Optional Side Quests

These are available after Part VI-Shell 6:

This one is available after Part VII-Shell 1:

This is one available after Part VIII-The Core:

This one is available after Part XII- Secret Weapon:

  • On Shell 1: The raised Slums from Shell 4 has become a ??? area here. At the end of a short path are three dead Bounty Hunters on the ground. Search them for a Soul Stone, Slash Knifes and StickyFingers.

  • The Special Birds

    I included the locations of all the special birds in the
    walkthrough, but here they are in case you missed any of them:
    1. Shell 3: Mourn Graveyard
    2. Shell 5: Gregor
    3. Shell 5: Mesa Canyon
    4. Shell 4: Bounty Hunters District
    5. Shell 7: Dark Lake
    6. Shell 6: Pranno
    7. Shell 6: East Marsh
    8. Shell 6: Chosen Ruins
    9. Shell 4: Fire Temple
    10. Shell 2: Outlaw Canyon
    One you've fed all the special birds, and you have no more Bird Seed remaining, go to Shell 3 and enter the tower in the northeast, marked ???. Check the door, and the 10 special birds will open it for you. Inside there are three rooms, one on each level. In each room is a box, where you'll find a Heavensplate for humans, a Tiamatskin for Underlost(Badu), an Ironplate for Robots, the Orion Blades for Badu, the Glamdink for Led, the Gilgamesh, a sword for Corgan or Selina, and the Bahamut for Maya.

    last modified 7 August 2006