talk to you during daylight hours. Ask Razlo about a cure for Radscorpion poison. You can trade with his wife for meds.

In the Garden area of Shady Sands is a farmer named Curtis in the middle of his fields. Tell him about crop rotation if you have a high a Science skill. Loot everything in the area. Go back to Seth and ask him to send you to the Radscorpion Caves.

You can either kill all the Radscorpions or seal the entrance with Dynamite, if you have any. But before you look for the weak spot in the cave wall near the entrance, and place the Dynamite there, kill at least one Radscorpion and take its tail. However you deal with the situation, go back to Razlo, who will make as many Antidotes as you have tails. Just keep asking him during the daytime. Use the Antidote on the sick guy in the back and heíll thank you with some XP. Tell Aradesh you took care of the Radscorpions.

Now head to Vault 15, but make sure you have at least one Rope. Thereís one in the building north of the farm, one in the shed south of the farm, and you can barter for one from Seth.

Vault 15

Every vault you come across in the Fallout games has a different kind of entrance. This one happens to be a manhole in a shack. Go down. The biggest thing here is a Lesser Mole Rat. Try not to waste your ammo on the normal Rats. Loot the locker in the foyer, and the one in the medical center. Use the Rope on the broken floor of the elevator, and go down to the Living Quarters. Kill and loot, being sure to pick up the Rope to use on the other elevator. Do the same in the Command Center. Go towards where the overseer would be and youíll find itís blocked by rocks. Youíll get some XP for finding that out.

Shady Sands - Return

Return to Shady Sands. Seth, Katrina, and Aradesh should all tell you Tandi (Aradeshís daughter) was kidnapped by Raiders. Agree to get her back. If it seems the quest isnít available, leave town for a day or two and try again. Once you have the quest, talk to Razlo and heíll give you a couple of free Stimpaks. Leave and head south to the Raider Camp.

Raider Camp

There are a several of ways to get Tandi back and deal with the Raiders. Tandi can join your party, but sheís weak and not very useful. You can't even talk to her to change her combat options or ask her to stay put or even leave. Also, if you ever return to Shady Sands, she'll leave.

I suggest you chose one of the first three options, return Tandi, claim your reward from Aradesh, then come back and kill everyone. They'll be hostile as soon as you walk up to them. Just be sure to not kill the two slave girls, as theyíre worth more XP if they survive. Loot everything, and if there are bodies, loot those, too. Remember that your NPCs can carry stuff too, so you can give them all the heavy stuff and Steal it back later.


When you arrive, put your weapons away. The guards donít like weapons. The guard Kalnor at the main entrance wonít let you in unless itís daytime (after 6am). Talk to Lars just inside the gate about everything. In the white building in the northwest of the section is Doc Morbidís place. Go down the manhole in the back and talk to the short guy. Later, you can blackmail a Iguana Bob in The Hub if you find out from the short guy here that his meat comes from people. Kill him, then go back upstairs, and kill Doc Morbid and his two guards, but be sure not to alert the town guards (note that your Karma will suffer if you do kill town guards). Staying inside will prevent the town from noticing. Exit north.

Enter the General Store and talk to Killian. After the conversation, a guy named Kenji comes in and tries to kill Killian. Help stop the assassin, being sure to not accidentally hit Killian or any of the guards. If this happens, I hope you saved recently. After the assassin is dead, talk to Killian again. Heíll ask for your help proving the local crime boss, Gizmo, is behind the attempt. There are a couple of ways to do this. Exit the area to the north and enter the Casino. You'll find Gizmo in the back room.

  1. Put the Tape Recorder in your active slot, and talk to Gizmo until he admits he sent the assassin. Youíll have to agree to kill Killian.
  2. Use the Steal skill to put the Bug on the man himself.
Either way, return to Killian and agree to help take out Gizmo. Note that after you do, all of the roulette hosts and slot machines will dissapear, so if you want to gamble, do so before you talk to Lars. When youíre ready, return to the town entrance and tell Lars youíre ready. Youíll be teleported to a fight in Gizmoís office. After the fight, you'll be teleported back to Lars for your reward.

Just a side note: Killian doesnít seem to have much to trade for on his person, even though he is running a huge store. Search the tables to find more stuff to barter for. You can also rob Killianís store at night. Be sure heís gone home, and pick the lock on his safe in the side room.

Go back to the Casino and loot it and the corpses. To the east of the Casino is Phil and a dog thatís causing him some trouble. You can get the dog to join you in one of two ways.

  1. Walk up to it wearing a Leather Jacket.
  2. Feed it some Meat (which you can find in the Casino).
Tycho in the bar will join you, if tell him youíre cleaning up the town. He can teach you some combat skills, too.

In the bar is a guy whoís singing - poorly. Tell Ismarc you actually do like his singing, and ask about the locations of The Hub, Adytum, and the Brotherhood of Steel. Talk to Trish the waitress about Saul. Between the bar and the Casino is a boxing ring. If thereís a fight scheduled, bet on the human, Saul. Talk to him afterward about his life with Trish, and tell him how she feels about him boxing for some XP. (You may have to talk to Saul first, then Trish, then go back to Saul.)

Head back to the middle map and take a room for the night. In the morning, one of the employees, Sinthia will be held hostage. You can let her get killed or you can free her by either killing her captor or convincing him to just walk away. If you opt to kill him, use the Sneak skill before going through the door, then get around behind him and get him before he kills his hostage. If you kill him, Sinthia will be upset. Either way, youíll be rewarded by the innkeeper with a free nightís stay.

Lars at some point will ask you to help take down the Skulz gang. If he doesn't have that dialog option, come back later in the game, or do both of the following without talking to Lars first. You canít just kill them, as this town takes the law very seriously. There are two ways to solve this.

  1. The easy way is to talk to Sherry in the Crash house. Sheís hanging out towards the back, just in front of the door to the back room where the Skulz hang out. Talk to her and convince her she could do better. Leave town for a day, come back, and convince her to testify against her gang. Talk to Lars and tell him youíve found a witness. Quest solved and the Skulz disappear. Sherry thanks you.
  2. The other way is to try to join the Skulz. Go to the Skum Pit bar at night. Talk to Neal the bartender, then a Skulz member will insult the waitress, and Neal will kill him. Go talk to Vinnie, the leader of the Skulz, and ask to join. Vinnie will ask you to Steal Nealís Urn as a form of initiation. Do so by entering from the east side of the bar, and give it to Vinnie. Agree to help kill Neal, but say youíll do it later. Now go to Lars and youíll get to help kill the whole gang. After the fight, give the Urn back to Neal.

Next stop, The Hub.

The Hub

Nothing really interesting in the Entrance section. Head south to Downtown. Lots of stuff here. Like Junktown, the police here donít like vigilantes. And again like Junktown, thereís one exception: The Friendly Lending Company (FLC). You can take out a loan, and then kill them, netting yourself some free money. You'll lose a small amount of Karma in the process, of course. There are several caravans you can join here, but they only leave on certain days of the month. Given the main quest time limit, I recommend joining up only if theyíre headed the same place you are, and only if itís just a couple of days away. Another thing you can do is Steal from all the guards in green combat armor. They donít seem to mind, and they have some good loot.

In the center part of Downtown are four stores. The northeast one is a bookstore with an a large supply of very expensive books. The other three sell weapons and stuff. West of the shops is Lemmy, who can introduce you to the weapons dealer Vance in Old Town, for a price. Just south of all the stores is Iguana Bob. If you found out where he gets his meat from the short guy below Doc Morbidís place in Junktown, you can blackmail Iguana Bob for a reasonable amount. This will lower your Karma.

Southwest of Iguana Bob is Irwin, who has a problem. Agree to help take care of the raiders on his farm, and youíll be teleported there instantly. After you kill all the raiders and loot everything, exit and return to Irwin for a .233 Pistol. One of the most powerful guns in the game.

Talk to the folks at the Far Go Traders in the northeast. Agree to find out whatís plaguing the caravans. Talk to Beth in the southeast store about the Deathclaw until she mentions Harold knows something, and her crazy uncle Slappy keeps mumblilng something about it. Exit east to Old Town and talk to Slappy in the south. Talk to Harold about Slappy, then ask Slappy to take you to the Deathclaw cave. You get 800 XP just for going to the cave. Enter the cave and kill the Deathclaw. Loot the dying/dead mutant, and read the Mutant Transmissions Holodisk. Return to the Far Go Traders and tell Butch that you killed the Deathclaw, but it was really mutants responsible for the missing caravans. Then give the holodisk to Rutger for your reward.

Go east into Old Town again. There are two merchants in the northwest two buildings with really good stuff. Be sure to loot everything, as well.

Just north of Haroldís place is a building with a bunch of Raiders who will attack you on sight. Kill them all, then free the guy in the back room. Youíll get a reward later in the game when you visit his buddies at the Brotherhood of Steel.

In the northwest corner of the large middle building are some stairs leading down. This is the Thievesí Circle. Work your way past all the Traps on the floors and doors, Lockpick the doors, and talk to the lovely Jasmine and her boss, Loxley. He wants you to Steal a Necklace from the Hightowers in The Heights. Go back upstairs and west two areas. Rest until 1800 (The Hightowers go to bed early!). If your Charisma/Speech is high enough, convince the one lone guard to let you in. Disarm the Trap on the safe, then Lockpick it, and take the Necklace. Return to Loxley then Jasmine for your reward, which includes an Electronic Lock Pick.

Go back to Downtown, then south to the Merchants area. In the northwest is a branch of the Children of the Cathedral. Feel free to talk to everyone. (If you want to kill them, be sure to talk to the lone child in the area until she leaves, otherwise youíll have to kill her, and youíll be labeled as a Child Killer). Use Sneak, then Lockpick the door in the back, and loot all the cool stuff there. Be sure to get the Robes.

To the southwest is the Water Merchants. Theyíll offer to send water to your Vault, but itís expensive and can lead the mutant armies to your home. They also run caravans if youíre interested.

Head back to Downtown, and go in the Casino. If your gambling skill is high, you can earn a ton of cash here, if you didn't already in Junktown. Talk to Kane next to the bar, and tell him you want to see Decker. The boss will ask you to kill the Hightowers. If you do, you lose Karma, and you get another assassination job from Decker. Heíll want you to kill Jain of the CoC (remember to talk to the child to get her to go away, otherwise youíll be labeled as Child Killer). If you've already killed her, just talk to him again. The other option is to turn Decker in to the police, who are located on the west side of Downtown. The sheriff will ask for your help. If you agree, youíll be teleported to Deckerís basement, and get to kill him and his gang. Afterwards, youíre teleported back to the police station for your reward. You can then return and loot all the bad guysí stuff.


If you donít have this city on your World Map yet, hook up with one of the caravans thatís going there. Itís a good idea anyway, as youíll get caps and XP for it.

In the first area, labeled Hotel on your PipBoy, approach the groups of ghouls outside and theyíll attack you. Feel free to kill them for XP. There are two factions in Necropolis, so if you approach a ghoul who doesnít attack you, donít fight back. Also, avoid looting the shelves and whatnot inside the buildings. When youíre ready, go down one of the manholes. Kill the resident molerats and loot the corpses. Exit north.

Talk to the rebel ghoul leader. Ask about a Water Chip and agree to fix their water pump. Rest until 2000, then take the ladder in the south. Again, donít kill the indoor ghouls or loot their stuff, but feel free to kill the outdoor mobs. Go north into the church and talk to their leader, Set. Agree to kill some mutants. Go back down the manhole you came up through, then follow the sewers north and exit. Go up the ladder.

Again, donít kill the indoor ghouls or loot their stuff. Next to the mutant standing outside is a manhole. Go down, kill all the rats, and find the water pump parts in a far corner. Theyíre labeled "Junk." Go back up the ladder you came down, and enter the building to the north. A dumb mutant will talk to you. If youíre smart enough, you can bluff your way past him, but you do want to kill these mutants, so make him angry and heíll try to kill you, so defend yourself and kill all the other mutants, as well. In the northeast corner of this building is some broken machinery. Use the "Junk" you picked up to repair it, then go free the ghoul in a cell to the south. Heíll tell you to go down a manhole in the cell to the right if you want the Water Chip.

Clear the caves, and youíll find yourself in Vault 12. Kill and loot your way down to Level 3. Donít kill anyone you donít have to. The only computer thatís currently working is the one with the Water Chip. Take it. Return to the ghoul rebel leader and tell him youíve fixed the water pump. Then visit Set to collect your reward for killing the mutants.

Vault 13 - Revisited

Return to your home vault. Talk to Lyle and Cindy on Level 2 about the water thief. (If they wonít talk, rest until 8:00 am, and try again). Take the elevator down to the 3rd level, and talk to the Water Guard about the thief. Hide in a nearby room and rest until midnight. A vault dweller will come through the elevator and steal some water. Confront him on his way out and threaten him. The water guard will then appear and reward you. Now talk to the Overseer. Once everythingís working again, heíll ask you to take care of the mutant problem. Leave and go to the Brotherhood of Steel.

The Glow

Talk to the guards at the entrance to the Brotherhood of Steel, who will send you on a quest to The Glow. This is a highly radioactive place, so take plenty of Rad-X and Rad-Away. Also be sure to have at least one rope. Consider leaving your NPCs at the BOS, as thereís not much fighting in the crater anyway. Take some Rad-X, and use the rope on the beam at the western side of the crater. It may be hard to see at night, so consider resting until morning if thatís the case.

All you really need here is on the first level. Make your way around to the north side, and loot the Brotherhood Tape holodisk from a body up there. Thatís all you need to get into the Brotherhood, but if you feel you have enough Rad-X and radiation resistance, feel free to delve into the lower levels. Otherwise, return to the Brotherhood now.

If you use any computer, itíll tell you that power is offline, and the problem is on Level 6. To get down there, you need high Lockpicking and Traps skills, or you need colored keycards. The Yellow Pass Key is found on Level 1 in the northern area, near where you picked up the Brotherhood Tape holodisk. Use it on the elevator in the southwest corner, and go down. You can kill sleeping robots for the same XP as when they're alive later on. The Red Pass Key is in the northeast corner of Level 2. Use the Yellow Pass Key on this level again to get to Level 3. Donít forget to loot everything.

Use the Red Pass Key in the northeast corner and go to Level 4. Search the body in the southwest corner for the Blue Pass Key. Use the console next to the large computer in the middle of this level to download all sorts of good info into your PipBoy. Take the elevator down to Level 6. Use your Repair Skill on the generator in the southeast room. Use the computer right next to it (or any other computer, for that matter) to restore power to the base. Note that all the defense robots are now active. If you donít feel like destroying them on your way out, use the mainframe computer on Level 4 to deactivate them. Nothing else to do here after looting Level 5, so head back to the Brotherhood of Steel now.

The Brotherhood of Steel (BOS)

It might be a good idea to stop a few squares away from The Glow and use some Rad-Away to get rid of any residual radiation. If your NPCs went with you, inspect them for radiation and use Rad-X to help them out. Show the guard your proof of having been to The Glow, then take the elevator down to Level 1. Talk to Talus in the gym in the southeast to get a reward for having rescued his buddy in The Hub. Also stick around, just stand there, and watch the training. Youíll get a boost to your Unarmed and Melee Skills, and some XP.

Talk to Michael just outside the gym for some free weapons and ammo of your choice, just for joining the Brotherhood. (You can also choose Power Armor, but thereís a way to get another set on Level 3). Head down to Level 2. The doctor in the northern room can cure your radiation, and perform operations to boost most of your SPECIAL Stats. Keep in mind theyíre expensive ($20,000 for all of them combined) and take a long time to recuperate (11 weeks/77 days). Also on this level is Jerry, your roommate. He likes to talk. Feel free to loot all of the lockers on this level.

Head down to Level 3. In the large room in the north is Vree, the head librarian. Ask her about how to use holodisks, and sheíll lead you to a computer where youíll get a boost to your Science Skill. Also ask her about the autopsey results on the mutants, and she'll give you a disc with a copy of her notes. You might choose to use this at the end of the game. In the southwest room is Kyle, who is trying to repair some Power Armor. If you get a part for him, heíll give it to you. There are two ways to do this. You can even do both and get two parts, but there's no reason to.

  1. Go back up to Level 1, and into the small room just southeast of the elevator. Sneak past Rhombus and loot his locker for the Small Piece of Machinery.
  2. Talk to Michael on the first floor and bluff him into giving you the part (only works with a high Intelligence).
  3. Return to Kyle for the Power Armor. Use your Repair skill on it to make it useable.

Level 4 is home to General Maxson and the Brotherhood Elders. Talk to the General in the middle room, and heíll ask you to scout a Military Base up north. You can ask him for some weapons, too. Talk to his assistant, Mathia, standing right next to him, for the weapons. Go to the northeast room and talk to the one Elder who will reply. Heíll also ask you to scout the Military Base. On your way there, revisit Necropolis.

Some mutants have showed up to take revenge on what you did to their buddies. Kill them on every screen. There is one ghoul left alive at Setís church. Talk to him, then loot all the bodies and shelves and whatnot. Once thatís taken care of, continue your journey to the Military Base. Just go northwest to get there.

All you have to do here is walk up towards the guard shack. Remember, all youíre doing right now is scouting. Save in a unique slot. Return and tell General Maxson what you saw. If that line of dialog isnít available, reload from your unique Military Base slot, walk a little closer, then try again. The Elders will want you to destroy the base, and you can ask for their help if you want to blast your way in (theyíll send 3 Paladins to help clean up the outside, they wonít go in). If you want to Sneak in, don't ask for help. Next stop, LA Boneyard.

L.A. Boneyard

The guards in Adytum will ask you to put your weapons away if they arenít already. NPCs donít count. Ask the guard about whatís going on in town, just like you have in every other town youíve visited. Just west of the entrance is a small shack with a manhole. Downstairs is a shopkeeper named Tine. As with Killian's store, you'll find he has more stuff to trade if you search his tables. Two buildings south is Jon Zimmermanís place. Take his job of revenge. To the south is a guy in a white smock in front of a tent. This is Miles, the town scientist. Heíll ask you to get some parts for the townís water pump. He doesnít know where they are, but points you east a couple tents to Samuel, who gives you a hint. In the south east is a guy named Chuck. Save before talking to him, as thereís a chance to raise your Luck by 2. If you donít get it after talking to him, reload and try again. Also in this area of town is Smitty, who can upgrade your Plasma Rifle to a Turbo Plasma Rifle.

Exit north and go into the large building in the middle of the Downtown area. In the southeast room is Razor, the gang leader youíre supposed to kill for Jon. Sheíll tell you she didnít do it, that it was the Regulators. She needs some help doing so in the form of weapons from the Gun Runners two areas east. Agree to help her. Go east to the Warehouse. Kill the Deathclaws, then search the corpse to the east for the water pump parts, labeled "Junk." This is also a great place to gain tons of XP. If you leave this area, rest for an hour, then come back, the Deathclaws will have respawned. Repeat as many times as you like.

Return to Adytum and show the parts to Miles. Take them next to Smitty to have them fixed, then return the fixed up parts to Miles. Heíll thank you by telling you he can upgrade certain types of armor, if he had a certain book from Mrs. Stapleton in the Hub. Go to the Hub, buy the book from the lady, and return it to Miles. Ask him nicely, and Miles will "harden" your Power Armor for you.

When youíre done leveling up off Deathclaws, take the stairs down in the northeast corner of the building in the middle of the Warehouse area. Youíll find the Mother Deathclaw and a bunch of eggs in the southeast corner. Be sure to kill all the eggs, then head back up to the surface and east to the Fortress area.

Along the southern edge of the glowing green goo moat is a guard on a plank. Tell him you really need to see his leader, then head north into the building. Zach is the merchant, and will give you a discount if your Intelligence is high enough. Talk to the leader of the Gun Runners next. As a reward for getting rid of the Deathclaws, ask him to supply weapons to your friends the Blades.

Return to Razor and tell her youíll help get rid of the Regulators. Youíll be teleported straight into a fight in Adytum with the Regulators. Be sure Miles and Smitty survive the fight. (No matter what you do, Jon Zimmerman will die. If you play the holodisk for him, heíll be killed by the Regulators. If you kill all the Regulators, then show him the disk, heíll attack you, and youíll have to kill him). When the fight is over, Razor will thank you. Loot all the corpses. Go north and talk to the guy in front of the Blades hangout. MacRae will teach you some fighting skills.

Head west from here into the Library area. Loot some stuff in the back. Be sure to take the Robes if you don't already have a set. Talk to Nicole, the local Children of the Cathedral representative. Ask her if she can help you get into The Cathedral. Sheíll tell you to talk to Laura when you get there. You can also get the female punk, Katya, to join your party. From here, both the Military Base and The Cathedral need to be destroyed in order to finish the game. I like to take the Military Base first. Thereís just something about killing the evil mastermind bad guy last that seems appropriate.

Military Base

You can choose to assault the base or Sneak in. Either way, if you visit the BOS afterwards, they wonít reward you or even recognize your achievement. If you kill the mutants near the elevator on Level 3, Sarah will be upset. She may even join in the fight and you'll be forced to kill her as well.

Full Frontal Assault Option

If you asked for them, three BOS Paladins will meet you here and help take out the guards outside. If you didnít, and you have a radio, you can use it to lure most of the guards away. Kill the defense and loot the corpses. Be sure to download the Tape that the last mutant near the door wearing leather has. This has the code for the front door. Continue killing all the way down, looting as you go. Be sure you get the Key off the Lieutenantís corpse, as you might choose to use it later. Once everything is dead, on the lowest level use the computer in the middle of the far end in the room in the northwest corner. Choose a countdown time and then high-tail it out of there. Once you exit to the World Map, you get a nice video of the place blowing up.

Sneaky Option

This requires high Charisma. Wait until midnight. Use the Radio to lure away 3 of the 4 guards. Have all your party members wait for you or leave. Go in solo. Put on the Children of the Cathedral robes and convince the remaining guard to let you in. Follow the path to the northwest and talk your way past the next guard who questions you. Take the only path you can without any force fields. Youíll come to a bank of 3 computers. Use the middle one to get some info if you want. Use Science on the last computer here until you get a message about unlocking a file. Play the game until you beat it for 800 XP. Use your Radio on it to link it to the Force field control. Continue until you come to an elevator blocked by a red force field. Just walk through it and take the damage. Make your way down to Level 4, where youíll get 2000 XP just for getting this far. Go to the room in the northwest with all the robed figures in it. Steal a Security Card from the figure standing in front of a computer, then use the Security Card on that computer or hack in to it to set a self-destruct timer. Run all the way back to the surface and regather your party. Exit to the World Map before the timer goes off, and you get a nice video of the place exploding.

The Cathedral

Again, you can assault the place or Sneak in. These only take you down to the lowest level, as there are three ways to kill the Master no matter how you get there.

Full Frontal Assault Option

Ask Nicole in the Boneyard for help. Once at the Cathedral, some of the Church Followers will help you fight. Go inside the church building. Kill everyone. Loot a COC Badge (red) from one of the robed corpses. Go up the stairs in the northeast corner, killing as you go. Loot the COC Badge (black) off Morpheus, go downstairs and use the COC Badge (black) to open the door in the back. Kill the mutant guarding the stairs, then go down. The first level looks like a dead end, but you should notice something strange about the wall in the southeast corner. You can activate the door by using one of the nearby bookshelves, you can blow it open with Dynamite, or you can wait for a robed figure to come through and open it. Kill your way all the way down through this vault. On Lair Level 1 is a computer next to the elevator from which you can learn the location of the Military base. On Lair Level 2, be sure to pick up the Psychic Nullifier from Gideon. Free the prisoners, who die anyway. On Lair Level 3, Put the Nullifier in an active slot, then find the Master through a long hallway where the Overseer would normally be.

Sneaky Option

Leave your party outside. Put on the Robes, then talk to Laura. Give her the password, and follow her to another room. You can learn a lot of things from her. When youíre ready, have her show you the door that leads to the Master. Go up the stairs in the northeast corner and talk to Morpheus. Have him take you directly to the Master.

Mixed Option

Get a COC Badge (red) from either the bartender or the merchant. Use it to open the door in the back. Go upstairs and get the Electronic Lockpicks from a locker on the fourth floor. Use that to get in the door on the ground level next to the one you opened with the COC Badge (red). Go down the stairs, On Lair Level 1 is a computer next to the elevator from which you can learn the location of the Military base. Be sure to pick up the Psychic Nullifier from Gideon, and free the prisoners on Level 2. Work your way down to Level 3.

Killing the Master and Destroying the Cathedral

As I said, there are three ways to finish this. Ok, four. Join the Master, watch an FMV where you get dipped in FEV, die, and watch Vault 13 get invaded. Ok, not really an option, but it is a cool video. Reload and try one of the following. Put the Nullifier in an active slot, then:
  1. Kill the Master with good Ďol fashioned violence and youíll trigger the self-destruct.
  2. With a high enough Intelligence and Charisma, and Vreeís Autopsy Disc, you can convince the Master heís wrong, and heíll self-destruct.
  3. Instead of visiting the Master, Sneak around to the northwest of the lowest level. Lockpick the door leading to the elevator, Lockpick the elevator, go down, Lockpick the last door, and kill the guards. There you can use Science on the computer to set the self-destruct, or use the Lieutenantís Key to set it. Then run like hell.
If you left your party outside, donít forget to pick them up before you exit to the World Map.

Enjoy the ending! Itís especially cool that your actions (and even an optional trait) determine what happens here.

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