Nightsolo's The Witcher Walkthrough

Chapter II

When you regain control of Geralt, first play Dice Poker with the elf in the corner. In this chapter, you only need to beat 4 other players, and there are 8 available; so don't worry about beating this guy. After the game, a cutscene plays. You now get to Fistfight a guy named Muscleman, though he doesn't count towards the side quest. If you lose the fight -- either on purpose or accidentally -- the Muscleman will go into the Sewers first and die. You'll then get your chance.

Talk to Vincent Meis, who directs you to Jethro. Approach the open cell door, and another cutscene introduces you to the city sewers. You'll shortly meet up with Sigfried, who represents one of the two major factions in the game: The Order. You have the option of teaming up with him to kill the Cockatrice. You don't really need his help, but if you accept, he'll later tell you about a hidden crypt here in the Sewers (this is the only way into the crypt). With or without him, find and kill the Cockatrice, and be sure to loot it for its Trophy. If Sigfried was teamed up with you, he'll run off towards the exit, and you'll have a conversation with him there. This may be a good time to check out that crypt. You know: to kill and loot.

When you do exit the sewers, Geralt will mention being right next to the Detective's house. Ignore it for now and instead find the Prison you just left. Go in and talk to Jailer Jethro to get your stuff. Loot the chest in the nearby unlocked cell. Talk to Jethro again about the missing package for the "Hot Potato" side quest. Note that he likes Fistek. Next, talk to Vincent to turn in the Cockatrice Head Trophy and add him as a Suspect. Time to do some side quests.

Do everything you can possibly do before going to the Detective, as there are some bugs and some quests that get locked out if you even enter his house first.

You should find yourself now just outside of the Prison. Check the Notice Board next to the door and accept all those quests: the Wolf, Echinops, Drowned Dead, Dog, and Alghoul Contracts. You'll complete those as you go. Vincent is outside nearby, and will reward you with a rune if you've turned in three Trophies so far in the game.

Near the Hospital is the Gardner. He'll tell you a story if you pay him, and he's also a Dice Player. If you have the echinops parts left over from Chapter I, you can turn them in and complete that contract.

Go down the street straight out from the Hospital front door and hang a left. Outside are the Order Armorer and Apprentice. The Armorer can sell you some new armor, and the Apprentice will sell other stuff.

Opposite the Order Armorer are some steps down into the Slums. If it's daylight, Carmen will be in front of the Brothel, and will give you the "Working Girls" quest. She also plays Dice.

Near the entrance to the Sewers is a Con Man, who will give you the quest "Finders Keepers."

Inside the Hairy Bear Inn during the day you can find many people: The Dice Players Munro Bruys and a man labeled Gambler. The Fistfighter Butter Bean. The Drinker Messenger. At night you can find quest givers Conrad for "A Most Uncommon Wine," and Coleman for "The Rat," though he also drinks. If you killed the Scoia'tael in Chapter I, deal with him quickly, because he'll be dead soon.

Shani can be found in the Hospital during the day, and you'll have to bribe the guard at the front door to get in. She's is at her house at night, near the square with the snake statue. To get in the house, "grandma" will randomly kick you out when you first enter. Just re-enter and you'll get a different conversation path where she'll eventually let you past. She'll start the quest "Old Friends," and is a part of "Memory of a Blade."

Zoltan tends to hang out at Vivaldi's house and the Hairy Bear Inn, but can also be found wandering all about town.

To get access to the Dike, try to go out the gate, and the guards will stop you. If you let Siegfreid join you earlier in the Sewers, he'll be at the gate, and will convince the guards to let you through. Otherwise, you'll have to talk to Vincent.

Out on the Dike is Leuvaarden, who oddly doesn't remember that you buried his brother. He's part of the quest "Wanted," and will give the quest "Safe Haven."

The Ferryman will take you to the Swamp Forest. At the Landing is Jean-Pierre, who wants the Wolf Pelts. Ask they Ferryman about work, and he'll point you to Yaren Bolt, and the quest "Flowers and Gold." Go straight, and you'll come to a fork in the road. Gramps is here, and would like an escort for his quest "A Pilgrimage."

Go north at the fork into the village, and enter Vaska's House. She plays Dice, and has a couple of quests for you: "Clay Pits" and "A Lost Lamb."

To the south is a Cave. Inside this cave you'll find a sarcophagus with the Y'eshath sephirot in it, which you need for the "Monoliths" main quest. Also inside is a stone circle, from which you can learn the Quen Sign.

To the southwest is the Lumberjack Camp. Yaren Bolt is the chief, and will give you the quests "Flowers and Gold" and "A Long Way from Home."

In the northwest part of the area is the Druid Camp. Ask druids about the lost boy, and they'll direct you to Morenn. Bring her a Wolf Pelt and choose dialog options about sex being a stress reliver in order to bed her. The elf Yaevinn is also here, and will give you the quest "Worth its Weight in Gold." Later, he'll be at the Scoia'tael camp far to the north.

In the Swamps, you'll come across both elves and Order forces. If you want to remain neutral, don't do either of their "Force Recon" quests.

When you're done with all the side quests you can do, go to the detective's house and talk to Raymond. He'll start the quests "The Crown Witness" and "What Lies Beneath." Start by clearing all of your suspects save Kalkestein and Thaler. The last two you'll want to start, but they'll finish up during the autopsy.

When you leave Raymond's house, you'll see a cutscene, and then you'll be attacked. Kill the assassins, then go about your business. Return to Raymond when you've run out of evidience and can't proceed any further. Inside, Raymond will be attacked. Kill those salamandra, then have a conversation with Raymond. After the dialog, "Suspect: Leuvaarden" may reappear, even if you cleared him earlier. Go to him and tell him he's clear. At some point, a boy will find you and tell you to go see Raymond, who will inform you that it's time to do an autopsy.

Find Shani during the day in the Hospital, and she'll tell you to meet her at home at night. Once she agrees, meditate until dawn and talk to the Gravedigger, who wants some Dwarven Ale in order to release the body. While it's still day, ask Vincent Meis about autopsies and/or buy a book about anatomy from someone. Meditate until Midnight, then go to the Hospital.

When doing the autopsy, choose the following options to clear all your remaining suspects: "His neck muscles and palms look tense. How do you know when he died?" "This is too easy." After the autopsy, return to the remaining suspects to clear their names, and to ask for advice on how to deal with Javed.

Before you go any further, it's time for a party. Visit Shani at night for the quest "Old Friend of Mine." Have the party.

Go to Raymond's place and bluff that you know how to get Javed. Talk to him again and tell him that you killed Ramsmeat, even though you haven't. Raymond then gives you the last Sephirot. Now that all the suspects are cleared, go and do the quest "The Gravedigger's Grattitude."

This is your last chance to pick a side between the Scoia'tael and the Order. If you don't talk to Siegfried or Yaevinn, you remain Neutral, and the Order will win the upcomming battle by default.

Next, head to the Swamp. Make the "Monoliths" quest active, and visit each to put the corresponding Sephirot in it. Once all 10 are in place, make your way to the tower and go in. The entrance is from the north side. On your way out, a cutscene will place you in battle. Kill the magical creature, and then The Professor ports in and assists Azar Javed in battle. Whiddle The Professor's health down, and the two will drop a cloud of poison and escape. You'll wake up in Chapter III.

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