Nightsolo's The Witcher Walkthrough

Chapter IV

After you are dropped unceremoniously onto the ground, you'll enter into conversation with a girl. Ask her everything you can. Behind you is the Vodyanoi Priest, who will start the main quest "Ripples." Straight ahead is Naiad, who will give you the side quest "Old Habits Die Hard." A bit to the south along the shore is a hut, inside of which is the Fisher King. He mumbles, but assents to letting you use his boat to get back and forth the Black Tern Island. One of the sets of drowners that you need to kill is a few steps north of the landing. When they're dead, return to Lakeside.

Continue along the shore to kill another set of drowners, then enter the nearby Elf Cave. Toruviel wants "Daily Bread." Chireadan plays Dice Poker. Exit and backtrack, then head south when you can, and transition to the Murky Waters map. You'll have a conversation with Dandelion, then head into town. The side quests "Temptation" is started by the Blacksmith's wife. Alina starts the main quest "The Heat of the Day." Tobias can tell you about a couple of trophy monsters. The baker will sell you bread, and you can loot more from his wardrobe.

Exit south out of the town and follow the river to find the third set of drowners, kill thiem, and Zephyr will appear. Kill and loot him, then return to Lakeside to hand in those two quests. Return to the Village.

Do side quests until you run out. Get everything out of storage, as you won't have access in Chapter V, unless you have a mod installed. Killing Dagon, as part of the main quest "Ripples," sets into motion events that will end the Chapter.

After killing Dagon, and speaking with the Lady of the Lake, and deciding Berengar's fate, return to Lakeside. White Rayla will talk to you and explain the situation. Continue on to the Village and talk to Alvin, then Toruviel. Find Dandelion and explain your choice. You have a choice between supporting neither side, or the same side you supported during "Gold Rush" in the previous Chapter. Note that whomever you choose now will be your chosen side in the next chapter.

When you're ready, leave north to Lakeside and talk to Dandelion. First tell him about Berengar, then say things are bad. A cutscene will take you to the Dike. Talk to Dandelion again, then continue along the path. A guard captain (Vincent or Merkel) will take Dandelion off your hands. Stay on the lower level and you'll find some familiar faces with whom you may chat. Start up towards the upper level for a conversation with Zoltan, and his reaction will vary depending on the side you chose, as will the quest he gives you.

Make your way to the door on the left. Depending on your chosen side, you'll have to kill your way there. If you're Neutral, you should be able to just run past everyone, or you can kill everyone for some extra XP. Once through the door, some cutscenes will introduce Chapter V.

last modified 19 July 2017