VII. Secrets and Bonuses

A. Magical Lamp

You receive this item on the first disk, after talking to Cid after your first mission briefing. On the World Map, access your inventory and use this item. It transports you "somewhere" and you fight a fairly tough boss. Upon defeating him, Diablos becomes one of your GFs.


1-100 1600-80800 Wind -

Watch out for his "Gravija" attack: it'll drain 3/4 of your party members' HP. On the plus side, this gives you access to Limit Breaks. Draw, stock, and then use Demi against him, and he'll counterattack by curing you. It may be easier to use Selphie's Full-Cure limit break instead (just choose "Do Over" until you get it). On the other hand, you don't have to stock the Demi, just use it against him. Of course, other GFs, and Wind work quite well also.

- 20 G-Returner or Hero and Diablos's Card Cure, Demi, Holy

B. Triple Triad

See Part II:E (Triple Triad) for info on how to play. Here is a list of all the cards in the game and where to find them. "QC" indicates that the card is only available after the Queen of Cards quest.

Level 1: Monster Cards
Name Elemental Card Mod Dropped by Mod Card
Bite Bug - 1=1 M-Stone Piece Bite Bug Bite Bug
Blobra - 4=1 Rune Armlet Blobra Blobra
Blood Soul - 1=1 Zombie Powder Blood Soul Blood Soul
Caterchipillar - 1=1 Spider Web Caterchipillar Caterchipillar
Cockatrice Thunder 1=1 Cockatrice Pinion Cockatrice Cockatrice
Fastitocalon-F Earth 5=1 Water Crystal Fastitocalon-F Fastitocalon-F
Funguar - 1=1 M-Stone Piece Funguar Funguar
Gayla Thunder 1=1 Mystery Fluid Gayla Gayla
Geezard - 1=5 Screws Geezard Geezard
Gesper - 1=1 Black Hole Gesper Gesper
Red Bat - 1=1 Vampire Fang Red Bat Red Bat
Level 2: Monster Cards
Name Elemental Card Mod Dropped by Mod Card
Anacondaur Poison 1=1 Venom Fang Anacondaur Anacondaur
Belhelmel - 1=1 Saw Blade Belhelmel Belhelmel
Buel - 1=1 Magic Stone Buel Buel
Creeps Thunder 1=1 Coral Fragment Creeps Creeps
Glacial Eye Ice 1=1 Arctic Wind Glacial Eye Glacial Eye
Grand Mantis - 1=1 Sharp Spike Grand Mantis Grand Mantis
Grat - 1=1 Magic Stone Grat Grat
Grendel Thunder 1=1 Dragon Fin Grendel Grendel
Jelleye - 1=1 Magic Stone Jelleye Jelleye
Mesmerize - 1=1 Mesmerize Blade Mesmerize Mesmerize
Thrustaevis Wind 1=1 Shear Feather Thrustaevis Thrustaevis
Level 3: Monster Cards
Name Elemental Card Mod Dropped by Mod Card
Abyss Worm Earth 1=1 Windmill Abyss Worm Abyss Worm
Armadodo Earth 1=1 Dino Bone Armadodo Armadodo
Cactuar - 1=1 Cactus Thorn Cactuar Cactuar
Death Claw Fire 1=1 Sharp Spike Death Claw Death Claw
Fastitocalon Earth 1=1 Water Crystal Fastitocalon Fastitocalon
Forbidden - 1=1 Betrayal Sword Forbidden Forbidden
Ochu - 1=1 Ochu Tentacle Ochu Ochu
SAM08G Fire 1=1 Running Fire SAM08G SAM08G
Snow Lion Ice 1=1 North Wind Snow Lion Snow Lion
Tonberry - 1=1 Chef's Knife Tonberry Tonberry
Tri-Face Poison 1=1 Curse Spike Tri-Face Tri-Face
Level 4: Monster Cards
Name Elemental Card Mod Dropped by Mod Card Mod Card (rare)
Adamantoise Earth 3=1 Turtle Shell Adamantoise Adamantoise -
Blitz Thunder 1=1 Dynamo Stone Blitz Blitz -
Blue Dragon Poison 4=1 Fury Fragment Blue Dragon Blue Dragon -
Bomb Fire 1=1 Bomb Fragment Bomb Bomb -
Hexadragon Fire 1=1 Sharp Spike Hexadragon Hexadragon Chimera
Imp - 1=1 Wizard Stone Imp Imp -
T-Rexaur - 2=1 Dino Bone T-Rexaur T-Rexaur -
Torama - 5=1 Life Ring Torama Torama -
Turtapod - 5=1 Healing Mail Turtapod Turtapod -
Vysage - 1=1 Wizard Stone Lefty, Righty, Vysage - -
Wendigo - 1=1 Steel Orb Wendigo Wendigo -
Level 5: Monster Cards
Name Elemental Card Mod Dropped by Mod Card
Behemoth - 10=1 Barrier Behemoth -
Chimera Water 10=1 Regen Ring Chimera -
Elastoid - 1=1 Steel Pipe Elastoid -
Elnoyle - 10=1 Energy Crystal Elnoyle Bite Bug
GIM47N - 1=10 Fast Ammos GIM47N -
Iron Giant - 3=1 Star Fragment Iron Giant -
Malboro Poison 4=1 Malboro Tentacle Malboro -
PuPu - 1=1 Hungry Cookpot Complete Alien Encounter Quest - PuPu
Ruby Dragon Fire 10=1 Inferno Fang - -
Tonberry King - 1=1 Chef's Knife - Malboro, Fastitocalon
Wedge Biggs - 1=1 X-Potion - Funguar, Snow Lion
Level 6: Boss Cards
Name Elemental Card Mod Mod Card (rare)
Abadon - 1=30 Dark Ammos Abyss Worm, Blood Soul
Elvoret Wind 1=10 Death Stones Ochu
Fujin Rajin - 1=1 X-Potion Iron Giant, Jelleye
Gerogero Poison 10=1 Circlet Cactuar, Gayla
Granaldo - 1=1 G-Returner Blobra, Death Claw
Iguion - 1=1 Cockatrice Pinion Gesper, Tonberry
Krysta - 1=10 Holy Stones Bomb, Buel
Oilboyle - 1=30 Fire Ammos Cockatrice, GIM47N
Shumi Tribe - 5=1 Gambler Spirit Grat, T-Rexaur
Trauma - 1=30 Demolition Ammos Caterchipillar, Turtapod
X-ATM092 - 2=1 Turtle Shell Red Bat, SAM08G
Level 7: Boss Cards
Name Elemental Card Mod Mod Card (rare)
BGH231F2 - 1=10 Protect Stones Behemoth, Grand Mantis
Catoblepas - 1=1 Rename Card Armadodo, Elnoyle
Gargantua - 10=1 Strength Love Imp, Thrustaevis
Jumbo Cactuar - 1=1 Cactus Thorn Glacial Eye, Wendigo
Mobile Type 8 - 1=10 Shell Stones Anacondaur, Blue Dragon
Propagator - 1=1 G-Mega-Potion Blitz, Mesmerize
Red Giant - 1=5 Meteor Stones Forbidden
Sphinxara - 1=1 G-Mega-Potion Adamantoise, Creeps
Tiamat - 1=10 Flare Stones Grendel, Hexadragon
Tri-Point Thunder 40=1 Jet Engine Belhelmel, Torama
Ultima Weapon - 1=1 Ultima Stone Elastoid, Tri-Face
Level 8: GF Cards
Name Elemental Card Mod Dropped by Location
Angelo Wind 1=100 Elixirs - Forest Owl's Train/White SeeD Ship - Watts
Chicobo - 1=100 Gysahl Greens - Chocobo Sanctuary - ?
Chubby Chocobo - 1=100 LuvLuvGs - Balamb Garden - male student(QC)
Gilgamesh - 1=10 Holy Wars - Balamb Garden - CC Group King
Ifrit Fire 1=3 Elem Atks Ifrit Fire Cavern - Ifrit
MiniMog - 1=100 Pet Houses - Balamb Garden - jogging underclassmen
Minotaur Earth 1=10 Adamantines Sacred Tomb of the Unknown King - Brothers
Sacred Earth 1=100 Dino Bones Minotaur Tomb of the Unknown King - Brothers
Shiva Ice 1=100 North Winds - White SeeD Ship - Zone
Siren - 1=3 Status Atks - Dollet - Pub's Manager
Quezacotl Thunder 1=100 Dynamo Stones - Fisherman's Horizon - Mayor Dobe
Level 9: GF Cards
Name Elemental Card Mod Dropped by Location
Alexander Holy 1=3 Moon Curtains - Lunar Base - Piet. later at escape pod crash site
Bahamut - 1=100 Megalixirs Bahamut Deep Sea Research Facility - Bahamut
Carbuncle - 1=3 Glow Curtains - Balamb Garden - Heart
Cerberus - 1=100 Lightweights - Galbadia Garden - Cerberus
Diablos - 1=100 Black Holes Diablos anywhere - Diablos
Doomtrain Poison 1=3 Status Guards - Timber - Pub's Owner(QC)
Eden - 1=3 Monk's Codes Ultima Weapon Deep Sea Deposit - Ultima Weapon
Leviathan Water 1=3 Doc's Codes - Balamb Garden - Joker
Odin - 1=100 Dead Spirits - Centra Ruins - Odin
Pandemona Wind 1=100 Windmills - Balamb - Hotel's Owner
Phoenix Fire 1=3 Phoenix Spirits - Esthar - Presidential Aide(QC)
Level 10: Player Cards
Name Card Mod Location
Edea 1=3 Royal Crowns Edea's House - Edea
Irvine 1=3 Rocket Engines Fisherman's Horizon - Flo Dobe(QC)
Kiros 1=3 Accelerators Deling City - man in black(QC)
Laguna 1=100 Heroes Lunar Base - Ellone
Seifer 1=3 Diamond Armors Balamb Garden/Edea's House - Cid
Selphie 1=3 Elem Guards Trabia Garden - friend near statue
Squall 1=3 Three Stars Esthar/Ragnarok - Laguna
Quistis 1=3 Samantha Souls Balamb Garden - any Trepie
Rinoa 1=3 Magic Armlets Deling City - Rinoa's Father
Ward 1=3 Gaea's Rings Esthar - Dr. Odine
Zell 1=3 Hyper Wrists Balamb - Zell's Mother

C. Finding GFs

Name Disc How to get it
Quezacotl 1-3 Balamb Garden Classroom, access the tutorial
Shiva 1-3Balamb Garden Classroom, access the tutorial
Ifrit 1 Fire Cavern, defeat him (you can't avoid it)
Siren 1,4 1: Dollet- Communication Tower, Draw from Elvoret
4: Ultimecia's Castle- Wind Cellar, draw from Tri-Point
Brothers 1-4 Tomb of the Unknown King, defeat them
Diablos 1-4 Use Magical Lamp (gotten from Cid upon SeeD graduation) and defeat him
Carbuncle 1,41: Deling- President's Mansion, draw from Iguion
4: Ultimecia's Castle- balcony, draw from Krysta
Leviathan 2,4 2: MD System, draw from NORG after breaking shield
4: Ultimecia's Castle- Art Gallery puzzle, draw from Trauma
Pandemona 2,4 2: Balamb- Hotel, draw from Fujin
4: Ultimecia's Castle- Prison Cell, examine key and draw from Red Giant
Cerberus 2,4 2: Galbadia Garden- Hall, defeat him
4: Ultimecia's Castle- Armory, defeat all, then draw from Gargantua
Alexander 2,4 2: Garden Crash Incident, draw from Edea
4: Ultimecia's Castle- Treasure Vault, get Treasure Vault Key and draw from Catolepas
Doomtrain 3-4Get the following items:
  • Solomon's Ring: found at Tear's Point statue during trip to Lunar Gate (can't be gotten after Lunatic Pandora lands at Tear's Point)
  • Steel Pipe x6: Mug Wendigo, Card-Mod Elastoid
  • Malboro Tentacle x6: Defeat/Mug Malboro, Card-Mod Malboro
  • Remedy+ x6: GF Med LV-UP Remedy x60 Alexander GF Med Data first)
Bahamut 3-4Research Station (in SW of map, only accessible with Ragnarok): walk to the column, moving only when the light is off. Examine the column, choose the following options:
  • 1st prompt: 1st option, defeat Ruby Dragon
  • 2nd prompt: 2nd option, defeat Ruby Dragon, then Back Attack
  • 3rd prompt: 3rd option(it's hidden), defeat Bahamut
Cactuar 3-4Cactuar Island (only accessible with Ragnarok), run into the cactus that pops up randomly and defeat Jumbo Cactuar
Tonberry 2-4 Defeat 19 Tonberries, the 20th will be King Tonberry. Defeat him
Eden 3-4 3: Research Station- after getting Bahamut, go underground. Use the Steam Units(RSP) in this order: 2,2,1,1 (the last machine is easy if you use Zell). Then defeat Tri-Face, Imp and Grendel, Behemoth, Ruby Dragon, and 2 Iron Giants. Then use 10 RSP in the last machine. Draw Eden from the Ultima Weapon
4: Ultimecia's Castle- Clock Tower, draw from Tiamat
Odin 2-4 Complete 1st half of Centra Ruins Quest
Gilgamesh 3 Requires that you have Odin. Fight Seifer towards the end of Disc 3, and he'll kill Odin. Finish the fight, and Gilgamesh will finish off Seifer.
Phoenix any Use the item Phoenix Pinion in battle and the Phoenix will appear.
Chocobo 2-4 Complete the Chocobo Forests quest. Use the item Gyshal Greens in battle and the Chocobo will appear.

D. Tomb of the Unknown King

Head to the room on the far right. If you bought the map, it's easy enough to find. If not, just keep bearing right until you get to a dead end. In the back left corner is a hidden Save Point. Use it, then approach the tomb-like thing in the middle of the screen. You fight a boss.


1-100 855-36375 Poison, Wind Earth

Start by drawing Protect from him and using it on your party. He also carries Life, so you can use that if your HP gets low. This guy can be a pain because of his regenerating HP. Cast Float on him to stop the effect. Otherwise, just keep hitting him with GFs and physical attacks until he runs away.

- 20 8 G Hi-Potions Protect, Life, Shell, Berserk

After the fight, Sacred runs away. In order to find him again, you have to flip a couple switches. The first is at the dead end at the top of the tomb. Again, if you don't have the map, just bear north. Also here is a Float Draw Point. The second switch is located in the far left room. From the top, bear left. Easy, huh? Also with this switch is a hidden Cura Draw Point on the right, and a hidden Save Point in the back by the water wheel. Once you've flipped the two switches, head back to the entrance (bear south), then due north from there. You may want to go outside to save, as it's a little easier to get to the Brothers from the entrance than the hidden Save Point in the western room. You'll encounter the Brothers as bosses in the center room.


1-75 855-36375 Poison, Wind Earth


1-100 578-27218 Poison, Wind Earth

Use Float here on both of them to keep them from regenerating their HP. If you also use Float on your party, they will be protected from the devastating Mad Cow Special attack. Physical attacks don't do much here, so concentrate your GFs on them.

- 40 Sacred Card, 8 G-Hi-Potions Protect, Life, Shell, Berserk Shell, Protect, Berserk, Double

After the battle, a coffin opens, and the "Unknown King" thanks you and gives you the Minotaur Card. The Brothers join you as a single GF. Don't forget to junction them!

E. CC Members Challenge

You need to have something of a reputation if you're going to challenge the Card Club. If they won't play you, it means you need to win a few more games. When you're ready, board Balamb Garden, and take a whack at 'em. You'll need to challenge them in the proper order.

  1. Jack. He can be found wandering around the Directory. Usually appears from the bottom of the screen. Has no rare cards
  2. Knight Club. In the main rotunda near the entrance to the Parking Lot. He appears randomly, so just exit off the screen and come back until he shows up. Has no rare cards.
  3. Princess Diamond. Actually a pair of female SeeD cadets. They also appear near the Directory. Have no rare cards.
  4. Prince Spade. On the second floor near the elevator. He's one of the two people who normally hang out in this area (possibly the guy who gave you your fist cards?). Has no rare cards.
  5. Queen Heart. On the Bridge. Actually Xu. Has the Carbuncle Card.
  6. Magician Joker. Inside the Training Center, take the right path, and he's on the plank in the middle of the second screen. Has the Leviathan Card. Beating him also gets him to upgrade your battle meter.
  7. King. You'll never guess who this is. Speak with Nida on the bridge, then visit Dr. Kadowaki in the Infirmary, and challenge her to a game. Go to your room and take a nap. "King" will appear while you're resting. "King" has the Gilgamesh Card.

Congratulations! You've beaten the Card Club! If you complete this quest on Disc 2, they'll be hanging out on the Ragnarok later, where you can continue to play them.

F. Shumi Village

Shumi Village is located in the middle of the northernmost island. Once there, walk north to the big doors, then go down in the elevator. At the bottom, go left to the third screen. Inside the first house, on the bed is an issue of Timber Maniacs. Go in the house on the far left, and visit the Sculptor's Workshop. Next find the Elder's house and speak to the Village Elder. He'll ask you to help the Sculptor. Go back to the Workshop and talk to the Sculptor again. He wants you to find five stones. Here's where they are:

Visit the Village Elder to get your reward, a Phoenix Pinion. Seems like a paltry reward for such an amount of work, but when you use it in battle, the Phoenix comes to your rescue. Granted, it can only be used once, but after that, the "Phoenix Summon" spell will randomly appear through the rest of the game when your party members are knocked out.

Exit the village (go back to the world map), then go back in, and go to the Workshop and talk to the Elder's Attendant. He's been assigned to help with the statue, but doesn't really feel like it. Go to the Elder's house and ask him for some more assistance. Go outside and talk to the Moomba just outside of the Elder's House. Follow the Moomba back to the Workshop and watch the conversation between him and the Elder's Attendant. Go back to the Elder's house and speak with the Elder, who says he needs another person to help build the statue. Return to the Workshop and speak with the Attendant, who wants the Artisan to help. Step next door to the Artisan's house and speak with the Artisan, who also doesn't want to help. Go talk to the Elder one more time, and he'll ask you to find a way to convince the Artisan to help.

To do so you must travel to Fisherman's Horizon and speak to the Grease Monkey. If you don't remember, he lives in the Repair Shop near the Train Station, on the same screen where you fought BGH251F2 the second time. He'll give you a Moomba Doll. Return to Shumi Village and give the Moomba Doll to the Artisan.
Speak with the Elder to receive your reward, a Status Guard.

G. Winhill (present)

Winhill is located south and slightly east of the Desert Prison, or southwest of Timber. To succeed at this quest, Irvine must be in your party.

Visit the large mansion at the northern end of Winhill. Talk to the person inside, and he'll ask you to help find a missing vase. The vase is broken into several pieces, which can be found at the following places:

  1. Inspect the suit of armor inside the mansion
  2. Visit the house in the middle of town occupied by an old woman. Check the white flowers near the bottom of the screen.
  3. Grab a chocobo at the Chocobo Crossing. When you pop it into the air, you should get a piece of the vase. If not, keep trying
  4. Speak with the person living in Raine's house several times until she mentions the aroma of the flowers downstairs. Go downstairs and look at the table in the lower right corner of the screen. Examine the flowers, and Raine's ghost will appear. Speak with the ghost, and a cat will replace it. Inspect the cat for the piece.
Take all four pieces back to the person in the mansion, and you'll get a Holy Stone in return. While you're at the Chocobo Crossing, keep grabbing chicobos. You'll eventually get a Phoenix Pinion and a Gysahl Green. Also, if you grab too many chicobos, the mama chocobo will show up, and you won't be able to grab any more chicobos.

H. Centra Ruins

In the south-central part of the map is a backwards "C"-shaped island. In the middle of the southern arm of the island is a tower-like object which is the Centra Ruins. There are two GFs that you can get here: Odin and Tonberry.

You can only get Odin if you solve all the puzzles in less than 20 minutes. This is made very difficult due to the random encounters with Tonberries and Forbiddens. Battles with these enemies typically take several minutes. The best thing to do is junction Diablos's Enc-None ability. Barring that, junction the Enc-Half ability and run from any encounters you do get caught in to save time, especially for the fight with Odin at the end.

When you're ready, save on the world map, then enter. The first part is easy. Just follow the staircases up until you come to an altar. The altar is actually an elevator, so take it up. When you get off, you'll be faces with two ladders. The one on the right just leads to an Aero Draw Point, so skip it for now and take the ladder on the left. This one leads to a room full of machinery. Flip the switch, then climb back down the ladder.

Notice that the altar in front of the elevator is now lit. Examine it, and a staircase will appear on the right. Take the stairs up to the next screen, where you'll find a large demon statue with one red eye. Climb the short ladder on the left and take the eye. Climb up the stairs on the right side of the screen to the top of the tower. Go to the left and climb the side of the dome. Place the red eye in the statue here, and a random code will appear (write it down).

Take both eyes out of the statue. Go back down the stairs to the first statue, and put both eyes in it. A box to enter the code will appear. Use the up/down buttons to switch digits, left/right to change the values, and Cancel to enter the code. A door will appear below. Go inside to fight Odin.


1-100 1300-31000 - -

The only tricky part about this battle is the time limit. Thankfully, he doesn't attack you, so you don't have to worry about defense. You should start the battle by Mugging a Luck-J Scroll from him. Also note that he carries the spell Triple, which you can draw and use on your party members if you plan on using magic against him. Another tactic that works well is casting Haste on your party members and just using physical attacks on him. Odin has a lot of HP, but not as much as you might think.

- 20 8 G-Mega Potions, Luck-J Scroll, Odin's Card Stop, Death, Double, Triple

Odin is not a GF that you can junction. Instead, he will randomly appear at the beginning a battle and defeat all of your enemies. He will not, however, appear during any boss fights.

The other GF you can get here is Tonberry King. You also have to fight him to get him to join you, and yes, you can junction him afterwards.

Prepare by stocking up on Phoenix Downs and Hi-Potions. You'll also want to have Diablos junctioned, and at something close to 100% compatibility. Sounds extreme, but then in order to get Tonberry King to appear, you have to kill between 18 and 22 Tonberries, and these guys are tough. They have about 20000 HP, a counterattack called "Everyone's Grudge" which can cause damage equal to 20 times however may enemies the attacking character has killed, and an attack called "Chef's Knife" which can cause 4000 damage. I recommend exiting to the world map, healing and saving after each fight. After the last fight, the last Tonberry will disappear and be replaced in the same battle by Tonberry King himself.

Tonberry King

1-100 2500-250000 - -

This guy has a ton of HP, so expect a very long fight. Diablos is no longer useful here, so concentrate on using your other, stronger GFs, and make sure to boost them. Note that he has Full-Life and Curaga on him, so be sure to have Draw equipped to take full advantage of those spells.

- 21 Chef's Knife, Royal Crown Full-Life, Curaga, Death, Life

I. Return to Timber

Head to Timber, and go to the railroad tracks. Go down the stairs to the tracks themselves, and you can save a girl from an oncoming train. She'll reward you by letting you stay for free at the Hotel. Take her up on her offer, and you can pick up a copy of Timber Maniacs in the room, on the table on the right.

J. Return to Dollet

Visit the pub and head upstairs. On the blackjack table in the lower left is a copy of Timber Maniacs. If you challenge the manager to a game of cards and win, he'll invite you into the pub's private room. There he'll give you five Geezard Cards, four Red Bat Cards, three Buel Cards, two Anacondaur Cards, and one Cactuar Card. Inside the room you can search the magazine stacks to find Occult Fan II. It sometimes takes a lot of searching to find it, so keep trying. If you challenge the manager enough times, eventually you can win the Siren Card from him as well.

This next part is best saved for Disc 3, as you can only get the last three items if you do the event then. Down the street from the pub is the home of an artist. Talk to him about his problem child. Listen in on the argument, then check out the painting. Follow the artist down to the beach, and talk to him and the girl that's with him. They'll give you a hint about the bone in the painting. Go back to the house and look at the painting again. It's a recognizable section of town. Go to the circular area with the fountain in the middle, and there'll be a dog off to the right. Examine the dog, and you'll find an X-Potion behind his collar. Do this two more times to receive a Phoenix Down and an Elixir. Go back to the house again, and there'll be a different section of town shown. Just go to that area and find the dog again. Repeat the process several more times, and you can get an X-Potion, a Mega-Potion, and an Elixir.

K. Return to Deling City

This quest is for card players. Visit Rinoa's Father in Deling. He has Rinoa's Card, but says that he rarely uses it. In order to get him to use it, you have to give up your Ifrit Card. To do so, challenge him to a game, making sure that Ifrit is your best card, and loose the game. Acknowledge what you did, and he'll start to use Rinoa's Card, which you can win from him. At this point, believe it or not, he's already lost the Ifrit Card. To get it back, you'll have to travel to Fisherman's Horizon and play Martine to get it back (he's still sitting to the right of the mayor's house).

L. Chocobo Forests

This quest is available on disc two with the mobile Balamb Garden, but is somewhat easier on disc three with the Ragnarok. Anyway, Chocobo Forests are small, round forest found scattered throughout the world. There are seven of them, with varying levels of difficulty. Upon entering your first forest, you'll meet a boy by the name of Chocoboy. He'll give you a ChocoWhis, and charge you 100 gil for instructions on how to use it (there's no way to avoid the fee).

Basically, the ChocoWhis has two modes: ChocoSonar, and ChocoZiner. ChocoSonar is used to find a chicobo's location. In this mode, it will emit a soft ping as you wander around, and switch to a faster, louder tone when you get to the right spot. At this point, switch to ChocoZiner mode, and a chicobo will drop onto the right spot, or fly back up into the trees. If you're not on the right spot when you blow the ChocoZiner, a chicobo will appear and steal your ChocoWhis. The only way to get it back is to pay Chocoboy 700 gil for a new one.

The goal in every forest is to call out chicobos in a pattern that leaves only one on the ground. This makes the parent chocobo nervous, and forces him/her to come out of hiding when you approach its baby and examine it. After solving the puzzle, you can search for a hidden items on the ground. By locating the items, the chocobos become your friends and will no longer hide from you when you enter a solved forest. If you leave a forest without picking up all the items, you'll have to solve the puzzle again to get the chocobo to show itself. Use ChocoZiner to locate the items. The Chocobo will walk over and dig them up for you.

Chocoboy can provide some services. As mentioned earlier, he can sell you a new ChocoWhis for 700 gil, if you lose your first one. He can give you a rather cryptic hint for 100 gil. You can buy a Gysahl Greens for 600 gil. He can give you background information on himself for 10 gil. And last but not least, if you don't want to solve the puzzles and just want a chocobo, he can catch one for you for 1200 gil. So without further ado, here are the puzzles and their solutions:

M. Cactuar Island

You can only get to Cactuar Island with the Ragnarok, so you'll have to wait until Disk 3, when you get it. This is an island located due south of Esthar, just east of the continent south of the Esthar continent. It is distinguishable due its desert-like nature, and the little green figure that randomly pops up. That's Jumbo Cactuar, a boss who you can fight and earn as a GF. Don't run into him yet, as he is a tough fight. Also on this island are normal Cactuars, who, while hard to hit, give you 20 AP each for defeating them.

To prepare to fight Jumbo Cactuar, equip at least two of your characters with both Revive and Recover. Anybody without these abilities should have the ability to cast magic. Specifically, Life or Full-Life. Also make sure somebody has Leviathan junctioned, as this boss is weak against water.

Jumbo Cactuar

1-100 6000-600000 Water -

You'll be healing and reviving a lot during this fight, as this boss likes to use his "10000 Needles" attack, which can take off 10000 HP (i.e. kill in a single blow). The best bet is to use one character as a medic, and have the other two attack. Summon Leviathan repeatedly, and have the other attacker use Water magic or physical attacks. If you get a chance during the fight, you can Mug a Cactus Thorn from Jumbo Cactuar. Towards the end of the battle, you may see a message that says "Jumbo Cactuar is hesitating." Be very careful at this point, because it means the boss is thinking about running away. This would be bad, because you'd have to start the fight all over again. At this point, refrain from attacking with anything other than Leviathan, and hopefully you'll finish him off quickly.

- 20 Gaea's Ring Meltdown, Demi, Tornado

Winning nets you Jumbo Cactuar as a full-fledged GF.

N. Deep Sea Research Center

This place is really hard to find, especially since it's not on any map. You can find it with Balamb Garden, but you can't land on it with anything other than the Ragnarok. To find the tiny little island, put your map in the square view, and head towards the southwest corner. Search around here and you'll eventually see it.

Upon entering the facility, you'll notice a big, blue, glowing object. Your objective here is to walk up to it. Sounds easy, right? Well, it isn't. The rate of random encounters in this room is incredibly high, and the Enc-Half and Enc-None abilities don't work here. If you're lucky, you'll only get an encounter every other step. The trick is to only move while the core isn't glowing. One or two steps at a time, tops, but at least you can avoid the encounters. Another strategy is to hold the direction you want to walk in as each fight ends. You should be able to make three or four steps while the screen is still fading in, and the core isn't glowing yet.

Once you get to the core, Bahamut will ask you several questions. After each question, you'll be forced into a fight with a Ruby Dragon, and you won't be able to heal between battles. If you don't answer a question correctly, you'll have to fight anyway, and try to answer the same question afterwards until you get it right. Here are the questions and their answers:

  1. Q: So you wish to challenge me...
    A: It's not our will to fight
  2. Q: Begging me for mercy?
    A: Never
  3. Q: Damned imbeciles. Why do you wish to fight?
    A: None of your business the hidden third option

After answering the third question correctly, you're taken into a boss fight with Bahamut.


1-100 10800-90000 - Poison, Thunder, Wind

Start by casting Blind if you have it. This will essentially eliminate the threat of his physical attacks. Next summon Carbuncle if you have him, or cast Shell and Protect on your party. This takes care of most of his magical attacks. The thing to watch out for is his "Mega Flare" ability. After he uses it, quickly draw Curaga from the beast and use it to heal your party. Attack the boss with GFs mostly, but if you feel like it, use Aura on your characters to get their limit breaks.

- 40 Hyper Wrist Flare, Curaga, Full-Life, Dispel

Defeating him, Bahamut joins you as a GF. Exit the building and go back to the conference room on the Ragnarok. Return to where you fought Bahamut, and you'll see that the core has been destroyed, and there's a passage down to the lower levels. The goal now is to work your way down to the bottom floor by using the remaining 20 units of reserve steam power to open the various airlocks. When you get to the bottom, you have to have at least 10 units left to start the final control panel. There are two different ways of doing this, one with, and the other without Zell in your party.
With Zell Without Zell
  • Floor 1: 4 units spent automatically to open the door to floor 2.
  • Floor 2: 1 unit to open the door to Floor 3: Sector 3.
  • Floor 3: 1 unit to open the door to Floor 4: Sector 6.
  • Floor 4: 1 unit to open the door to Floor 5: Sector 9.
  • Floor 5: 1 unit to open the elevator to Floor 6.
  • Floor 6: Inspect the machinery to the right of the levers, and Zell will suggest that he can handle the machine. Allow him to do so, and the door will open without spending any steam units.
  • Floor 1: 4 units spent automatically to open the door to floor 2.
  • Floor 2: 2 units to open the door to Floor 3: Sector 2.
  • Floor 3: Use the monitor on the left under the stairs and spend 4 units to open the Steam Room. Inside the Steam Room you can use the Esuna Draw Point and use the station there to recharge 7 units. Use the second station in the main room to spend 1 unit, and open the door to Floor 4: Sector 6.
  • Floor 4: 1 unit to open the door to Floor 5: Sector 9.
  • Floor 5: 1 unit to open the door to Floor 6.
  • Floor 6: 4 units to open the door into the excavation site.
With Zell, you have 12 units of steam remaining, and without him, you just squeak by with 10. Make your way to the excavation site, and at the bottom you'll find another control panel. Save your game at the hidden Save Point and use the remaining steam units to activate the final control panel. Inside you'll face a boss.

Ultima Weapon

1-100 51100-160000 - -

Preparation-wise, it's a good idea to equip everyone with some way of curing and reviving their comrades. Start the fight by Drawing Eden from Ultima Weapon. Make sure you do this, as this is the only place you can get this most powerful GF. You can also Mug a Three Stars from him. Next, summon Doomtrain to cut down his defenses. Use GFs, physical attacks, and magic against him. Use Aura on your characters if you want to use limit breaks against him. Just keep up the pressure and he should fall quickly.

- 100 100 Ultima Stones, Three Stars, Eden's Card Regen, Dispel, Ultima, Eden

That's it. After completing this area, you should have two new GFs: Bahamut and Eden.

O. Obel Lake

This quest is only available with the Ragnarok.

Obel lake is located just north of Timber. There's a small peninsula that juts out into the middle of the lake. Search around the edge of this peninsula, and you'll eventually get some dialogue options. Choose "Try Humming" several times, and a strange shadowy creature will eventually appear. Speak with it, and it will ask you to do it a favor, by finding his monkey friend. The only clues he gives you are "Mr. Monkey may have hopped a train toward Dollet", and "Mr. Monkey enjoys hanging out in forests".

Head for Dollet and search the forest to the west of the city. Eventually, you'll encounter Mr. Monkey, though you never actually see him. When you get the choice, choose "Sing". Return to Obel lake and speak to the creature there again. He'll give you a bunch of clues. "Take a break at the railroad bridge;" "At the beach in Balamb, something special washes ashore at times;" "Take some time off at Eldbeak Peninsula;" "You'll find something special on an island east of Timber, too;" "There's also something on top of a mountain with a lake and a cavern;" "Back in the day, south of here, there used to be a small but beautiful village surrounded by deep forests. Everyone lived a happy life there;" and "Mr. Monkey had a rock like this I think..."

What the creature is saying is that you should visit each of the places mentioned to find treasure. Four of the clues lead to rocks, which you need to put together another clue to find one of the treasures.

Return to Obel lake with all four stones and speak with the creature. He'll line the rocks up for you to decipher the message. Read it starting at the top right corner, then down, back up to the top of the next column to the left, then down, etc. The message is "Mordred Plains has Treasure."

The Mordred Plains are located just north of Esthar. Searching around the ground here, you will find four rocks, and each will tell you something different. You only need to listen to the red faced rock, who's a total liar. Just do the opposite of what he says, until he gives the message "The treasure is not here!" Then you'll know you've found a Three Stars.

Next clue: "Take some time off at Eldbeak Peninsula." Head for Eldbeak Peninsula, which is on the southwest corner of the continent north of Balamb. Search the tip of the peninsula for a stone pillar. Examine it to get the message "TRETIMEASUREATMINOFFDEISLE". Remember the clue said take some "TIME OFF"? Take those words out of the pillar's message, and you get "TREASREATMINDEISLE", or "Treasure at Minde Isle." This is an island located just south of Esthar. Search it to find a Luck-J Scroll.

Next clue: "Back in the day, south of here, there used to be a small but beautiful village surrounded by deep forests. Everyone lived a happy life there." Head towards Edea's House. Nearby is a strangely shaped forest with a clearing in the middle. Land there and walk into the clearing. Squall will say something about there being a bunch of rubble around. Unfortunately, that's all you can do with this clue.

Last clue: "Take a break at the railroad bridge." This is just a hint that you can find many hidden Draw Points on railroad bridges on the world map.

P. Alien Encounter

This is available from disk 3 on, only with the Ragnarok.

While exploring certain areas, you may have noticed a weird encounter where a UFO flies by. Rest assured, you are not going crazy. There are actually six places you need to find these UFOs in order to complete the quest:

  1. Mandy Beach [on the beach just north of the island]
  2. Winhill Bluffs [Lollapalooza area just east of town
  3. Kashkabald Desert [south of Minde Isle, on the western shore]
  4. Heath Peninsula [island just off the northern tip]
  5. Grandidi Forest [southwestern part of the northern mesa. you have to attack it here]
  6. Balamb Garden [on the edge of its former resting spot]

Even though these are random encounters, you can still experience them with Diablos' Enc-None ability. In fact, it may be easier if you do equip it, so you don't have to deal with the random battles. Lastly, visit the hole where Balamb Garden used to be. Make sure you have 5 Elixirs in your inventory, then wander around until an alien known as PuPu shows up. He'll ask for an Elixir. Keep giving them to him until you've given him 5. He'll give you the one-of-a-kind PuPu Card. You can also fight him to win an Accelerator, but you won't get the card.

Q. Queen of Cards

Available on disk three, with the Ragnarok

At the beginning of the game, the Queen of Cards in is in Balamb, near the train station. Later, on disk four, she's in the Abadan Plains, just south of Esthar. Just south of Tears' Point, there is an island. Land there and search the area. You can't see the crash site, but you'll end up there if you step on the right spot. The Queen is here. Piet is also sitting next to the escape pod, cursing his bad luck. If you missed the Alexander Card while you were on the Lunar Base, you can still get it from Piet here.

She will remain there until you either lose or win a rare card (any level 8 or better) to/from her. Once this happens, speak with her and she'll give you a clue as to her next destination. This can be one of eight places: Balamb, Shumi Village, Dollet, Deling City, Winhill, Esthar, Fisherman's Horizon, and Lunar Gate. The Card Queen's quest takes place only in Dollet, so you have to chase her around the world until she ends up there. When you talk to her in these places, she gives certain clues. Here's what they mean:
She says: She's headed to:
Galbadia Hotel in Deling City
FH train tracks in Fisherman's Horizon
Esthar Presidential palace in the city
Trabia Hotel in Shumi Village
Centra Hotel in Winhill
Dollet the pub
Balamb the train station
Far Away Concourse area at Lunar Gate

When she's in Dollet, talk to her normally, and you'll get a fourth option, not usually available: "About your artist father." When you choose this, she'll ask you for a specific card. If you don't have what she's looking for, you'll have to go get it and come back. The first one is the MiniMog Card. To advance this quest, you have to lose that card to her in a card game. This enables her father to create a new card, which you can win from someone else in the world. The cards her father creates are all one-of-a-kind, and can only be gotten in this way.

Giving the Queen what she wants causes her to move to another area. This means that you have to chase her around the world again until she returns to Dollet, and you can give her the next card she requests. At each place, you have to give up or win back one of your level 8 or better cards. Don't worry, as you can win them back from her later. Repeat this a total of five times to get all of the new rare cards. Remember to save often, because it can be frustrating if you don't.

You can retrieve any of the cards requested by the Queen by talking to her little brother in Dollet. He's the kid living with the artist one screen down from the pub. Here's where to get the other rare cards that become available:
Card Given Card Created Where to find the new card
MiniMog Kiros Deling City (Man in black across from the Junk Shop)
Sacred Irvine Fisherman's Horizon (Flo, Mayor Dobe's wife, in their house)
Doomtrain Phoenix Esthar (Presidential Assistant in blue, in the Presidential Palace)
Chicobo Chubby Chicobo Balamb Garden (Student sitting on the bench outside the library)
Alexander Doomtrain Timber (Pub's owner, behind the counter)

R. Finding the Ragnarok on Disk 4

The Ragnarok is still around on Disk 4. Getting to it is the hard part. Go through the middle portal outside Ultimecia's Castle, and you'll arrive in the Serengetti Plains just north from the Centra Ruins. Check the world map and you'll see a red dot. That's the Ragnarok. To get to it, you have to cross some ocean. Without Balamb Garden around, this means you'll have to rely on Chocobos. While on foot, head to the northwest and wrap your way around the bay to the Chocobo Forest on the northeast tip of the Centra Continent. Get a chocobo and go back the way you just came. (if you're unfamiliar with getting chocobos, see Part VII.L: Chocobo Forests).

Ride the chocobo to the southern border until you spot a beach. Ride across the ocean to the continent below, which will take you close to Edea's house. From there, travel east along the mountains, keeping an eye out for a small pass through the middle of the range. On the other side, you'll find the Kashkabald Desert, and the Ragnarok. There's a fourth Portal near the Ragnarok. Upon entering it, a new portal will appear on the chain up by Ultimecia's Castle, across from the others. Now you can travel to this point any time you want.

S. Chocobo World Secrets

Once you've completed any of the Chocobo Forests, you'll receive a baby chocobo known as a Chicobo. You can name it anything you like, but for reference purposes we'll just stick with the default of "Boko". Getting this mini-GF means he can assist you in battles. There's also a new option on the Main Game Menu that lets you "bring Boko home" or "send him away". Bringing him home will bring him into the FF8 world, along with all the items he's collected. Leaving him away in his game allows him to collect more items and level up, by way of the Choco World Mini-game, accessible through the Windows Start Menu.

There are three types of events in Chocobo World: Story, Random, and Battle. The story events help Boko level up, making his attacks in FF8 more powerful. Here are the story events, when the happen, and a brief description.

Chances of various events happening:
Event Probability
Boko finds Mog (after lv 10) 28/512
Meeting Mog again (if lost) 256/512
Cactuar appears with an item 128/512
Moomba appears with a weapon 96/512
Coco give Boko a kiss 4/512

T. SeeD Test Answers

Getting money in FF8 is a little different. Instead of enemies dropping gil when you defeat them, you have a salary. In order to earn more money, you must answer questions. Access the Tutorial Menu and choose "test". Here are the answers for each of those tests.
01Y, N, Y, Y, Y, N, N, Y, N, N
02Y, N, Y, Y, Y, N, Y, Y, N, N
03N, N, Y, N, Y, Y, Y, N, Y, N
04N, Y, Y, Y, N, N, Y, Y, N, N
05N, N, N, Y, Y, N, N, Y, Y, Y
06Y, N, Y, Y, N, N, Y, Y, N, Y
07Y, Y, Y, Y, Y, Y, N, Y, Y, N
08N, Y, N, N, Y, Y, N, N, Y, N
09N, Y, N, N, N, N, N, N, Y, Y
10Y, N, N, N, N, N, N, N, Y, N
11Y, Y, N, Y, Y, N, Y, N, N, Y
12N, Y, N, N, Y, N, Y, N, Y, N
13Y, N, N, N, Y, N, N, N, N, N
14Y, Y, Y, Y, N, Y, Y, N, Y, N
15Y, Y, N, N, N, N, N, Y, N, Y
16Y, N, N, Y, N, Y, N, N, Y, N
17Y, N, N, N, Y, N, N, Y, N, N
18Y, N, N, N, Y, N, N, N, N, N
19Y, N, N, Y, N, N, N, N, N, Y
20Y, Y, N, Y, N, Y, Y, Y, N, N
21Y, Y, Y, Y, N, N, Y, Y, Y, N
22N, N, N, Y, N, N, N, Y, Y, N
23Y, N, N, N, N, Y, Y, Y, Y, Y
24Y, Y, N, N, Y, Y, N, N, N, Y
25Y, N, Y, Y, Y, N, N, Y, N, N
26Y, Y, N, Y, N, Y, N, Y, N, N
27N, Y, N, N, N, N, Y, N, Y, N
28Y, N, N, Y, Y, Y, N, Y, N, N
29N, N, N, Y, Y, N, N, N, Y, N
30N, Y, N, N, N, N, Y, N, N, N

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