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Unlike in "The Great War," these cheats in FreeSpace 2 won't prevent you from proceeding to the next mission. So cheat on!

In the Vasudan Main Hall, type vasudanswuvfishes to see fish randomly float across the screen.
Also in the Vasudan Main Hall, go to the Player Select Screen, and type humanheadzinside to see a Vasudan on break.

In mission, hold the ~ key and type to enable these:

~I toggles invulnerability on player
~SHIFT+I toggles invulnerability on target
~W gives the player infinite weapons
~SHIFT+W gives all ships infinite weapons
~0 [zero] scrolls through all primary weapons (including Shivan's)
~9 scrolls through all secondary weapons (including Shivan's)
~ALT+K does ~10% damage to player
~ALT+SHIFT+K does ~10% damage to target
~K destroys target
~C toggles player collision on/off
~SHIFT+C toggles countermeasures on all ships

In mission type the following (without ~)

arrrrwalktheplank Calls in the Volition Pirate Ship
tooledworkedowned Annoying pictures of Jim Boon and Alan Laurence pop onto the screen whenever you get a kill. You have to restart the game to get rid of this.

last modified 29 March 2003