V. Disc Three

A. Edea's House

Squall wakes up after the battle and goes to check on Rinoa. Leave Balamb Garden and go into the orphanage. Gee, what happened to this place? Anyway, go straight up the stairs and into what's left of the front door. On the right of the next screen, you'll find an issue of Timber Maniacs. Go through the doorway on the left to find a Curaga Draw Point. Go back to the previous screen, talk to Cid, then follow him outside. Here, you'll meet and talk to Edea. There are some odd breaks in the conversation, where you resume control of Squall. If you're into the card game, you can win the Edea Card from her here. Otherwise, just keep talking to Edea until she says she has nothing new to say. Then try to leave.

After a long and confusing dialogue, you end up back on the bridge of Balamb Garden. Head down to the basement to check out the spot where you fought Norg. There are two Shumi hanging out, but neither has anything to say about the hatched "egg". You can play cards with the shumi on the right. Go visit Rinoa in the infirmary. You'll fall asleep, and have another Laguna flashback.

B. The Laguna Connection, Part IV

This time, Laguna is starring in a movie that goes horribly wrong. You're forced into a mini game where you must fight a Ruby Dragon. Your only options are Attack and Defend. The dragon takes a while to prepare an attack, which you should defend against, then rapidly hit Attack while he prepares his next parry.

After the fight, you're forced down the hill. At the bottom, you must fight the Ruby Dragon again, this time in a more traditional battle. When given the choice, choose "H-hold on a sec." To the left is a Save Point. Use it, and junction all your party members. Ice magic and Shiva do wonders here. Be sure to avoid Fire-based attacks, as they'll only heal the dragon. You can Mug an Inferno Fang from him, too. After the fight, Ellone talks to Squall about her powers, then Squall wakes up.

C. The White SeeD Ship

When Squall wakes up, return to Edea's House. She and Cid are hanging out in the same place you left them. Edea will ask you to find the White SeeD ship, and give a letter of introduction to Squall. A stupid money-making trick is to sell the letter for 125 gil, then come back and Edea will give you another one. You can repeat this as many times as you want, but I don't recommend it, as you only get 125 gil a pop, and it's a long way to the nearest shop.

Visit the library with Zell in your party. You'll be told that the girl with the pigtails is looking for him. Go to Balamb Town, and talk to the cadet at the entrance again. She'll tell you that the girl with the pigtails is in town. Go to Zell's house, and Ma Dinct will say that she's been there. Next go to the hotel and stay the night. In the morning, you'll discover that Zell is missing. Head downstairs to watch Zell and the girl with the pigtails talking. She'll give him Combat King 003.

The White SeeD ship is located on the inner western shore of the Centra Continent. To get there, go due north from Edea's house until you hit land again. Then take a left or a right and hug the shore until you see the ship's silver sails and brown hull. Run into it.

When you board the boat, you'll speak to the leader. Head towards the back of the boat and talk to Zone and Watts. Watts can give you some information, and you can play cards with him for the Angelo's Card. If you got the Girl Next Door magazine in Timber way back on Disc 2, you can go up to the bridge and give it to Zone. Talk to him several times, and when you get the chance, give it to him for free. In return, he'll give you a Rename Card and the Shiva Card. If you didn't get the magazine the first time around, you can leave the ship at this point, go get it, and come back. Also on the bridge is an issue of Timber Maniacs.

Next go in the rear cabin and talk to the Leader again. While you're in there, there's a Holy Draw Point in the lower left of the screen. He tells you Ellone is in Esthar. Leave the ship, and wind up on Balamb Garden's bridge. Next, head to the infirmary and check on Rinoa (you're really worried about her).

D. The Great Salt Lake

(No, this is not in Utah.) The Great Salt Lake is located northeast of the White SeeD ship, east and a tad north of Fisherman's Horizon. Squall takes Rinoa and walks off along the bridge from Fisherman's Horizon to Esthar. At the other end, you're joined by the rest of your comrades. Edea can join your party now too, but I recommend against it, as she's only available briefly.

On the first screen, make your way up through the iceflows. Though it's not obvious, the path splits in two. The easy way is to go straight up towards the top of the screen. The not-so-obvious way is to climb up the head of the skeleton on your right, then go off the top right of the screen. Taking this path leads to a hidden Meteor Draw Point, located on the ledge to the right of the spine. Follow the spine across to the next screen, where there's a Tundaga Draw Point in the mouth of the skeleton. From here just jump down to the lower path, where you would have ended up had you taken the left path.

Go up the path to the next screen, and when you get to the ledge, take a right. At the end of the path on that screen is a Save Point. Prepare for a boss fight, save, then go two screens left.


1-34 510-17010 Fire, Holy, Cure -

This guy has two nasty forms he can shift between. He can also inflict some nasty status effects. However, as your party members mentioned, Abadon is an undead monster. This means that curative magic will really hurt him bad. In fact, a Phoenix Down will kill him instantly, making this an easy fight. If you do manage to get hit with some bad status or another, simply draw Esuna from him and use it on the affected party member.

- 40 10 Flare Stones Cure, Esuna, Dispel, Flare

After the fight, go back and save, then come back to this screen and exit off the top right. At the edge of the cliff you'll notice a faint, intermittent outline. Walk up to it and examine it to find a door. Climb up, and you're on your way to Esthar.

E. Esthar Entrance

This area is pretty straight forward. Just follow the walkway towards the top of the screen. On the second screen, there's a rainbow test pattern panel on the left. Manipulate the controls in front of it to see why Esthar is so hard to find. Then continue on your way. At some point, you fall asleep and wake up as Laguna.

F. The Laguna Connection, Part V

Make sure you junction everybody, then talk to the security guards twice. Then talk to both of the other prisoners several times. When you're up in the control room, listen in on Dr. Odine's conversation. You leave and have a conversation outside. Save, then go back in. Pick up the Weapons Monthly on the floor in the lower left, then go down the elevator to find Dr. Odine. Fight, then follow him outside. When you're outside, there's a Death Draw Point behind the Save Point, under the yellow sign. Save, then get in the car.

You arrive at Dr. Odine's lab and fight some more soldiers. On the left, in front of the nearest green pillar base, is a hidden Save Point. To the left of the door at the top of the screen is a hidden Flare Draw Point. You can't go in the door yet, so get on the platform in the middle of the screen. It takes you upstairs. Get off the platform, and you'll find a hidden Double Draw Point to the left of this door.

Go in the door, fight a soldier, then manipulate the computer on the right to open the door downstairs. Head back downstairs, and through the previously locked room to have a conversation with Ellone. The scene switches back to Squall and friends.

G. Esthar

You wake up and are transported to a strange sort of lobby. You leave Rinoa resting on a couch off to the side. Your mission is to get to the Lunar Gate, but there are a few things to do in Esthar before you go. Follow the red carpet down off the screen.

Exit to the right, then get on the platform. Continue down. On the left of the next screen, in front of the middle pillar, is a Blizzard Draw Point. Exit to the right, take the lower right path, then go up the stairs on the left. On the right of the upper platform is a Curaga Draw Point. Continue off to the left, to the second screen. Standing around up here is an Esthar Soldier. Talk to him. He also plays cards. When you come back later, he'll give you something.

After you talk to the Soldier, it's time to go shopping. Head back the direction you came, and at the base of the stairs, go right. Then take the path to the right. In front of the lower left counter is a hidden Tornado Draw Point. The shops will sell you more varied stuff if you have Tonberry's Familiar Ability. Even without that, some places will randomly give you items. Cloud's Shop will give you a Hi-Potion and an X-Potion. Johnny's Shop yields another Hi-Potion and a Mega-Potion. Karen's Shop gives you yet another Hi-Potion, then a Mega-Phoenix. The best item is the Rosetta Stone, which Cheryl's Shop gives away. If you don't get the items on the first try, exit the shop screen and try again another day.

When you've got all the stuff, leave the mall at the bottom, then take the bottom path. You're in the Car Rental Shop. If you don't want a car, there's an elevator in the middle of the screen that will take you to the world map.

On your way to the Lunar Gate, there's a few things you can do. First, head to Tear's Point, which is located far to the south of the Lunar Gate. From Esthar, go east, then south. Once there, follow the path straight up, towards the big circular area in the middle. On the left of the next screen, where the shadow starts, there's a Life draw point. Continue up three more screens. To the left of the foot is a Reflect Draw Point. Just below the ankle is the Solomon Ring. This item will allow you to get the GF Doomtrain. (see VII.C: Finding GFs)

When you're ready, go to the Lunar Gate. Talk to the Lunar Gate Staff member, and you'll split into two parties. Equip Zell's party, and head back to Esthar. Once there, find the soldier you talked to last time (he's still standing around that same spot), and his friend will give you the Combat King 004 Magazine when you talk to him.

From there, go left twice, then down twice. Save on this screen, then continue down. At the junction, take the lower left path. Just at the top of the steps is a Quake Draw Point, go into the door, and you'll be in Dr. Odine's Lab.

Remember this place? Take the elevator platform upstairs, and talk to Dr. Odine. He'll explain all about the Lunatic Pandora, and what you need to do. Namely: board it. You have 20 minutes to get on board, and three points where that's possible. Finding those spots on time is difficult, partly because during the briefing, you only see pictures of the spots, with no explanation on how to get to them. The other difficult part is the random encounters, which will eat into your time limit. The Enc-None ability will help. If you miss a spot, continue on to the next.

  1. #1 Center of City. Arrives here between 15:00 and 12:00. From Dr. Odine's Lab, head right two screens to the junction, then out towards the top. Go up the stairs and out the left side.
  2. #2 Skyway Crossing. Arrives here between 10:00 and 5:00. From point #1, go right, then down the stairs, and off the bottom of the screen. From the junction, go right, through the Mall. On the second screen, take the left path.
  3. #3 North of the Shopping Mall. Arrives between 3:00 and 0:00. From the previous point, go right one screen, then down to the next, the one with the Cones and the construction signs. If you miss this one, try the whole thing again.
At each point, you'll have to fight some Galbadian troops. They're a diversion to keep you from boarding, so dispatch them quickly. Once on board, go up the steps, then left, into the green #1 elevator. Go left, then up. Continue up, and you get dumped outside, with some disappointing dialogue no matter what you do. You do get some awesome FMV of Squall's party getting launched, though. Then you switch to controlling Squall's party on the Lunar Base.

H. Lunar Base

Once on the base, talk to Piet, grab Rinoa, then walk out the sideways door. Take a left through the next door, then go through the doorway at the top, and put Rinoa in the coffin-like isolation bed. Return to the previous screen and save. Follow Piet to the Control Room. Look at the monitor. You can challenge Piet to a game of cards for the Alexander Card.

After talking to Piet some more, leave, then go up the stairs and through the hallway. You can challenge Ellone to a game of cards for the Laguna Card. Also in Ellone's room is a hidden Meteor Draw Point, located just to the left of the door. Go to the Med Lab and check up on Rinoa. Save on your way out, and go back to the Control Room to talk some more. Run into Rinoa and get knocked out. You need to go outside. In order to do so, you need a spacesuit. The locker room is located off the hall that leads to Ellone's quarters. The perspective makes it hard to see, but there's a door at the top right of the screen, about halfway down the hall.

Inside the locker room, the locker on the right, contain a space suit. Put it on, then cycle through the airlock, which is the door on the far left of the screen. There's no point in going too far, because the doors at the top of the screen close before you can get there. Listen to the conversation of the two astronauts, then go back the way you came. Head back to the control room and talk to everybody, Piet last. You determine that the base needs to be evacuated. Exit the control room to the right, then go down the elevator. On the left of the next screen is a Meltdown Draw Point. Exit off to the right, into the escape pod.

After some conversation, Ellone shows you how Rinoa's doing. Squall decides to leave the safety of the pod and go after her. All you have to do here is line up the tumbling Rinoa in the center of Squall's arms. You do have some booster fuel, but you shouldn't need it, even with the time limit. After meeting up, and some gushy dialogue, Squall and Rinoa end up on the Ragnarok.

I. Ragnarok

Enter the ship, then use the Save Point on the right. Don't forget to junction yourselves. Go through the airlock, taking off your space suits in the process. Go up a screen or two, to a where you're on a catwalk with a door at the end, and stairs leading down to the right. To the left of the door is a Life Draw Point. Go down the stairs on the right, through the big doors, then take two quick lefts, avoiding any of the nasty creatures wandering around here, at least for now. On the next screen, go through the door on the left, then use the computer at the back of the room. It gives you info on what those creatures are, and how to kill them. They're called Propagators, and you have to kill them in pairs. This is made easier because they're color coded. Kill them not by pairs, and the dead one's partner will revive it. Hence the name Propagators.

Casting Blind and Silence on these guys severely limits the damage they can do. Also, junctioning Pain to your weapons inflicts a great deal of damage on them. Start with the purple ones. Go back to the door with the Life draw point next to it, and go down the stairs. Fight the purple Propagator here. Heal yourself, then go through the big cargo doors. Take a quick left to avoid the red guy here, who charges you. In the next room is the second purple. With those two out of the way, go back into the previous room (healing first), and take out the Red Propagator here. With him out of the way, you can get to a Full-Life Draw Point at the back left of the corridor. Now go out the bottom, then up the stairs. The second Red has taken up residence here.

Now it's yellow's turn. Continue down the catwalk, back to where you entered the ship, and you'll find the first yellow. Now's a good time to save. The second yellow is waiting for you in the room with the computer in it. Next is green. Take out the guy on the elevator platform, just outside where the second yellow was. To find the second green Propagator, go back out to the room with the big cargo doors. To the right of these is a smaller door, and inside is the last Propagator.

After the fight, save, then take the elevator up to the bridge. Communicate with ground control, then sit back and enjoy the dialogue, as the game's theme song plays. You don't need to hit any buttons here, as the conversation is automatic, and timed to end at the same time as the song. However, if you're in a hurry, or you can't stand the singing, you can move the conversation along manually.

Once you land, Esthar representatives take Rinoa away. Go back aboard the Ragnarok, to the conference room. The rest of your SeeD friends come aboard. Try to leave. Your friends get pissed at you and you eventually give in and go after Rinoa.

J. Sorceress Memorial

You'll notice now that it's really easy to get around in the Ragnarok. It's fast, and you're not limited by terrain. If you go to the world map, you can move the hand cursor around, and select a flashing point. The airship will automatically fly to that point. Handy, huh?

Anyway, go to the Sorceress Memorial, located on the peninsula southeast of Esthar. This place is fairly straight forward. Go up the stairs. At the top, just two or three steps down from the top, on the left is a Stop Draw Point. Fight the guards, then go inside and free Rinoa. Upon leaving the memorial, head to Edea's house. Follow Angelo, and watch the conversation.

Next stop: Esthar. You can land the Ragnarok at the Esthar Air Station. Look for a building with a landing pad on it. When you're over this building the message "Esthar/Airstation" will appear. At this point, land the ship like you normally would, and you'll end up in the middle of the city. Much easier than landing on the outskirts and walking all the way to the middle. Especially now that random monsters are wandering freely through the place. Immediately upon landing, double-check your junctions, as Zell and Rinoa are forced into your party. It's been a long time sine you've used Rinoa, so be extra careful with her in battles.

On your way to the Presidential Palace, you can stock up on Energy Crystals. Here's how. From the Airstation, go right four screens. Here or on the screen leading to Dr. Odine's Lab is an insane Esthar Soldier. Upon speaking to him, he turns into an Elnoyle. Defeating him nets you some Energy Crystals. Leave the screen, then come back and the soldier will be there again. Repeat to your heart's content. Also notice the Save Point a couple screens back.

When you're done fighting monsters, head to the Presidential Palace. This is the place you started at the first time you came to Esthar. From the Airstation, go down, up, right, right, and up. Then get on the elevator, and instead of going in the doors, go off the screen to the left. Continue left, and you'll end up in the President's Office. That's right, it's Laguna himself! After a whole lot of dialogue, you can challenge him to a game of cards either here or later on the Ragnarok. He holds the Squall Card.

Your next destination is the Lunatic Pandora. Land in front of it and save on the world map. Then get in and ram the giant floating skyscraper in a great FMV.

K. Lunatic Pandora

Immediately upon exiting the ship, you fight Fujin and Raijin.


1-44 5300-18200 Poison Wind


1-44 5400-22600 Poison Lightning

This fight is similar to the previous time you fought these two, except that they're a bit stronger. Fujin now has an attack called "Sai", which can reduce a character to 1 HP. Draw Curaga from her to heal yourself. A good way to start the battle is by summoning Doomtrain. Its abnormal status attacks will leave the Bosses reeling. Diablos and Cactuar also do some heavy damage.

- 20 1 Megalixir, 3Str Ups, Power Wrist Aero, Tornado, Cure, Full-Life Thunder, Shell, Protect

These next three paragraphs assume you followed all the directions when last you were here, as Laguna. If you didn't perform all the specified actions in the past, you won't be able to find many of the items mentioned here. From the Ragnarok, go down the stairs, then up the next screen. Wedge and Biggs are here, but decide not to fight you, and walk off. Use the Save Point, then go through the door. The tubular corridor splits into two paths in the middle. Take the upper path that branches off, and continue straight, into an area with bluish walls. Go down, onto the next screen, and continue right, down the stairs, then down the ladder. At the bottom, on the opposite side across from the ladder is a Confuse Draw Point. In the wreckage of the door on the right is a LuvLuv G.

Go left two screens. From left to right, the doors contain a Power Generator a Silence Draw Point, and a Phoenix Pinion. On the next screen, in the middle on the right side is the Combat King 005. In the back left corner is an Ultima Draw Point. Go back to the right, and up the ladder. Head left through the pipe, to the screen with the red doors labeled "03". This is an elevator that will take you down to a screen with two other elevators on it. Between the center and leftmost elevators is a Curaga Draw Point. Exit off the bottom of this screen, and at the bottom right of the stairs here is a Meteor Draw Point. Go back up the stairs, and into the middle elevator. Come towards the screen, then off to the right. Use the Save Point.

While you're wandering around, you'll notice that the monsters are ridiculously easy to defeat. Many of them carry useful items, like Energy Crystals, which you can Mug from them. You may need to use the Lvl Up ability to get them to a point where they carry the items you're looking for. You'll particularly want to look for the enemy Behemoth, who carries the Barrier item. Quistis can learn some blue magic from it.

From the Save Point, this time take the pipe that goes straight, and you'll end up on the screen with the three elevators. Take the leftmost one. At the top, go left, then up. About halfway up the "up" part of the path, on the left is a Spd-J Scroll. Exit the screen to the top. Continue straight up on the next screen, use the Save Point, then continue up, and you'll end up fighting a mechanical boss.

Mobile Type 8

1-41 30400-46400 - -

Mobile Type 8 - Probe

1-41 5100-9100 - -

This guy comes in three sections: the main, and the two probes. Start the fight by Mugging all three sections for useful items. Then use Lightning-based attacks, and the GF Quezacotl. When the boss shifts to its second form, it's preparing to use its ultimate attack, "Corona". One blast of this will reduce your party to 1 HP. When this happens, quickly cure your party. (Note that the left probe contains Cure-type magic.) If you think you can finish the fight quick instead of healing, do so, because its follow-up attack, "Medigo Flame", causes about 2000 damage.

- - Str Up, Vit Up, Laser Cannon Fire, Thunder, Blizzard, Flare Cure, Esuna, Demi

You've got another boss fight after this, so heal up now. I also recommend backtracking to the Save Point. At this point, you're about to switch disks. After this, you will no longer be able to enter any towns. Therefore, now is the best time to complete any side-quests you haven't done yet. See Part VII: Secrets and Bonuses for all the things you can do. Go back to the Ragnarok, and you can come back later.

When you're ready, head up one more screen, where you'll have some dialogue, then you'll fight Seifer.


1-45 3700-34500 Poison -

He may have a lot of HP, but he's not that strong. Start the fight by Mugging Heroes and Holy Wars from him, and by Drawing and stocking Aura from him. Defeating him is easy if you use this spell, as it will give you access to your limit breaks, regardless of your HP.

If you took the time to get Odin earlier in the game, he will appear during this fight, only to be killed by Siefer. Upon his death, his buddy Gilgamesh appears and finishes the job.

- 40 Hero, Holy War Fire, Thunder, Aura

If Rinoa is in your party, she'll walk off the screen. Either way, Seifer will run off and capture her.

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