Part I: Shell 2

Watch the opening FMVs and dialog scenes. You'll start out on Shell 2::Oasis::Downtown::Uncle's House, talking with some kids and Maya's uncle. Talk to Uncle about all the stuff you can. Be sure to ask him about the bread. When you're done talking to him, go east and click on the fridge to receive a loaf of Bread. You can get Bread here any time there's none in your inventory. An easy yet time-consuming money-making trick is to sell this loaf, return for another, repeat. Like I said, time-consuming. A better way to earn money is to fight, so that way you also gain experience. Note the bed in the west corner of the house. You can rest and heal-up for free here any time.

When you're done in Uncle's House, head outside and explore the rest of Oasis's Downtown. Talk to people to get a feel for what's going on in town. Explore the shops to see what they carry. You don't have much money yet, so if you choose to buy anything, get an Engine from the Weapons Shop, and/or healing items from the Items Shop. When you're ready, head to the exit in the southeast. This will take you to the Oasis Map. Click the eastern portion of the screen when your cursor turns into a globe, and you'll find yourself on the Shell Map.

Head west, into the Badlands. Work your way through to the west, taking out all the Wulves as you go. On the other side you'll exit back to the Shell Map. Continue east to Azziz's Temple. Inside, go east and talk to Azziz. Surprise: Tori's not there. Ask him about everything. He gives a lot of background and other useful information. When you're done, he gives you a Water Fate Card and a Bread.

Go to Uncle's House and tell Uncle about Tori playing hooky. If you need to, use the bed to heal up, and hit the fridge for some bread. Time to go find Tori. Go back out to the Shell Map, and head south to the Pumping Station. After a brief dialog scene, you'll fight the three guards.

Enemies: 2 Guard Soldiers, 1 Guard Sargent
Reward: Heal Fate Card, Core Rune
Strategy: Easy fight. Normal attacks work fine. Use a Water attack if you like.

After the fight, exit back to the Shell Map, and go to Oasis Downtown. After the Mayor walks away, talk to the two Work Robots about the Mayor, and they'll let you through. Next, head up to Uncle's House. Tell him about what's going on, and he'll suggest Grubb can help you. As you leave the city, the Mayor will try to stop you, but his robots are on strike. Grubb's Workshop is located due south from Oasis. Talk to Grubb, and he and Runner will join your party.

Go back to Oasis, to the Junk Heap. On the ground in the west is a broken fighter. Click on it when the cursor turns into an eye. Click Grubb's head in the dialog interface, and he'll find a Turbo Engine for Maya. Equip this, then exit to the Shell Map. Head back to the Pumping Station. The only way to go is up a ramp. There's a big spinning fan blocking your way. Look at the box nearby, and Grubb will think about a way to overload the thing. There's useful stuff at Grubb's Workshop, right? So go back there and get the Generator from the floor. Now you need a way to hook the thing up to the breaker box. Return to the Pumping Station. Conveniently, there are some Conduits on the ground under the spinning fan. Activate the Key Items part of your interface section at the bottom of the screen. Click on the Conduits icon, then click on the Control Panel when the item gains a yellow outline. Grubb will attach the wires to the box. Then do the same thing with the Generator, and the fan will stop moving. Head up and through to the next area. (How did Tori get through here anyway?)

You now find yourself in the Desert Pipes. Wander through the area, fighting enemies and picking up items. You can find a box with a Potion, Smellsalts and a Heartstone. inside. The crabs that you encounter here (and in the rest of the game) will only take 1 or 2 HP damage per hit, so just use level 1 attacks against them, so you can attack more frequently. Exit to the Shell Map in the southeastern portion of the area.

You can go straight to Outlaw Canyon from here, but I'd recommend going first to the town of Galdon. Click on each of the first three Helgaks you come to in turn to get a Root from each one. Enter the Saloon further into town and talk to the rude bartender first. Then talk to the two bounty hunters with Grub, and you'll end up in a fight with them. When they're dead, rent a room from the bartender, then buy some healing items. If you can afford it, upgrade some of your equipment.

You should now be ready to go to Outlaw Canyon. Immediately upon entering, you're attacked by some bounty hunters. Go up to the upper level when you get the chance. Follow the path north and you'll find Tori. After the dialog scene, inspect the dead sargent's body to find a Core Rune and a Soul Stone. Remember that you saw a bird here: it's important later. Click on the Helgak to initiate an FMV, and you'll find yourself on Shell 3.

Part II: Shell 3

Next stop is Wind City. Your task is to warn the Holy Guard about the impending attack. Ask around town about the state of affairs. You can buy some stuff from the shops in the area if you like. Terry in the corner between the Sword shop and the Capitol Building will give you a Kyra's Tear if you talk to him with Grubb. You'll find the Cathedral locked, so instead go into the Capitol Building. Inside, you can talk to the Secretary for awhile, but she won't let you past her. Take the other branch and you'll be in the Library. Look at the globe of Septerra, but Grubb says he can't fix it. Go east and inspect the head of the statue. Interesting. Then go west from the globe. You can read "books," which give you some background on Septerra, much of which you've already heard. The monks in red robes won't talk to you, so find the brown-robed Abbot, and ask him about stuff.

You can't get into the Cathedral through the front door, but churches are often connected to graveards, right? Exit back to the Shell Map, and enter Mourn Graveyard. Take a look at your map, and you'll see there's nowhere else to exit to. Wander your way northwest and you'll see a statue in a wall. Look closer and your characters will notice it's missing its head. Remember that head back in the library? Think it'll fit? You bet. You'll need some acid, and something to keep the acid in, though. Go to SouthFarm. Talk to the townsfolk about their current plight. Buy an Acid Vial from one of the shops, as you'll need it later. In the north, talk to the old woman feeding her chickens, then have Grubb repair her CD player. She gives you 10 Bird Seeds in return. You'll find unique birds throughout your adventures. Sprinkle some seed on each one, and they'll help you out in the future (more on that when the time comes).

Return to Mourn Graveyard, and wander around until you find a glowing blob. Look at it, and you confront your first Zombie. Kill it. Examine the acidic puddle left behind, then use the Acid Vial on the pool of acidic blood to gather some of it up. Go northeast around a building, then east to find your first special bird. Use some Bird Seed on it, and it flies away. Check the nearby box for a Silver Clove. Go back to the Library now, and use the Acid Vial Full on the statue to recieve the Draxx Head.

Return to Mourn Graveyard, equip the Silver Clove and go southwest through the cemetery. You'll come to a headless statue. Use the Draxx Head you got earlier on it, and it will come alive and fight you.

Enemies: 1 Draxx, 4 Zombies
Reward: Earth Fate Card
Strategy: Like most RPGs, the undead are weak against items which normally heal you. So use potions and such on the creatures, and you'll dispatch them quickly.

After the fight, go through behind where the statue was and you'll be in the Catacombs. All the enemies in here are undead, but use your judgment with using healing items on them. Go east and hit the switch (Switch 1). Go through the door (Door 1) that just opened up (nice how the game shows you, huh?), and then up the nearby stairs. Exit to the Cathedral, and you'll be treated with a dialog scene. Corgan replaces Runner in your party. Time to flee from the bad guys. Try to leave the catacombs the way you came. Just before you can exit, you'll be confronted by a pair of henchmen.

Enemies: Duke, Araym
Reward: -
Strategy: Concentrate on taking out Duke first. Standard and Card attacks work well against them.

A dialog scene comes after the fight. Corgan opens the previously locked gate in the Mourn Graveyard, and you end up in Mourn Graveyard 2. You'll come to a gate in the northwest portion of the map. The switch to unlock it is southwest around a building. Open the box in the northeast for 3 Breads and a Core Rune.As you go through the gate, you have to fight Duke and Araym again. The battle is pretty much identical to the last one.

Continue on into the Frost Mountains. Layla will give you a Potion and a Core Relic, and Maya volunteers to help Corgan get some supplies. When you're done talking to Layla, rest up in one of the tents, then continue north, battling enemies along the way. The grey rhino at the end should give you a Cat's Paw. Equip that. Now that all the enemies are gone, consider going back to rest at the tent again. As long as you don't exit the area, the enemies will remain gone, and you can arrive in the next area fully healed. When you're ready, move to the northeast exit to go to the Shell Map.

Go west and enter Corgan's home town of Armstrong. You'll immediately go into a fight.

Enemies: Selina, 2 Chosen Soldiers
Reward: Barrier Fate Card
Strategy: Take out the two (weaker) soldiers first, then go after Selina. An Earth attack works well here.

After the fight, go north to a crossroad. The west path leads to a box which contains the Supply Cache, 2 Potions, a Core Relic, and a Root. The east path leads to the Armstrong graveyard, where you'll find a barrel with a Power Token. Exit town and return to the Frost Mountains. After a dialog scene, fight your way back down to Layla. Give her the Supply Cache. Exit south and work your way through the Mourn Graveyard to the Shell Map.

The next task is to get to Shell 5, and ask the nations of Jinam and Ankara for help against the Chosen. The Helgak Port is the obvious place to go, so head west across a bridge, and talk to the green-haired Clerk inside. You need a passport before you can board. A passport is printed material, and they have a lot of that in the Library, right? If you try to go directly to Wind City, you'll find you can't get in. The path through the Catacombs and Cathedral is also locked.

Instead, head to SouthFarm. Speak to the Chosen guards with Corgan to fight them. In town, go in the weapons shop in the southeast, and have Corgan speak to the man hanging out to the north of what looks like a carpet. They're old chums, and the guy will open up a tunnel to the Library in Wind City. Thankfully you don't have to battle your way through it, and you just get transported instantly.

Talk to the Abbot until he gives you a Passport. Exit back through the tunnel, through SouthFarm, and to the Shell Map. Go south to the Helgak Port. Inside, show your passport to the Clerk, and she'll let you board not only this time, but forever, too. After a dialog scene and a nice FMV, you find yourself on Shell 5.

Part III: Shell 5

Maya wakes up seperated from her friends in the town of Gregor, in Silverwood Terrace. Talk to Brad and Sonya, then search the dresser in the room with the bed to find Fast Shoes. Note that you can use this bed any time to rest and heal up. Equip the shoes and move outside. Go east and south a few yards and feed some Bird Seed to the second special bird. Talk to the townsfolk as you come to them. In the east on the lower level, inspect a broken machine to find a Metalcoat.

In the northwest-ish corner of town is a dark-haried man named Malcom. Ask him about Corgan, and he'll give you Corgan's Sword. Follow the fence south and west and talk to the Jinam soldiers. Continue southwest, and you'll see Corgan through the south end of the fence. Talk to him, and give him his sword back. Go back to the soldiers, and you'll end up fighting them, with Corgan's assistance. After the battle, look in the nearby crate for a Bread, a Root, and a Core Rune. Go to the shop and buy some new equipment. Ask Mary Kay, the chick in the white tank top to the south about Grubb, who will give you a hint on his location.

Exit Gregor on the west side of town, and head northeast to the Mesa Canyons. Make your way through the area, until you come to a big bridge. At one point it'll be broken, and you'll have to go around on the land to the west of it. On the land, walk northwest first, and open a barrel with a Fire Guard. Don't exit the area yet. Go southwest and around to the north side of the bridge, and you'll find the 3rd special bird (feed it some Bird Seed), and a barrel with a Kyra's Tear, a Potion, and 2 Core Relics. In the bottom of the third area, Ankara and Jinam Soldiers will ambush each other, with you in the middle. You can wait until half of them die, or finish them all off quickly. Now exit to the Shell Map, and head northeast into the Jinam Battleship.

Head southwest and hit a switch. This will open one of two doors that you need to get through. The second switch is to the north. Go through the two opened doors, and pick up Grubb. He found a Holo Message, but can't figure out how to play it. Head now to the Ankaran Base, which is southeast of the ship.

After a dialog scene where you're reunited with Runner, Check the barrel to the south for the Air Fate Card, 3 Roots, a Potion, a Core Rune, a Core Relic, and a SmellSalts. Use the Holo Message on the big round thing in the northeast of the area. A dialog scene takes place. Talk to the blond with pig-tails, and you'll find out she's the daughter of General Campbell. Led needs a part to get her ship working. It's probably back in the Jinam Battleship, but there's no way to get past that one locked door. Talk to Dave, the soldier who's wandering around here, and he'll give you the Jinam Dogtag.

Return to the Jinam Battleship, and go northeast to a locked door. Use the Jinam Dogtag on the device to open the door. All the enemies in here are robotic, so Grubb's Repair skill will actually do a lot of damage to them. Off the first room to the east, search a broken robot for a True Sight. Continue north to the next room, and flip the switch that opens a side door. Go through the door to a crossroads. To the west is a room where you can find a GearMuscle on a dead droid, and a computer that you can't use yet. The northeast path leads to a room where the Power Converter is. Grab it and return to Ankaran Base.

Give the Power Converter to Led, and she'll repair the Ankaran Flyer. Inspect the ship to trigger a dialog scene, and your departure. Soon after you take off, you crash (happens a lot in this game, doesn't it?) into Ankaran Capitol. Go west and talk to the guard outside with Led. She'll get you in, and a dialog scene ensues. You're informed that General Campbell is going to use a doomsday device, and you have to stop him. Doskias and his cronies discuss their plans. At the end of the scene, you get a Potion and a Core Relic.

You now find yourself in the Underground Passage. Walk down the long hall and exit. In the Subway Station, cross the tracks and exit to the southwest. Follow the passage to the dead end, where you'll find a barrel with a PsycheKnot. Return to the Subway Station exit to the east.

You're now on the Old Mountain Highway. If you try to exit to the south, Led won't let you. The only place to go is north. So exit that way to the Shell 5 Map, and enter the Ankaran Research Lab. After a dialog scene, Selina joins your team and takes you onto General Campbell's ship. Fight past some soldiers to the bridge, where you see a dialog scene on the bridge, then a long conversation in a bar.

Part IV: Shell 4

You are now in the World Bazaar. You don't see it, but Selena apparently brought you here in her ship. In the bar you can change your party. Selina is the strongest character at this point. You'll also want either Led or Grubb for their technical savvy. For some reason, Selina's ship is no longer a viable transport, and you need to get to Shell 7. Next stop is the Shipping Transport. Talk to the Captain in the southeast, and he'll refuse to take you. Araym is the key to his cooperation. Upgrade your stuff in the shops in this area, then head northwest and look at the sewer grate there. Unfortunately, it's not the one you're looking for...yet.

Go to the Slums first. You'll see three pipes in front of you. The middle pipe has a Smellsalts, the right-hand tube has a Cornucopia on the table, and the left-hand tube has a QuickSilver. To the southwest of the leftmost pipe is a guy who will give you a Cornucopia if Led is in your party. In the pipe on the middle level, you can find a Bread on the table. On the upper level are two more pipes. You can find a Titan and a Root in them.

Araym is a bounty hunter right? So go to the Bounty Hunter District. There are two side-rooms here. One has a battle, from which you can walk away with a Core Rune . The other room has the 4th special bird in it, so feed it some Bird Seed. Buy stuff from the shops in the area, then go down to the lower level, and around south then north. You'll come across a locked sewer door. Now for the key, which some bounty hunter is probably carying around with him.

Return to the Red Light District and go upstairs in the brothel. Talk to the bounty hunter there, and you end up fighting him.

Enemies: Bounty Hunter
Reward: Bounty Hunter Hideout Key
Strategy: After the first hit he runs away. Inspect the nearby crate, then lure him into battle again. Have Maya shoot the crate you just inspected, and the resulting explosion is more than sufficient to take out the bad guy.

Explore the rest of the Brothel. Some rooms have battles. Rewards from them include a Soul Stone,an Elixir, and a Cornucopia. Exit the Brothel and visit the shops in the Red Light District to upgrade your weapons and items and such. When you're done, exit to the west and you'll be on the World Bazaar city Map.

Head back to the Bounty Hunter District, and use the Bounty Hunter Hideout Key on the locked sewer door. Make your way through the short section of Sewer. In the next area, there is a box in the west that contains a Wallet. Flip the switch in the center raised section to free Araym. Meet up with him in the southwest, and make your way back to the Brothel in the Red Light District. Selina Leaves the party, so replace her with Araym. Keep either Led or Grubb with you. Go to the Shipping Transport and talk to the Captain. As you're walking to the ship, Duke confronts you.

Enemies: Duke, 2 Bounty Hunters
Reward: -
Strategy: Kill the Bounty Hunters first. Duke shouldn't be much of a problem. Standard attacks will work on him just fine.

After the fight, you are transported to Shell 7.

Part V: Shell 7

You can try to get into the Bone Circle Village to the north, but they won't let you in yet (note the interesting pillars here). So continue north, around a mountain chain, and enter the East Mountain Caverns. Stay on the lower level and head northwest. At a crossroads, take the southwest ramp to a lower area. Exit to the next area. Follow the path, and you'll enter an area where Maya can't stand the sound, and will immediately exit. Make a mental note to pick up some Earplugs here later.

Go back to the previous area, then from the crossroads in the first East Mountain Caverns, exit to the northwest, and you'll be on the Shell Map. Your goal is the Mining Area, where your enemy is mining core lens. To get there, you have to go through the Mold Forest. If you go in, you'll come to a completely unpassable door. The creatures you met in Bone Village communicate differently, and you'll need their help to open it. Proving your worth involves making the pillars glow in Bonce Circle Village. The following steps will help you attain that goal quickly.

Go north to the Mining Ruins. Have Grubb inspect the garbage heap in the middle of the area to find an item. Inspect the barrel to the northwest for some Explosives, and look in the box in the northeast for the Biolum Lantern. Now talk to the Hermit.

Exit back to the Shell Map, and go west to Dark Lake. Inspect the lake to find out you don't want to drink it. Araym tells you to use Explosives on the lake, and a whole bunch of dead Water Helgaks will form bridges throughout the area. Walk east and you'll find the 5th special bird. Feed it, then continue north to exit the area to the Shell Map.

Enter the Helgak Graveyard (kind of like the mythical Elephant graveyard, huh?). Pick up the Helgak Bone from the ground in the west of the area. Inspect the big lily pad in the middle of the area, then leave and work your way all the way back to the Landing Area.

Speak to the Captain and go to Shell 3. Go to SouthFarm, and talk to Carver in the shop to the northwest. He says he can make a flute from the Helgak Bone. Give it to him, and he'll make a Helgak Flute for you.

If you want the Resurrect Fate Card, go to the Mourn Graveyard, into the Catacombs. A little ways to the northwest, there is evidence of a fresh burial, with a coffin and flowers, and a box in front, from which you can get the card.

To get back to Shell 7, you have to go to the Helgak Port first, and board a transport to Shell 4. Go to the Shipping Transport, and stop off at a shop to pick up a Mix Bowl and 3 Earplugs. Combine the bone with the Mix Bowl to get a Mix Bowl with Bone. You'll find the Captain has returned here, and again you need to hire him to take you back to Shell 7.

Go through the Mountains again, and enter the Mold Forest to the south. Check your map, and you'll see two exits in the east. The air in the south-most one is unbreathable, so make your way to the northern of the two, and go through. Find the red plant in the northeast of the area. Use the Helgak Flute on it to open it up, then use the Biolum Lantern on it to fill it with glowing fluid.

Go back through to the Shell Map, through the Mountains again, and into the Bone Village. Use the Biolum Lantern Full on the pillars at the entrance, and they'll start glowing. The Underlost will let you pass. Enter the village and speak to the Village Chief. He'll introduce you to Badu, and will give you the Cure Fate Card. Form a party with Araym and Badu now. Use the tent behind the Chief to rest and heal up.

Go back through the mountains yet again. Note how Badu slashes the wall near the western exit. Talk to the Hermit in the Mining Ruins about some new subjects. Wade into the Mold Forest again. This time head north, and Badu will open a previously locked door. There's a barrel in the far northwest that holds a Potion, and a SeaPrism.

Exit to the northeast, and you'll be in the Mining Area, which is just crawling with Chosen soldiers. Battle them as you make your way southwest, and go south down the first flight of stairs you come to. Continue south down the next set of stairs, then west and up one level. Go northwest under a bridge, and exit northwest to the next area.

Head north, hugging the west edge of the map, until you come to some stairs, go up these and around to the nortwest to find a Metal Buckle in a mining car on the middle level. Now go east until you see some staris going up. Go up to the upper level, and exit across the bridge to the east. You'll trigger a dialog scene, and meet up with Kaleb, who makes you fight a huge mechanical spider thing.

Enemies: Mining Helgak
Reward: -
Strategy: It's only vulnerable part is protected by a metal shell, and it has some pretty powerful attacks. Cast Barrier on your party to start. The shell will open up after it's hit 5 times. Badu has the most powerful attack, but is slow to charge, so have Maya and Araym use level 1 attacks on the shell, and by the time it opens, Badu will be ready to go to town. Repeat this a few times, and the boss explodes.

After defeating it, you get a dialog scene, and end up on Kaleb's Ship. There are two rooms in the southeast. One room's switch will open a door in the northwest, which leads to a barrel with a Solid Strike. The other room's switch will open a door that leads to the exit. So exit and dialog scenes will bookend an FMV. After these, you find yourself on Shell 6.

Part VI: Shell 6

Grab the Lens Shard when the scenes are over, and exit to the Shell Map. Go to Scumm Town to the north. First enter Barter Mall. Upgrade your items at the shops, and be sure to pick up a Meat from the Item Shop. Ask the tatoo lady about tattoos. Head next to the Shipping Docks. Pick up the Drill from the ground right next to the entrance. Talk to the Manager in the southeast corner with Araym in your party. He'll distract the man and steal the Cargo Manifest.

Exit Scumm Town and go to the Mountain Pirate Base, located to the east. Go up to the upper level, and you'll see two exits on your map. Go out the north exit, and find a barrel with Knuckles inside. Go back into the Base, and this time take the other exit. You'll be in a snowy area. Follow the path until you fight a flying Helgak. When it's dead, grab a Helgak Egg from the nest behind it. Continue on to the next area, which is a dead end, and get a Quicklight from a barrel in here. The undead in this area will give you a goodly amount of experience if you don't use healing items on them. If you feel like leveling up, you can exit and re-enter this area to re-spawn them.

Go back into the Base, down to the lower level, and exit to the northeast to get to the Shell Map. Go east until you come to two bridges, take the south one to Pranno. Grab the Antidote Herb at the east end of town, and feed the 6th special bird with some Bird Seed. Enter the Saloon in the middle of town, and you'll meet up with your party again. Make sure Araym is in your party, then head back through the Mountain Pirate Base, and south to the Green Mire Swamp.

Enter the South Mire area. Exit the first area to the northwest. On the next screen, go left, and Lobo will arrive. Speak to him with Araym in your party. He'll take you on his ship, but you need to free his crew from Connor. Remember how the pirate likes slave girls? Well, some of the items you've collected so far will help the tattoo lady to make some temporary tattoos for Maya, but you still need a few more items. Leave Lobo and go to the East Marsh.

Go to the northeast corner and feed the 7th special bird some Bird Seed. Then go to the southwest corner of the map. Try to pick up some leeches here, and you'll find you can't. So drop the Meat. on them, and they'll be distracted enough that you can pick them up. As Maya says, you now have some Leeches. Exit the way you came and go in the West Swamp.

In the southwest part of the map, grab the Sleep Plant. Use the Drill on the Helgak Egg, then use the Sleep Plant on the Drilled Helgak Egg. Go north and west to a pond with a Water Helgak in it. Use the Drugged Helgak Egg on the water, and the Helgak will eat it. Use the Leeches on the sleeping Helgack, and they'll suck its blood and become Bloated Leeches.

Go back to the Barter Mall in Scumm Town, and give the Bloated Leeches to the tatoo lady. She'll be more than happy to give Maya temporary tatoos.

Now that you're all set, you need to get in. So go pay another visit to Lobo in the South Mire, and he'll give you the Key to the Shipping Docks and a Flare. Return to the Shipping Docks section of Scumm Town, and use the key on the locked door. A long dialoge scene will play out, in which Maya is temporarily in a Slave Girl costume. Woah, baby! When you regain control of Maya, she'll be in Connor's Base all by herself (and back in her usual rags, unfortunately).

Go to the southwest room, and open a box with a Potion, and a Core Relic. You can't free the prisoners yet, so head east and inspect the table, where you'll find a SmallBlitzer and a Chainvest. Exit to the south and west. In the next area, the only way you can go at first is straight southwest. As you go over a raised door, a pirate will walk up to it, and it will lower, and other raised doors will raise. go northwest over a now-raised door, and continue until you can go down a ramp to the lower level. Head northeast to find a barrel with an Armor Rune, then head southwest, then east and northeast to find a beer keg with a Potion. Continue east and up a ramp to hit the switch on the upper level, and go back over the first bridge. Exit to the southwest. At the end of the hall in the next area is Switch 1. Flip it and go through the door that just opened. Once outside, use the Flare to signal Lobo. When he lands, he and another that you chose before will join you.

Back inside, one door will close and others will open. Go through the first door that opened and hit Switch 2 to free yourself. You'll want to grab the Blue Isle Key from the box in the next room. Go back north into the next area, and use the Blue Isle Key on the Blue Pedestal. This will open a door to a pair of barrels, which contain an Aegis and the Red Isle Key. As you grab the new key, one door will close and another will open. Go through the open door, east, up the ramp, flip the switch again, and exit to the southwest. Use the Red Isle Key on the Red Pedestal, and the hall will open up. Find a Core Rune in the crate in the next room. Heal up, save, then enter the next room, where Connor will fight you after a brief dialog scene.

Enemies: Connor, 2 Machine Guns
Reward: Bless Fate Card, Cell Keys
Strategy: Connor has some serious defense against your attacks, and is pretty powerful himself. The Machine Guns are invulnerable, but will spin around and attack Connor if you hit them three times each. They'll do the damage you can't. So use level 1 attacks on them, wait for them to attack Connor then spin around again, and repeat until they all blow up.

Make your way all the way back to where Maya started. Free the prisoners with the Cell Keys, then go through the base again to where Maya signaled Lobo. His ship will land, and everybody gets onboard. You now get to fly around Septerra in a ship, and you can skip a lot of backtracking through areas. You can also get to some places you couldn't get to before, and you can travel between shells at your leisure. A handy thing to have, huh? You can now do a bunch of optional quests, (see the Optional Quests page), or you can go straight to the next part of the plot.

Part VII: Shell 1

Go to Shell 1, and enter the Chosen Capitol. Go first to the West District. Fight your way through this relatively small area, and grab the Red Capitol Key from the barrel at the end. Exit back to the City Map, and enter the East District.

Walk forward and examine the child in front of the Red Pillar. She runs off, and you can use the Red Capitol Key on the pillar. In this area, you can rescue three groups of people, who are located off in secluded areas. You'll be rewarded with 2 Core Relics, and an Elixir. At the end of the area is a barrel with a Tank Engine in it. Exit back to the City Map, and enter the Central District.

Follow the path until you get to a broken-down tank. Use the Tank Engine on it, and it'll move out of the way. Behind the tank is a barrel with a Kyra's Tear in it. Next to that is a switch that will move a train car out of the way. Backtrack to where the train moved, and go through. In the northeast corner of the area, search a broken tank for a Long Sight. Follow the path and watch Chosen Soldiers kill each other. A side path will lead to a barrel with an Elixir. Another side path will lead to a barrel with an Iron Buckle. Continue along the main path and meet up with Gunnar. After a brief dialog scene, a soldier will take you to the Chosen Palace.

This place is one huge maze. Go through the Main Hall where you start, and enter the door to the west, which is the only opened one at this point. In this area there's a pair of locked doors in the center. So go southwest and flip Switch 1 to open Door 1, then northeast to Switch for the Door 2. Go through the now-opened doors and up the stairs. Walk around the wall in either direction, and get the Blue Palace Key from the barrel on the other side, just in front of the red pedestal.

Return to the Main Hall and open the blue door with the Blue Palace Key. Enter the next area. Go through the first room to the east, and go straight through southeast. Head southwest from here and hit Switch 1 at the end of the hallway. This will close Door 1 and open Door 2. In the second room off the hallway is a barrel that holds a Soul Stone. Go northwest past a locked door, and through several rooms. In a cabinet at the dead end is a Psychering. Go to the southeast part of the area and down the stairs through Door 2 to continue southwest. Hit Switch 2 at the end of this path, opening Door 4 and Door 5, and closing Door 3. Go northeast and try talking to a monk you find along the way. Turns out he's a Chosen Minion, and will fight you. Find some Smellsalts on the bed in the open cell further down. Continue on around and get a Potion from the vase on the table by the stairs. Go up the stairs and northwest, through Door 5 that you opened earlier. Find a Truesight in a barrel there. Take the other path, and watch some Chosen Soldiers fight. Nearby is Switch 3 that opens Door 6. In a cabinet near the switch you'll find a Kyra's Tear. To open Door 1 again, you have to hit Switch 1 in this area again, at the end of the hall where you first came in. Now go into the room that just opened up, and you'll face the first of three Magi.

Enemies: Yellow Speaker Magi, Spheres
Reward: Law Fate Card, Red Palace Key
Strategy: Direct attacks don't do much damage, and he counterattacks with a Scream, which does wicked damage to you. Instead, attack the three spheres that he creates and sends your way. You can't destroy them, but every time you hit them they'll move towards the Speaker Magi. When they get close, they explode and deal quite a bit of damage. Repeat the process with level 1 attacks, and you'll win easy.

After the fight, go back to the Main Hall, then into the first area where you found the Blue Palace Key. Remember the red door there? Use the Red Palace Key on the red device, and the door will open up for you. Behind it is the second Magi.

Enemies: Green Seer Magi, Spheres
Reward: Slow Fate Card, Yellow Palace Key
Strategy: This can be easy if you cast Summon+Law with the card you just got from the Speaker Magi. When the Green Magi gets weak, he'll summon three spheres like his previous brother. These are more tricky though. If you kill one, the others will resurrect it. So attack them all evenly so as to take them out almost at the same time. When the spheres are gone, the Green Magi reappears, and you can finish him off with another Summon+Law or two.

Go back out into the Main Hall, and open the Yellow door by using the Yellow Palace Key on the yellow device. In the next area, go southeast, and three beasts will come out of their pens and attack you. Grab a Potion from a barrel in the first open cell. A few doors down is a dead Chosen Soldier. Search him for a Cornucopia. Through another cell is a hall that leads to Switch 1. Hit it to open Door 1. Before going through it, explore the other nearby cells to find 2 Roots in a trough, and an Armor Seal in a barrel further down. Return to the entrace to this area, and take the northwest path. You can find a Potion amongst a large stack of barrels. At the end of the path is Switch 2 that opens Door 2. In another room you can find a barrel containing a Red Star. Return again to the entrance to this area, and go through the two doors you just opened in turn. You'll find Switches 3 and 4 that open Doors 3 and 4, which lead to the third and final Magi.

Enemies: Red Listener Magi, spheres
Reward: Green Palace Key
Strategy: A couple of Summon+Law Summons should take care of him, but watch out for his attacks, as they're pretty powerful. Be sure to keep your party healed up.

After the fight, you'll get a dialog scene. Go back to the Main Hall, and use the Green Palace Key on the green device at the end of the Hall. Heal up, save, then head through. After a couple more dialog scenes, you'll fight all three of the Magi at once.

Enemies: Red Listener Magi, Yellow Speaker Magi, Green Seer Magi, spheres
Reward: Core Key
Strategy: The best strategy is to use these guys against each other. Start by attacking the Red Magi with level 1 attacks. His counterattack will kill the Green Magi. Next attack the Yellow Magi, and his Scream counterattack will kill the Red Magi. Now attack the Yellow Magi the same way you did before.

After the fight, some dialog scenes follow, and you end up back on the Shell Map. A couple more Optional Quests open up. When you're ready, head to the Shell 5.

Part VIII: The Core

Enter the Ankara Capitol, and speak to the pirate in the northeast. He and a couple of his buddies will fight you. You get the Research Lab Key after you dispatch them. Next stop, Ankara Research Lab.

You've been here before when you met General Campbell before, except now you have a ship and can skip the Underground Passage. Use the Research Lab Key to open the door and go inside. At the crossroads, go northwest and get the Sturdy Hearts from the table. You can get more every time you exit and enter the area again. Exit the area to the west. Take the west path first. Open the box in the first room to get a Bio Breather Mask. In the second room you can get a Cornucopia from the far table. The third room has a Gauntlet on the table in the east corner. Continue to the end of the path, and you'll see some people in tubes. Pick up the Diamond Cutter from the table here. Go back to the crossroads and take the east path. In the next room, open the box to find the second Bio Breather Mask.

Exit this area the way you came in, all the way back to the first inside map. This time go out the east exit. Go to the northeast, and hit Switch 1 just inside the open cage. This opens Door 1. Go through into the room and hit Switch 2, which opens up two doors. In the first room to the west is a box containing The third and last Bio Breather Mask. Just south of there, search a yellow hazmat suit for a SmellSalts. Further south is another rack of yellow hazmat suits. Search one for a MyomrMuscle.

Exit the lab to the World Map. Go to the Mining Ruins on Shell 7. Give the Diamond Cutter and the Lens Shard to the Hermit, and he'll make a Corite Lens for you.

Next go to the Mold Forest, and exit through the southeast-most exit, where you can't breathe. Equip the Breather Masks, and enter. Go northwest to find a box with a Core Sphere. In the center of the area is a box with an Elixir. Check your map and make your way to the small exit in the southeast part of the area. Hint: it's down a ramp. In the next map, there are three exits, besides the one you came in from. Go east to find a barrel with a Leatherskin and an Airprism. Exit this area to the east. Find a barrel to the south with a Snake Tail and another barrel in the northwest with the Red Village Key.

Go back to the previous area and take the exit in the north middle. Go south and you'll find a box with a Root. Towards the east is red door. Open the door with the Red Village Key. Find the Blue Village key in the barrel, and return to the previous area. Take the west-most exit. In this new area, find a Hewstone from the barrel to the southeast, then head up and around to the Blue Door, and open it with the Blue Village key. Get some Speedknifes from the table. and pick up the pink Hell God Claw off the ground.

Exit back to the Shell Map, and go to the Bone Circle Village. Don't forget to re-equip your accessories after leaving the Mold Forest. Show the claw to the Chief. Combine the Hell God Claw with the Core Key. Now Buy 3 Earplugs from World Bazaar. Go to the West Mountain Caverns, and make your way to where Maya can't stand the sound. Equip your team with Earplugs and heal up. Save, then enter the area again, head east, and you'll fight a nasty Sonic Lava Boss Creature Thing.

Enemies: Three Tentacles
Reward: Fire Fate Card
Strategy: This is a fire-based boss, so Water attacks will work well against it. If you take out one tentacle at a time, it gets regenerated. So the trick is to attack them all equally, then kill them off quickly, one right after another.

Use the Claw with Core Key on the lava, and you get a Revealed Core Key.

What to do with this? Well, Azziz is a wise dude, so go ask him at Azziz's Temple on Shell 2. Use the key on him, and he'll tell you all about it. You have to take it to the Core. So go back to Shell 7, and enter the Mold Forest again. This time go through the door that Badu opened, and exit to the Mining Area. Head through to the second screen, check your map and you'll see a new exit in the east. Stay on the lower level, exit through that new exit, and you'll be in The Core.

Walk to the end of the path and hit Switch 1. Go through Door 1 that you just opened. Walk to the crossroad and take the east path. Hit Switch 2 there and go through the two opened doors. Exit to an area with four paths. Only one of them is open, so take it. Fight the Draxx at the end and pick up the Red Core Key. When you do, some doors will open and others will close. Follow the paths, continuing in a clockwise direction, beat the Draxxes, and pick up the other three keys, yellow, green, and blue. When you've got all four keys, exit through the center "door," back to the previous area.

Exit to the northwest, and in the next area open up all the colored doors with the keys you picked up. Go to the end of each colored branch and flip a switch there. Through the yellow door, after you flip the switch, open up a barrel for a Titan Ring. When all the switches are flipped, exit to the southeast. In the next map, you'll see two branches. Take each to its end and flip the switch there. This will form a new bridge to an exit to the northeast. Heal and save before taking on the Hell God.

Enemies: Hell God
Reward: Mirror Fate Card
Strategy: It's a fire-based enemy, so summon water attacks on him. You may also want to cast a fire barrier on your party for protection.

After the Hell God dies, the map looks a lot like the one you just came from. Again flip the switches at the ends of the east and west paths to create a bridge in the center. Go over it and exit. You'll be treated to several dialog scenes. At the end of these, you'll be back in the mining area of the Mold Forest, so exit to the World Map. You can do another Optional Side Quest, or continue on to Shell 3.

Part IX: Saving "Chicago"

Go into the Frost Mountains on Shell 3 and meet up with Layla. You need to cut power to the city, which you can do to the north of the Reservoir. She'll give you the Reservoir Key. Exit the Mountains, and if you haven't already, fly to Shell 2 and enter the Oasis Junkyard. Go up to the upper level and get the Grappling Hook from near a pile of junk. Also pick up a pice of Pipe while you're here. Fly to Shell 7 and enter the Helgak Graveyard Use the Grappling Hook on the giant lily pad thing. It's actually a Large Helgak Shell. Your ship will pick it up. Make sure Lobo is in your party, then go to Wind City Reservoir on Shell 3 and unlock the gate with the key Layla gave you. Go inside and use the Large Helgak Shell on the water. Get on, and you'll be transported to the other side of the lake, and the Wind City Forest.

Walk north and flip a switch. While the camera is panning to show you the door that opened, you'll see a box. When you regain control of your party, go to and open that box for an Armor Relic. Now go through the door that you just opened. To the west are two more boxes that are hidden a lot like the last one. One has a Power Aegis and the other an Elixir and a FirePrism. Exit to the northwest. In this new area is another hidden box with an Elixir in it, and another with a Hero's Heart. At the north of the map is a third barrel, this one with a Core Sphere. Head for the northeast part of the map, and meet up with a pair of Holy Guards. Show them the Core Lens. Go through the exit behind the Holy Guards, and use the lens on the cable. (shouldn't it be Runner who uses a beam weapon?).

Go back through the previous area and exit to the west. Find a barrel with a Kyra's Tear just south of the entrance. Go south and flip a switch. This only opens one of the double doors, so you have to find another switch. This area is nice, in that the map shows you the switches as red dots. South of the second switch is a barrel with a Soul Stone. Exit through the doors you opened onto the Shell Map. Go back to the Frost Mountains again and tell Layla you're ready to attack.

Your party gets to infiltrate the Chosen Ship. Put Corgan in your party and go to SouthFarm and through the secret tunnel to the Library. Talk to the Abbot, and he'll help you get into the Government Building. Thankfully, the annoying Secretary isn't here this time. You have to go through three mazes to get to the top, and into the ship.

In the first area, walk down the hall to the west. Grab a Psycheknot and a Core Relic from a table in a nearby room. There's also a room where you can turn on a TV, and a small scene will take place as soldiers gather to watch it with you. Go to the east part of the area and flip Switch 1 there. This opens Door 1 to the west. Go through it and in one of the rooms here you can find a Cat's Paw and a Core Relic from a bookshelf. In another room is Switch 2. Hit it to open Door 2 leading to the exit.

In the second area, you can find a Cornucopia on a table. In the center room you can find a Core Relic in a bookshelf. In the larger room, get a Kyra's Tear from the bookshelf there. Then go to each of the two separated rooms and hit the switch in each one. In one of those rooms is a bookshelf with a Root and a Potion. Those switches opened up your path to the third maze.

Go up the hall, then northwest. Find a Potion and a Core Relic in cabinets in those rooms. In the last room is a switch. Flip it to open the Door A's. Go through them to the rooms on the east side of the area. Find some Smellsalts on a table, and a Potion in a cabinet. Hit the switch in the last room to open up the exit to the roof, in the northeast.

Enter the Chosen Ship. Go down the hall and flip the switches at either end of the crossroads. This will open up a pair of doors. Heal up and save, as you're about to encounter Balcaam.

Enemies: Balcaam, 2 Chosen Soldiers
Reward: Affect All Fate Card, Achilles Heel Fate Card
Strategy: Take out the Chosen Soldiers first. Balcaam himself doesn't do much. A few Summon+Law ought to do him in. He's also vulnerable to Earth-based attacks.

After the fight, some dialog scenes are presented to you. You'll find yourself back on the Shell Map. Go back into Wind City. go north a little ways until you see some anti-chosen graffiti on a wall. Pick up the Paint Spray on the ground below the graffiti, as you'll need this later. While you're here, the shops have upgraded their inventories, and so should you. When you're ready, fly to Shell 2.

Part X: Doomsday

Go to Azziz's Temple and talk to Azziz. You have to get the plans for the Doomsday Device from Kaleb. After the dialog scene, you'll have the Chosen Sewer Key. Fly to Shell 1 and enter the Chosen Sewer Duct, located northeast of the Chosen Capitol. Use the key on the door and enter. This is a very straight-forward area. Fight your way through it and exit into the Chosen Palace. You've actually been here before, but this time your path will be different, and easier.

Go in the east room, and hit Switch 4 there. Go through Door 7 that opens. Continue east and hit Switch 5 at the end of this section, which opens Door 8. The room to the right has a Core Relic on the bed. In the west section, search the room with the shower drains for a Core Sphere. There are three monks in the middle here who will reveal themselves as chosen soldiers if you try to talk to them. Go up the stairs and exit. This next area should look very familiar. From the Main Hall, go through the only opened door.

In this new area, go east. In the east-most room, find a Core Relic in the cabinet. In another room to the south, find a Potion on a table. You can also find a Cornucopia in a cabinet in another room. You can find an Elixir in a vase south of here. Then go to the west section of rooms, where you can find a Core Sphere in a cabinet, a Kyra's Tear in another cabinet, and a Potion in a cabinet between two beds. Next flip Switch 3 in the southwest area. Go through the now opened Door 3 and 4 and get the Green Palace Key from the barrel at the end of the hall. Return to the Main Hall and use the key to get to Kaleb in the Throne Room.

Enemies: Kaleb
Reward: -
Strategy: Start by casting Barrier All for protection. Cast Summon+Law against him a few times, and that should do it.

After the fight, Maya picks up the Doomsday Blueprints. Now, you have to fight all the way back out the sewers to get to the World Map. (Now you know why most games take you out of the dungeon after the boss fight...) Once free, fly back to Shell 2, to Azziz's Temple. Azziz give you your next task of stopping the Doomsday Device on Shell 6. Enter the Doomsday Rift, just north of Pranno on Shell 6. You'll find yourself in a forested area at first. Just head south, then west, then north, and down into the rift itself.

In this area, you're pretty much headed in one direction: east. On your way you have to take out sections of pipe with vents, and some mini-brains. These things are powerful. Be sure you have a lot of healing items handy. Summon+Law should work well against them. Araym's Taser ability also works to stun them. Once you kill a mini brain, a section of pipe will blow up, allowing you passage to the next area. So in this first map, go south and kill the vent there. Go east into the area that opens up and kill the minibrain, which causes a section of pipe to blow up. From the minibrain's former spot, go back west, then north, to find another vent. With that dispatched, continue east to the second Doomsday Rift Area.

Follow the only path you can, and take out a vent. Past the second vent, if you stay as north as you can, you can find a HeavyShell on a dead crab. Continue east. If you want to avoid two vents here, go up the ramp to the upper level, and follow the path around and south. Take the south-most ramp you see on your map. At the base of this ramp, just to the south is a vent, so hug the northern edge of the ramp as you can. Continue west, where you'll have to take out a vent on your way to the minibrain. Once the minibrain is toast, a pipe section opens up in the far northeast part of the map. Go back up the ramp you just came down, and stay on the upper area back to the north-most ramp. Go down that, then north under a bridge and to the next Doomsday Rift Area.

On this third screen, head north, taking out two vents as you go. Exit to the north, and you'll fight the Doomsday Brain.

Enemies: 4 Brain Parts, Doomsday Brain twice
Reward: Chaos Fate Card
Strategy: Begin by casting Barrier-all on your party. Keep this spell active during both parts of the fight. To start, there is a 4-piece metal shield over the brain. When a shield is down, you can't attack that part. When a shield is open, unleash hell on the exposed portion of the brain. Destroy all 4 Brain Parts, and you go into round 2. Summon+Law and level 3 attacks should take it out easily enough the second time.

After the fight, there's a series of dialog scenes, followed by an FMV. Layla gets mortally wounded. You then find yourself on the World Map again. Head to Shell 2.

Part XI: Saving Layla

Go to Azziz's Temple and talk to Azziz. It's time to take care of the Mayor. Go to Downtown Oasis and ask Uncle where Tori is. Put Corgan in your party and go to the Factory. Talk to Tori, then inspect the door with Corgan, and he'll open it. Inside, you meet the Alpha Watcher, who gives you a Reformatting Disk. Take the disk to the Smelting Complex in Oasis.

This is a smallish area, but it's filled with robots who want to kill you. If you take Grubb or Led they can use their Repair skill on the robots, but a Lightning-all spell works pretty well also. Work your way northeast to Mayor's computer. Use the disk on it to reprogram all the robots. A dialog scene ends the Mayor's career. After the scene you get the Canal Key. Go back to the World Map and fly to Shell 4.

Enter the World Bazaar's Red Light District. Buy a Terrairium from the shop to the north. Next go to the Shipping Transport, to the grey sewer door to the west that you saw earlier. Use the Canal Key on it to open it up. An Ankaran Soldier will interrupt you and tell you that General Campbell would like your help. Continue with your current task and talk to him later. The first area is just a straight shot to the southwest exit. Same thing in the next area: exit to the south. In the jungle, go southeast to a beam of light. Pick some of the Optic Vine from the plant. A little bit to the north, you'll want to pick up the Healing Plant.

Retrace your route back to the World Map, and travel to Shell 6. Enter the Chosen Ruins. At the entrance, use the Optic Vine on the box just to the left of the locked door. The door will open. Go up the stairs, then east. Feed the 8th special bird. Go west, around, and down some stairs. Follow the path and go down the first stairs you come to. At the end of a small side path to the west is a barrel with the Speed Fate Card in it. There are a couple other boxes on this map, but you can't get to them yet. Go back to the main path and follow it northeast. Go through the exit to the next area.

There are a lot of locked doors here. Go to the end of the path you're on to open three doors on the east. In the first room is a box with a Holy Relic. In the second room open a box for a Potion. Go through the center door and hit the switch at the end of the path. This opens three more doors. In the rooms on the other end are boxes containing a Kyra's Tear and a Core Sphere. Go through the last door to find a box with the Red Temple Key. When you open the box, some more doors open and close. The center path leads to a barrel with a Soul Stone, a Potion, and a Core Sphere. Make your way back to the previous area.

Go down the stairs straight ahead, and use the Red Temple Key on the red pedestal to open the door right next to it. Hit the switch in this room and a bunch of bridges will raise and lower. Go south, then west to get an Even Strike out of a box. From there go east, then southeast to get an Elixir from a box. Exit southwest to the next area.

Follow the path southeast and kill 2 Draxxes to get to Switch A, which opens and closes some doors. Go up the nearby stairs to the upper level, and down on the other side to the lower level. Go west, and up some more stairs to hit Switch B, which raises and lowers some bridges. Go up the first flight of stairs to the upper level again and continue southwest on the upper level. As you go, a bridge will fall down behind you, forcing you to make the long loop and fight all the enemies. At the very southwest corner you'll find a barrel with the Ancient Chosen Talisman and the Cloak Fate Card.

Now flip the switches in reverse order of what you just did to get the heck out of there. (Easier said than done, I know.) Loop around to the north and down the stars to the lower level, then go southwest, up some stairs, and flip Switch B. Back on the lower level, head east, up some stairs momentarily and down the other side to flip Switch A. Stay on the lower level now and go through the re-opened doors to exit back to the first area to the northwest.

Follow the path north to the switch, hit it to raise and lower bridges, then go up the stairs to the upper level, and follow the path around to exit in the southwest back to the World Map.

Go back to the Factory on Shell 2. Give the Healing Plant and the Talisman to the Alpha Watcher. He'll tell you to keep the Talisman, and to go to the Cathedral to meet Layla. Make sure Corgan is in your party, and go to Wind City on Shell 3. At the Cathedral, Corgan will go in alone. After a dialog scene, Corgan will go outside and join the rest of the party. Go back in and ask "Layla" about everything you can.

Part XII: Secret Weapon

Return to the World Map. Remember when a soldier asked you to see General Campbell? No? Well, it happened. Trust me. Time to meet up with him now. Go to SouthFarm on Shell 3. The General is in the bar at the northeast end of town. Talk to him for some information, then he gives you some Explosives. You'll need two more, so go to the Mining Ruins on Shell 7, and talk to the Hermit. He's sick. Combine the Herb, Mixing Bowl, and Helgak Flute to form a Mold Cure. Give this to the Hermit, and he'll give you the two Explosives you need, and a Pickaxe.

On Shell 5: put Lobo and Led in your party, and go to the Crashed Jinam Ship . Head to the east area, and go to the locked door. Lobo can open it, and you'll find a Jinam Security Pass on one of the corpses. Go back to the previous area, and find a machine with green tubes on it. It's in the same room where you found the Power Core for Led's ship earlier on. Lobo can download a cure from it that heals all people affected by the virus that was released on Ankara by Jinam. Now go to Gregor and speak to Malcolm, the man who gave you Corgan's Sword earlier on. Speak to him with Lobo and he'll cure everyone from the plague. Led will no longer hate Lobo after this, and they won't attack each other during battle anymore.

Next stop is the Catacombs on Shell 3. Go through the Mourn Graveyard to get there. Stock up on Elixirs for the undead in here. Also put Araym in your party, as he's the one with experience on explosives. (Remember your path through here, as you'll have to come back this way later.) Use the Explosives on two walls in the northwest. Go up the stairs and follow the path to Switch 2. Hit it to extend and retract some bridges. Walk over them on the path created (check your in-game map), towards the southeast. Open a box there for a Titan Charm. Turn around and go northwest, down some stairs, and exit to a second area to the southwest.

Search a skeleton in the corner of the room to the west for a Potion. Continue to the next room west to find an item on a skeleton in the corner of that room. To the east of the room in you came in from is a skeleton in the floor that has an item on it, and one more room east is a coffin with a PsycheCharm. In the room to the southwest is a skeleton standing up in an open coffin, holding a Potion. In the southernmost room is a box with the Red Catacomb Key.

Go back to the first area up the stairs to the north, around the path to the north, and down the set of stairs at the north. Go west and hit Switch 3 to extend and retract some bridges. Stay on the lower level and head northeast. Search a coffin in the wall for a Core Sphere. Continue southeast and you'll come across a locked door. Head pretty much due west from there and grab an Elixir from a coffin in the wall. Use the Red Catacomb Key on the locked door, go through, and exit to the southeast.

In the third area, go down the stairs. The coffin in the wall to the west has a Smellsalts in it. Go east and hit Switch 1 to move briges. Follow the opened path to the southwest, and get a Kyra's Tear from a coffin in the corner. Continue west and north past that and up the stairs at the end. Go to the head of the cross-shaped island, and hit Switch 2 there to move some more bridges. First go east and down some stairs to hit Switch 3 there, which opens a door. Pick a Potion out of a skeleton in the wall. Go back up the stairs, west, and down stairs at the far end. Continue west and hit Switch 5 in the end. This opens a door to the north. Go through and pick up the Curse Fate Card and Vampyre Fate Card out of the box. Go east from the stairs to a place with three small rooms, which contain: an Elixir, a Core Sphere, and Switch 4. Hit the switch, which opens a door, then go back up to the cross and hit Switch 2 there. Follow the open path around to the west-most staris. Go through the two doors that you opened up with switches 3 and 4. Go up the stairs at the end of the hall, and down on the other side. Use your last Explosives on the wall you come to, and go up the stairs and outside.

There are three areas here. First go in the Control Lab. Go through the hall north, into some rooms and hit Switch A to open two doors. Follow the hall now to the southwest, and in the south-most room with all the bodies in it, there's a cabinet contining an Elixir. Go northeast through the other door you opened up, and flip Switch B. In the smaller room in the west there's a console with a Core Relic in it. Go northwest through a door that Switch B opened. In the small room to the southwest is a cabinet with a Potion. In the larger room is a barrel containing the Red Jinam Key. On your way out, go through the two rooms in the middle of the map. On a table in one of the rooms is a Potion.Go through the northern-most Door B and get a Core Token from a body there. Exit back to the cave screen.

Next stop is the Research Lab. The room to the west has a Potion waiting for you on a table. Use the Red Jinam Key on any of the three red devices, and all three of the doors will open up for you. Head for the big room in the northeast. Hit Switch A there to open some more doors, and look in the nearby cabinet for a Potion. Next head to the southwest portion of the area. Find Switch B down there, and find another Potion in a similar cabinet nearby. Two more doors will open. Go north, to the northwest area. On the map it looks a lot like a pair of crosses arranged base-to-base. In a cabinet in there you can find, guess what, another Potion! Your goal here, however is the Blue Jinam Lab Key in the barrel to the north. When you pick it up, some doors will close and others will open, freeing some enemies in the process. Go battle these new bad guys, and in the first room find a Core Relic on a table. An Elixir resides in the third room down in a cabinet. On your way out back out to the Shell Map, a room northeast of the exit contains an Eagle Wing in the computer.

Lastly, enter the Jinam Main Lab. Go southwest from the entrance and you'll come to three rooms. In the middle room, search the cabinet for an Elixir. In the last room, get the Blast off of a robot on a table. Use the Blue Jinam Key on the blue pedestal next to the blue door, and go west. In the second room, search the cabinet for a Potion. Continue on and hit Switch A to open Door A. Go back to the main hall and into the northeastern section of the area. In the third room you come to, get a Sphere from the broken green robot. This is a piece for Maya's gun. Continue to the end of the area and flip Switch B. This opens Door B off the main hall. Go through that door. Search the cabinet inside for a Soulstone. Go north and use the Jinam Security Pass on the last door to open it. Inside you face the king Necromancer Draxx.

Enemies: Necromancer Draxx, summoned Undead
Reward: -
Strategy: As an undead, you can use healing items on him for major damage. Watch yourself though, as he'll summon undead to help him.

After the fight, open the barrel behind Draxx, and you get the Secret Weapon. A dialog scene follows, where you lock Kaleb in. Now retrace your path all the way back through the lab, through the Catacombs (hit Switch 1 on the lower level in the east of the first screen, then Switch 3 in the northwest part of the next screen); to Mourn Graveyard, where you're treated to a dialog scene and an nice FMV.

Enter Wind City and show the weapon to Layla. She tells you to rescue the people on Shell 4. At this point you need to split your party in two. Corgan's Party will guard the Secret Weapon, and Maya's party will be tasked with finding ships to get the people evacuated with. What do you think happened to all the ships in Scumm Town when Corgan left? That's right: nothing. So go to the Shipping Docks in Scumm Town on Shell 6.

Talk to the man at the end of the hall (the one you stole the Manifest from earlier). He wants fuel for his ships, but it stopped flowing when Corgan left. He'll give you the Treasure Lair Key so you can get to the pump and turn it back on. Go to Mountain Pirate Base East. Once inside, go up to the upper level, and exit to the east, into the mountains. Follow the path north to a new area. Inside, open the barrel for a QuickLight. Use the Treasure Lair Key to open the locked dor, and go inside. Use the PaintSpray on the glow in the middle of the room to reveal a Draxx. Kill him, and get the Pump Key from the barrel.

Go back into the Mountain Pirate Base, and exit to the northwest. You may have been in this room before. Go southwest and up a ramp. Inspect the pump, then use the Pipe that you pick up a long time ago in Oasis. Now use the Pump Key to activate the flow of fuel. Return to the Docks in Scumm Town. Talk to the Manifest Man again, and he'll give you the Dock Key. You need pilots for the ships you just got. Go now to the Bounty Hunter District in the World Bazaar on Shell 4. On the uppermost level, standing in front of a sewer door, are two Bounty Hunters. Talk to them and they'll help you out. A dialog scene or two follow. Corgan's party will face off with some Chosen.

Enemies: Markham, 2 Silver Chosen Soldiers
Reward: -
Strategy: Take out the 2 Chosen Soldiers first, to get them out of your hair, then concentrate on Markham. Chaos+Law+Mirror works well against them.

Immediately after the fight, Maya's team goes into battle.

Enemies: Alisa, 2 Chosen Soldiers
Reward: Joker Fate Card, Chosen Talisman
Strategy: Any Core Energy used in the last battle will be depleted here as well, so replenish that if you need to. Cast a Speed-All on your party to start. Take out the two Chosen Soldiers first, then go after Alisa. Big Bang and Black Hole work here again.

Part XIII: Kyra's Mirror

After the fights, fly to Shell 3, and speak to Layla in Wind City. Doskias needs to be stopped, but you'll need the famed Deamon Swords to defeat him. First you'll need Kyra's Mirror to get to them. Recall that the pirate Connor is obsessed with this object? Time to track him down. Take a side trip to Shell 4, have Selina in your party, and go into the Red Light District. Talk to a man here and Selina will threaten him, earning a Kyra's Tear for your party. You can also upgrade some of your equipment in the shops here.

Fly next to Shell 5, and enter Gregor. Walk up to the upper level to the northeast, and talk to Fergus (he's the blond guy). Ask him about Connor. He'll give you the Ankara Subway Key. Exit to the Shell Map. Put Led or Grubb in your party, and go to Mountain Highway. Enter the Subway, about halfway up the map. Go north and use the key on the Prison Door. Go through the east exit first.

Go through the rooms to the east, and flip Switch A there. Around the corner to the east is a shower room. Search one of the drains to find a Core Relic. Go through Door A that opened and into a hall. In the forth small room is a Core Relic on the bed. In the meat freezer room at the end is a barrel with a Root. Flip Switch B and another door opens. Go through that to another hall. Straight across to the east is another shower room, and you can find another Core Relic in a drain in there. In the smallest room at the northeast is another Core Relic on the bed in there. In the room on the other side of the hall is a Potion, again located on a bed. Next head west from this hall, and find a strange device. Have Grubb or Led take a look at it, and he or she will deactivate it. It's ok if you don't, it just makes a later boss fight easier if you do. From here go to the other section off the second hall and find a Cornucopia in a drain in another shower room. Head northwest through a bunch of rooms, and in the cafeteria, check the table for an Elixir. In the adjacent meat locker is a barrel containing a Soul Stone. In another nearby storage room, search the crate of orange fruit for a Root. Lastly, pick up the Red Prison Key from the barrel at the end of the hall to the northeast. Exit the area back to the Main Hall.

Enter the open room in this Main Hall to the north, and flip the Switch. This will open a Door to the northwest. Go through and exit to the next area. Surprise: another switch maze. Walk down this hall a ways, then west. In the first room, find a Core Relic from the small table. Go east from the first hall. In the middle room to the south is another Core Relic on the bed. Continue down the hall to the southwest and find a Root on a table in this dining area. Go east through the kitchen, and search a barrel full of weapons for a Soul Stone. Exit through the kitchen to the southwest, head northwest and flip Switch A. Go through Door A and search a toilet for a Potion. Go back through the halls, notheast, and enter a room to the northeast to find a Potion on the table. Back from the hall, go east and around to the north. At the north end of this large shower room is a Core Relic amongst a pile of towels. Now go southwest, then east into the cafeteria. Along the northwest wall is Switch B, which opens Door B. East through the cafeteria is flip Switch C, which of course opens Door C. In the crate in the meat locker to the south is a Potion. Now go south, then north through the two doors that you just opened and pick up the Blue Prison Key from the box. Exit back to the Main Hall, and use the two keys on the doors in the middle. You'll face Connor in the next room.

Enemies: Connor, 2 Bounty Hunters
Reward: Krya's Mirror Frame
Strategy: Cast Speed-All and Barrier-All on your party to start the fight. Take out the two Bounty Hunters first. If you disabled the machine in the east area, Connor is really easy: just hit the switch behind the electric chair to electrocute him. Repeat this a few times to kill him. If you didn't disable the machine, summon Markuk or use the Air summon.

After the battle, make your way back to the World Map. You need to complete Kyra's Mirror, and for that you'll need some special ore. Remember when Badu scratched a wall? Head to Shell 7 and enter the Mountain Caverns West. The spot you're looking for is thankfully just inside the west entrance. Use the Pickaxe on the spot to gain some Doric Ore. Next, go to Bone Circle Village and show the Mirror Frame, Doric Ore, and Corite Lens to the Underlost Chief. He'll combine the latter two for you, but they're the wrong shape for the frame.

The Hermit in Mining Ruins can cut the lens to the proper shape. Combine the Mirror Surface with the Frame to create Kyra's Mirror.

Part XIV: Deamon Swords

Fly to Shell 4, and enter the Shipping Transport are of the World Bazaar. Stock up on healing items, then enter the sewers. You've been here before, so make your way to the beam of light in the forest. Inspect the falling leaves. Use the Terrarium on them so it won't disintegrate. Place the Terrarium with Leaf in the hole in the wall nearby. Now use Kyra's Mirror on the beam of light, and the wall will open up.

Follow the path to a crossroads. Go north and open a barrel for an Elixir. Take the south path, which splits in two. Each split leads to a barrel, which contain a Core Sphere and a Kyra's Tear. Exit the forest area to the southwest, and you come to a map of Marduk City. In the middle is Marduk's Temple. If you enter it, you'll find it's locked by four doors. You'll find a key in each of the four elemental Temples, off the City Map. A couple of them are hard to see in the background, but they're there.

Start by entering the Water Temple. Your goal here is to open up two locked doors. Head southwest, then south, to the southern-most stairs. Go up these and hit Switch 1 at the end to Door 1. Go south and west, and find a box which contains an Elixir, a Soulstone, a Core Sphere, and a Kyra's Tear. The second switch is located a scant few yards to the north and slightly east of the box, against the jungle wall. Go north through the two opened doors, and you face a nasty mechanical boss.

Enemies: 2 Sentinel Tower Pods, Sentinel Tower Center
Reward: Temple Key, Root, Potion, Core Relic
Strategy: Casting Speed-All and Barrier-All should be a habit by now. Cloak-all can help some, too. This being the Water Temple, the machine will use water attacks against you. If you can, equip some items with a water-defense. Unfortunately, there's no single attack of yours that will do any special damage to it. The two Pods heal the center Sentinel, so take them out first.

After the fight, several barriers extend, connecting the upper level, and blocking the way you came on the ground. One barrier retracts, opening a path to a box in the southeast corner. So take the nearest stairs and follow the path to the southern-most stairs. Go down, south, then east to the box for an Elixir, a Soul Stone, a Core Sphere, and a Kyra's Tear. Go back up to the upper level, and follow the path north, then down the northern-most stairs. Now head around to the east and exit back to the City Map.

Next up is the Earth Temple. Climb up the stairs to the upper level, walk over to the other stairs, and down. Go north and flip Switch A off to the west. This will extend and retract some barriers. Climb up the nearby stairs, then southwest across a barrier, and east across another barrier when you get the chance. Then go down another set of stairs to the south. On the lower level, head east and hit Switch B to extend and retract some more barriers. Off a side path to the south is a barrel with a Potion, a Core Relic, and a Smellsalts. The only way you can go now is north to some stairs. On the upper level, follow the path southwest, and around to the north to a "U" shaped area. At the end of the northern/left prong of the "U," is Switch C. This will extend and retract more barriers, allowing you access to the northern area. To get there, follow the upper path southwest to some stairs you went down before, then follow the lower path northeast to a fork in the road and some locked doors. To the east and west are the two switches that open the two locked doors. Inside is the next Ancient Machine.

Enemies: 2 Sentinel Tower Pods, Sentinel Tower Center
Reward: Templ Key, Root, Potion, Core Relic
Strategy: This battle is very similar to the last one, save that the machine's attacks are Earth-based, and it has more HP. Try to equip some protection against Earth prior to the fight.

After this second fight, it's time to exit back to the City Map. No barriers move after this fight, so it's fairly straight forward. Just go south to the stairs, up to the upper level, west, then north and down the last bit of stairs, and west to exit.

Enter the Air Temple. Follow the path, and at the crossroads, go west and open a box for a Potion, a Core Relic, and a SmellSalts. From there go east and hit Switch 1. Go through Door 1 that opened, and southwest to Switch A at the end of the path. Flip this to extend and retract several barriers, and climb up the northern-most stairs. DON'T hit the switch up here yet. Instead, go west and hit Switch 2 at the end there to Door 2. Go down the stairs, then east. At the end of this path is a box with another set of Potion, Core Relic, and SmellSalts. Now go up the eastern stairs and flip the nearby Switch B. A path will created to some stairs to the southwest. Make for those and climb down the stairs to face a third Ancient Machine.

Enemies: 2 Sentinel Tower Pods, Sentinel Tower Center
Reward: Temple Key, 2 Roots, 2 Potions, 3 Core Relics
Strategy: This battle is very similar to the last two, save that the machine's attacks are air-based, and it has still more HP. Prior to the fight, consider equiping some air protection equipment.

After the fight, return to the City Map. Do this by going back up the staris, then north to Switch C, the switch you didn't hit before. This will retract a bunch of barriers. Go down the staris to the west, then on the lower level, go east, then wrap around to the northwest and exit.

Enter the Fire Temple. Head southeast at first, and climb up the stairs. Follow the path a ways north and down the some other stairs. Here is the 9th special bird. Feed it some Bird Seed, then head north through the open door, then east and north a bit around a wall and flip Switch A that you find there. This opens Door 1 and closes Door 2. The next switch, B, is to the south in a little cul-de-sac. Flip that and some barriers will extend and retract for you. Go up the stairs to the east, follow the path southwest, and go down the southern-most set of stairs. Go through Door 1 that you opened, follow the path northwest, up some stairs, then southeast on the upper level, and flip Switch C. This extends and retracts a couple of barriers. Walk southwest on the upper level across the newly extended barrier and continue west until you come to some stairs. Go down and follow the wall southeast a few yards to hit Switch D. This opens up the Door 3. Go back and reset the previous Switch, C, to re-open your path to the last Ancient Machine.

Enemies: 2 Sentinel Tower Pods, Sentinel Tower Center
Reward: Temple Key, 2 Roots, 2 Potions, 3 Core Relics
Strategy: This battle is very similar to the last three, save that the machine's attacks are fire-based, and it has heck of a lot of HP. Use fire-protection items if you have any.

Exit back to the City Map, and enter Marduk's Temple. Thankfully, there's no maze here. Just use a Temple Key on each door, and fight some Undead in the hallways. Combine the Imperial Seal with the Chosen Seal, and use the resulting Talisman Seal on the big red door. A dialog scene follows, and you get the Demon Swords. Equip these on Selina and Corgan when you get the chance. Now you get to make your way back through the Lens Jungle, the Ancient Canals, and the Shipping Transport, to the World Map.

Part XV: The Final Push

This paragraph is kind of a side quest, but since you went to all that trouble for the other 9 special birds, why not finish it? Enter the Outlaw Canyons on Shell 2. Make your way to where you met up with Tori and boarded a Helgak. Sprinkle the last of your Bird Seed on the 10th special bird near the shack. Now go to the tower marked ??? on Shell 3. All 10 of the birds will gather and open the door for you. Inside is a tall, windy staircase, with three levels. There's a box at each level which contains some awesome treasure. You could call the items "ultimate weapons." When you've cleaned house, return to the Shell Map and equip these new items. If you missed any of the birds, check the Optional Quests page for their locations.

On with the main plot. Visit Layla in Wind City on Shell 3. She tasks you with killing Doskias. His Chosen Battleship has crashed northwest of Oasis on Shell 2. Once you enter, you can't get back out again, so there's a couple of things you should do beforehand. First, equip all your characters with their best equipment. Visit shops if you have to, and buy healing items and such. It shouldn't be necessary to level up your characters any more. The second thing you should do is make another save game. The game does autosave every time you enter the Shell Map, but it's a good idea to make the separate file just in case you want to explore the world of Septerra some more.

When you're ready, enter the ship. Your characters will split into three teams: 1) Grubb, Runner, Badu. 2) Lobo, Led, Araym. 3) Maya, Corgan, Selina. You'll take control of them in that order, and move on to the next after each has completed their task. The first two teams' goals are to take out the two generators in the ship. They're both a meanwhile kind of deal, but you play them one after the other.

First up is Grubb's team. Walk up the Main Hall and into the only exit that's open. In the next area, walk down the hall and take the middle path to the east. Get a Potion from a green tube in the first room, and an Elixir from some crates in the other room. Continue to the end of the hall, fight, and flip Switch 1. Backtrack throuh Door 1 that just opened and flip Switch 2 there. Go through Door 2 that opened up, and the first room in the new area has a Smellsalts hidden in some crates. In the second room, find a Core Relic in some other crates. Continue on and flip Switch 3 in the room to the west. Go through this Door 3 to yet another Switch (4). Walk through this Door (4) to Switch 5, which opens the last two doors, and the battle will reward you with the Red FS Key. Oddly enough, you get a shortcut back to the Main Hall. Open the red door there and exit into the next area.

This is a fairly straight forward area. There are two branches of circular rooms. Fight through them and hit the switch at each end. This will open up a pair of doors in the middle, where you fight a boss.

Enemies: 4-part Shield Generator
Reward: Blue FS Key
Strategy: Cast Speed-All and Barrier-All, as usual. You have to hit a switch to open a corresponding Tank. Use Runner's Heatseeker attack to hit all the switches simultaneously, then have Grubb and Badu use a Summon-All to hit all the tanks at once.

After the battle, you control Lobo's Party. Somehow Grubb got the Blue FS Key to the next party, so use it on the blue door and exit to the next area. Go down the hall to the southeast and hit Switch A at the end. This opens up four doors. In the third room is a Soul Stone on a table in the back corner, and the first and forth are empty. Go through the second room, follow the path north behind it, and flip Switch B in the room at the end. Go through Door B that opens, then west and north through some rooms, and flip Switch C there. This opens up a copule of doors, including a shortcut to the south. Now head south to the room that opens up, which contains another Switch (D), so hit that and you'll open Door D to the north. Go through this last door, and the battle on the other side will reward you with the Yellow FS Key.

Go back to the Main Hall and open the yellow door. Exit through to the next area, which looks sort of like the one Grubb finished up in. Follow the hallway all the way southwest to start. Continue through the winding corridor to Switch 1. This opens Door 1. Backtrack northeast, the east, then south through Door 1, and hit Switch 2 to open Door 2. Go north to hit Switch 3 and open Door 3. Go across the hall through the now opened doors and fight through those rooms to the Shield Generator.

Enemies: 4-part Shield Generator
Reward: -
Strategy: Cast Speed-All and Barrier-All, as usual. You have to hit a switch to open a corresponding Tank. Use Lobo's Torso attack to hit all the switches simultaneously, then have Araym and Led use a Summon-All to hit all the tanks at once.

Once both generators are down, you take control of Maya's Party. Walk to the end of the hall and Kaleb will fight you.

Enemies: Kaleb, 2 Draxxes
Reward: -
Strategy: Cast Speed-All and Barrier-All, as usual. Take out the Draxxes with a Soul Stone each, then concentrate on Kaleb. Use a Law+Chaos combo when he puts up his shield, otherwise just pound him with level 3 attacks.

A short dialog scene follows, and you go immediately into the final fight with Doskias.

Enemies: Doskias, clones
Reward: Finishing the game, end credits.
Strategy: Cast Speed-All and Barrier-All, as usual. Cloak+All is a must in this fight, as it will protect you from his Pits of Janaak attack. When Doskias makes clones of himself, use either Selina's or Corgan's #8 attack. This will wipe out the impostors and leave the original. Several regular level 3 attacks will do him in, but you can also use Law+Chaos or Summon+Law.

...And that's it. You get a dialog scene, the ending FMV, and the credits. Congratulations on a game well played. See you next time. (Seriously, I smell a sequel!)

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