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- The Freespace 2 Font
fs21x-12.exe - Patch v1.2
shivan1.bmp - Wallpaper of the Shivan menace(1024x768)
cap_construct.bmp - Wallpaper of the Collosus being built (1024x768)
fs2_bosch.bmp - Wallpaper of NTF Adm. Bosh studying the Shivans (1024x768)


Interplay - Interplay's useless official FreeSpace 2 site
Volition-Inc - Volition-Inc's official FreeSpace 2 site. Still has a few good things. - Has some great tools.
FreeSpace Watch - Has lots of technical info on ships and weapons.
FreeSpace 2 Sector - Some technical info. Lots of Mods and other downloads
Derelict - An addon campaign as good as, if not better than, the main game.
Volition Watch Archives - Source of many addons, mods, and other files.

last modified 29 March 2003