I. Intro

A. Disclaimer

This guide/walkthrough was written based entirely on the PC version of Final Fantasy VIII. While the Playstation version is no doubt extremely similar, I cannot guarantee the applicability of these pages to that version. Also, the use of game-editing programs has unpredictable effects. If you use one of these programs, the information in this guide is null and void.

This guide is not 100% complete, and probably never will be. No matter how many times I go through this guide, I'll always miss something. If you find any errors please let me know (see Part I.C: How to Contact Me).

Also, most of the stuff mentioned in this guide is copyright Sony, Playstation, Squaresoft, or somebody else.

Download the manual from ReplacementDocs.com

B. Stuff to Know

I use several abbreviations in this guide. Here are some:

I occasionally get confused when talking about directions. Up, down, left, and right are usually towards that side of the screen. North, South, East, and West are usually map directions, but can correspond to screen directions as well.

Some other stuff to know:

When a character joins your party, you have the option of giving them a new name. This guide refers to characters by their default names.

Even though this guide provides all the solutions to puzzles and such, you still need to perform all the actions for the solution to work. The game won't give you something unless it recognizes that you've performed the prerequisites for it.

C. How to Contact Me

Email me: patrick@nightsolo.net
Visit my homepage: http://www.nightsolo.net/

D. Stuff I Do/Don't Need to Know

I need the following information:

Any items, magic, GFs that I've missed.
Any tips or secrets not already in here.
Any typos.

I DO NOT need the following:

Tips that are already in here.

E. Release Info

Version History:
Ver. 1.0: misc. data, released April 12, 2002.
Ver. 2.0: full walkthrough, released October 27, 2002.
Ver. 2.5: many revisions, added Word and Excel files; December 6, 2002
Ver. 2.51: added a couple tips, thanks to B.J. Wise; April 8, 2003
Ver. 2.52: added a new strategy for beating Omega, thanks to Jessie Brenner; April 13, 2003
Ver. 2.53: new junction spread theory from CrispyMallow;
Ver. 2.6: added a page on Stat-Atk Junctions, courtesy B.J. Wise; December 10, 2005
Ver. 2.61: added a .zip of the game soundtrack; May 28, 2006

The author has no relation to Squarsoft, Sony, or Eidos.

This walkthrough can be distributed however you like as long as you don't claim credit for it.

F. Game Soundtrack

Ever want to listen to Final Fantasy VIII's music without having to fire up and play the game? Well, now you can.

1. Disclaimer and Download

Eventually, I'll have the credits posted. I honestly don't know whether it's legal for me to offer this here. If not, please let me know and I'll remove it.
Know that the author of this website has nothing to do with the music, and is only providing it here for your convenience.
Here's a huge zip file of all the game's music. It's about 4 hours long. Enjoy!

2. Track Listing

Please let me know if any of these are out of order.

  1. Overture
  2. Liberi Fatali
  3. Balamb GARDEN
  4. Blue Fields
  5. Don't Be Afraid
  6. Winner
  7. Find Your Way
  8. SeeD
  9. Landing
  10. Starting Up
  11. Force Your Way
  12. A Sacrifice
  13. Loser
  14. Never Look Back
  15. Dead End
  16. Breezy
  17. Shuffle or Boogie
  18. Waltz for the Moon
  19. Tell Me
  20. Fear
  21. Man with the Machine Gun
  22. Julia
  23. Roses and Wine
  24. Junction
  25. Timber Owls
  26. My Mind
  27. Martial Law
  28. Only a Plank Between One and Perdition
  29. Succession of Witches
  30. Galbadia GARDEN
  31. Unrest
  32. Under Her Control
  33. Stage is Set
  34. Cactus Jack
  35. Fithos Lusec Wecos Vinosec
  36. Intruders
  37. Premonition
  38. Wounded
  39. Fragments of Memories
  40. Jailed
  41. Rivals
  42. Ami
  43. Mission
  44. Spy
  45. Retaliation
  46. Movin'
  47. Blue Sky
  48. Drifting
  49. Heresy
  50. Fisherman's Horizon
  51. Odeka de Chocobo
  52. Where I Belong
  53. Oath
  54. Slide Show, Part 1
  55. Slide Show, Part 2
  56. Love Grows
  57. Salt Flats
  58. Trust Me
  59. Silence and Motion
  60. Dance with the Balamb Fish
  61. Tears of the Moon
  62. Residents
  63. Eyes on Me
  64. Mods de Chocobo
  65. Ride on
  66. Truth
  67. Lunatic Pandora
  68. Compression of Time
  69. Castle
  70. Legendary Beast
  71. Maybe I'm a Lion
  72. Extreme
  73. Successor
  74. Ending Theme

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