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This page will tell you how to get all the medals in the game, in a mission by mission format. Note that you must play at least on the Medium difficulty level to be eligible for many of the medals.

First off, there are three Ace Badges. You need: That being said, here are some tips to maximize your kill ratio:


1-3.Training Missions 1-3
Kills: 0
Medal: Wings
Just do as your instructor says.

4.Surrender Belisarius!
Kills: 16 (including 1 cruiser)
Medal: none
Make sure IOTA survives. Take out all the fighters, then the Belisarius jumps in. You can try to take it out yourself, but it's easier to let the friendly Cap ship do the work.

5.The Place of Chariots
Kills: 29
Medal: none
Take out all the fighters. Next, fly towards the blinking red dot on your radar. When you get close enough to target it, start taking out turrets. When it breaks apart into the Iceni, you're ordered to destroy it. The only way to do so is to cheat. It makes more plot sense if you don't. Instead, focus on cleaning up the remaining fighters.

6.The Romans' Blunder
Kills: 17
Medal: none
The Iceni is too far away to get to. Instead focus on the waves of fighters, freighters, and eventually cap ships that jump in.

7-8.Training Missions 4-5
Kills: 0
Medal: none
Just do as the instructor tells you to.

9.A Lion at the Door
Kills: 31
Medal: Allied Defense Citation
Make sure the Carthage and Dashor survive. Concentrate on the fighters, but if your next target is really far away, and there's a cruiser closer, take out the closer target.

10.The Mystery of the Trinity
Kills: 41
Medal: none
Protect the Trinity and the Discovery. Follow Zeta 1 (target him, match speeds, and stay close) until you come across the Trinity. The Discovery will jump in. Endless waves of Dragons jump in, and destroy the Trinity no matter what you do.

11.The Great Hunt
Kills: 21
Medal: none
Protect the Actium and Lysander. Take out any bombers first, then fighters, then cap ships. No matter what you do, a Ravana at the end of the mission will take out both your escorts.

12.Slaying Ravana
Kills: 15
Medal: none
Destroy the Ravana. There are lots of fighters in this mission, so you might want to take a more maneuverable bomber. If you aren't using the infinite weapons cheat, head for the Kehnmu when it's time to rearm. Her flak cannons will protect you from enemy fighters.

13.Training Mission 6
Kills: 0
Medal: none
Just do as your instructor tells you.

14.The Sixth Wonder
Kills: 12
Medal: Distinguished Flying Cross
Protect Enif station and the transports. Concentrate on bombers first, especially their bombs. When you have time, go after the Cato's and Hawkwood's sub-systems and weaponry. Eventually the Colossus jumps in and finishes off the Hawkwood. If you tell all fighters to ignore the Hawkwood, so will the Colossus. The Hawkwood must be destroyed by the Colossus.

15.Into the Maelstrom
Kills: 33
Medal: none
Make sure the Jooyun, Paracombe, and Avila survive. To that end, take out a few sentry guns until bombers arrive. Take out their bombs first. Eventually the Maelstrom jumps in. Ignore everything else and take out its beam cannon. Then go back to bombers and fighters. Once they're gone, go back and finish off the Maelstrom, if it isn't dead already.

16.Feint! Parry! Riposte!
Kills: 26
Medal: Epsilon Pegasi Liberation
Make sure the Rampart survives. To that end, destroy all enemies. Order your wing to protect the Rampart, that way they all stay back and you can kill all the fighters yourself. A GTF destroyer will jump in and ram the Colossus. You can try to destroy it, but there's really no point.

17.Rebels & Renegades
Kills: 14
Medal: SOC Unit Crest
Make sure the Iceni and Hinton survive. Start by scanning the Iceni and Hinton. Then kill bombers, followed by fighters. A couple Vasudan cruisers jump in. Take out the smaller one, then go for beams and weapons on the larger. The Iceni then enters an asteroid field, so concentrate on the rocks. Ignore the fighters if you can, as the rocks are a much bigger threat.

18.Love the Treason...
Kills: 40
Medal: none
Make sure the Sunder and Hamoko survive. Start the mission by targeting one of your wingmen. In a second, they'll all turn hostile. Repeat the process once more. Some friendlies will jump in and help you. Once everything's clear, assign one wing to protect the Sunder, and the other to protect the Hamoko. When the Mylae jumps in with fighter escort, take the fighters first. Later, the Hellespont will arrive with fighter escort. Take out her beams first, then finish her off. Help mop up any remaining fighters.

19....But Hate the Traitor
Kills: 31
Medal: Intelligence Cross
Help with the initial objectives if you feel like it. The transport Elysium will jump in later. Your wingmen want you to destroy it. If you do, they attack you anyway, and you're later reprimanded. So instead, fly behind one of your wingmen until he turns hostile, then kill everything.

20.Battle of the Wilderness
Kills: 26
Medal: none
Make sure the Vauban, Erinpura, and Lucidity survive. A few waves of bombers and fighters will attack at long intervals. A cruiser will jump in at some point, and you can call in Zeta wing to take it out at your discretion.

21.A Game of TAG
Kills: 23
Medal: none
Make sure the Warspite and Lucidity survive. Test the TAG-A. Stay near the Warspite, and tag a Shivan when it gets close. Beams fire at targets even if you're between the turret and the target, so be careful. Try to tag one of every type of enemy that jumps in, but don't go crazy with the TAGs; you do need to take out some fighters and bombers yourself.

22.Proving Grounds
Kills: 19
Medal: Order of Galatea
This is a two-parter. In the first, it doesn't matter if the Oberon survives or not. But if you want to try, pick up one of the Pegasi visually, then hit it with short bursts from your MorningStar. This sends the Pegasus reeling for a second or two. Just keep it away from the Oberon.
In part two, Shivans jump in. Remember to destroy the bombers first. Take out the Tiamat's beam cannons, and stay close so the Aquitaine can target it. The Tiamat is damn near impossible to destroy, so don't even try.

23.The King's Gambit
Kills: 16
Medal: Distinguished Flying Cross
Kill everything. There are 4 beam cannons that help take out the first few cap ships. Your wingmen also use up their ordinance early on, so concentrate on the fighters, as they tend to go for the cannons. The last ship to jump in is the Perseverance. If you don't have a full load of bombs, there's no way you can rearm in time to destroy it.

24.The Sicilian Defense
Kills: 20
Medal: none
The Iceni is nowhere to be found. Take out everything else instead. There's a wing of Mrymidons who should cover you while you concentrate on the cap ships.

Kills: 35
Medal: NTF Campaign Victory Star
Protect the Monitor from bombers. Take out fighters. The Monitor helps with the cap ships, and the Colossus jumps in to assist. Eventually the Iceni jumps in, but the Colossus is sabotaged. Ignore the Iceni, as you can't get to it in time (and again, it makes more sense plotwise if you don't destroy it).

26.The Fog of War
Kills: 39
Medal: none
Start by taking out everything. Be careful when a gas miner explodes, as it has a huge blast radius. After your primary targets are gone, protect the Tatenen by intercepting bombers. Eventually, however, a Sathanas jumps in and destroys the Tatenen. Get close and visually ID the monster, then jump out.

27.A Monster in the Mist
Kills: 5
Medal: Medal of Valor
You can't do much in the Ptah, so ignore the fighters and concentrate on scanning. Target the system closest to you and fly to it. Once you've got everything scanned, opt to take out some turrets. The fighters shouldn't be a problem. Be careful once the Sathanas starts to jump though, 'cause you can die from a collision with it. Once it's gone, jump out.

28.Speaking in Tongues
Kills: 18
Medal: none
Kill everything. Call in Delta wing if you need help with the cap ships.

29.A Flaming Sword
Kills: 26
Medal: none
Keep Shivans away from the Meson Bombs, and make sure the Renenet survives. Fly towards the first group of fighters and get them to follow you back to the Renenet. This keeps them away from the bomb, and helps you kill the Shivans. Continue to lure Shivans to the Renenet until the countdown starts. Then make sure you and all your wingmen are near the Renenet. Ignore the Dragons that jump in at this point, as they'll be taken out by the blast. Repeat the process as the last two bombs are placed.

Kills: 21
Medal: none
Take out all 4 Sathanas main beam turrets, and her flak guns. Fire your Helios in dual-fire mode, at max afterburner speed, and close range. Call for a rearm as soon as you start the mission, that way you'll get rearmed right when you run out of missiles. You can have your wingmen take out the flak turrets, or you can call in for reinforcements to do it. After the Sathanas jumps out, stick around and take out the Beleth. Start with her engines so you'll have time. Then take out her beam turrets so that objective shows as complete. Once that's done, finish her off. Lastly, finish off any remaining fighters.

31.High Noon
Kills: lots
Medal: Nebula Campaign Victory Star
If you missed any of the Sathanas's main beams in the previous mission, you'll have to take them out here. Next, concentrate on all the rest of her turrets: minor beams, missile, laser, flak. you also get bombarded with fighters. When the Sathanas is low on hull strength, head towards the Colossus, as you really don't want to get caught in the blast. You can safely ignore the Sathanas, as long as you got all the forward beams. Just take out the infinite waves of fighters.

32.Return to Babel
Kills: 20
Medal: none
Protect the Iceni, destroy the Sammael and Azmedaj. Start by taking out the fighters, then help Beta wing with one of the cruisers. Let Beta take out the second cruiser while you target incoming bombs and bombers. Order one wing to protect the Iceni, the other to protect the Qeb when it jumps in.

33.Straight, No Chaser
Kills: 18
Medal: none
The Azrael is nowhere to be seen. Head for the blinking red dots on your radar, and proceed to kill everything. Eventually the Psamtik will jump in. Order all fighters to protect it. A new Juggernaut will jump in and destroy the Psamtik. Return to base.

Kills: 45
Medal: Imperial Order of Vasuda
Make sure the Aquitaine, Agrippa, and Argo survive. Order all fighters to do so. By now you should know to take out incoming bombs and bombers first. If you have time, you can help destroy the Abaddon.

35.As Lightning Falls
Kills: 80
Medal: SOC Unit Crest
The hardest part here is staying on course. As you fly past a beacon, a new gray dot will appear in your radar. Fly towards it. Try to keep it targeted with the "target in reticle" function, so you don't end up flying all the way back to Nav 1. There are 7 of them. When you get to the Grall, order your wing to protect it, and take out incoming bombs and such. When the area is clear, call in Lambda 1 (it's under Reinforcements). Some more Shivans will try to destroy it, so order your wing to protect Lamda 1 for the remainder of the mission.

36.Into the Lion's Den
Kills: 30
Medal: SOC Service Medallion
Destroy the unknown devices. In the first split second of the mission, you need to dive and engage your afterburners to avoid a departing cap ship (it's quite a shock the first time). After that, head to the nearest unknown device and destroy it. The easiest way is to hit the red subspace crystal in the center. Beware the explosion when it goes up, though. Fighters and bombers will continuously jump in to harass you. The distance between the devices is great, so give more power to the engines and afterburn your way around. Once the devices are gone, head back to the subspace node so you can jump as soon as your engines are back online. Be careful hanging around the node, though, as you might get hit by ships jumping in.

Kills: 31
Medal: Meritorious Unit Commendation
Make sure the Lambdas, the Vesalius, and the Sulla survive. Don't hesitate to call in Theta wing to help. This is another bomb-hunting mission. Try to keep the Nebtuu alive as long as you can, as it helps take out the Shivan cruisers. When the Cain jumps in some distance away, wait awhile before engaging: the bombers are a greater threat.

Kills: 60
Medal: GTVA Legion of Honor
Assign wings to protect the Lambda transports. This leaves you to again concentrate on bombers. Take out fighters only as you have time for them.

39.Their Finest Hour
Kills: 31
Medal: none
Kill everything. There are a lot of cap ships in the area, so adjust your loadout accordingly if you want to kill them yourself. Eventually Beta wing will come in and help in that department anyway. There's nothing you can do to save the Colossus, so don't bother to try.

40.Clash of the Titans II
Kills: 79
Medal: none
Again with the bombers! Make sure the Bastion makes it. Don't destroy the bombs too close, as their shockwave can kill you. This mission continues right into the next one, so try to keep some hull strength for it.

41.Incoming Transmission
Kills: lots
Medal: none
Continued from the previous mission. You don't really have to do anything here. It's easiest to just sit in the jump node until time runs out, but it's more fun to dogfight for 12 minutes. Just be aware that you're only given a 60-second warning to get back to the node and jump out. If you die in the Supernova, it's only a minor difference in the ending movie. Play it again the other way if you want to see the other ending.

last modified 2 April 2003