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While in flight, go the the Nav map, and hit "f" like you're doing a search. Type in one of the following codes, then hit ENTER.

napalm - gives you 10 Nuke'Ems
pety pety - refills your afterburner
rep me up - completely repairs your ship
chill out - fully cools your guns
no talent - invulnerability (DOS version only. In the Deluxe Windows version, and the patched DOS version, this is in the options screen)


Quicker Jumps
This only works as long as there are no hostile ships around. Hit ALT + X like you're going to exit the game. Wait a few seconds and hit N. Your jump meter should then be full.

Reducing the amount of time it takes to get to a planet
There are two ways of doing this.
1) Pitch up so the planet is just below your screen. I don't know why this works. Keep the comms open so you don't burn up.
2) In the options page, switch from Joystick only to Joystick/Throttle combo. This will make your speed increase far beyond what your ship is capable of, even with Afterburners. In order to slow down, you have to switch it back, then press a throttle decrease key. I'd recommend letting it get to 2500 or 3000 kps at most.

Avoiding the CIS Contraband Scan
The CIS/Millitary can't scan your cargo ship unless it's at the same Nav Point as you are. Knowing this, try the following:
Plot your course. Tell your cargo ship "Let's get going." Jump as soon as you can. Get to your destination planet or station as quick as you can and land. By the time your cargo ship catches up, you'll be close enough to land, and it'll land with you.

Best Cargo Runs
1) Massanas and Ostinia are only 2 jumps apart. Buy all Black Market cargo and Enviro Suits, Loaders, and Chisels in one direction for the biggest profit (10000), and Iridium and Bex Beer on the way back (1000). This works best if you hire an Illia Mk II.
2) Haul Black Market goods from Hermes to Pleterat Station (2 jumps). Nets about 2000.
3) At Janus buy Firearms, Blood, Solar Generators, Loaders, and Synthi Meat; sell these at Karatikus 2 jumps away. At Karatikus buy Organs, Brain Implants, Bex Beer, Gemstones, Rodents, Plasteen, Titan, Biopolys, Lumber, Fertilite and Livestock; sell them at Janus. Makes 3000-7000.

Easy Escorts
Are the ships you're escorting getting scanned, lost, or blown to bits? Try these:
1) Put the ship in a target memory slot so you can keep track of it's status. Plot a direct course to your destination (escort ships do not use jump gates). Tell the ship to "get going." Try to jump out at the same time as the ship. You can tell it's about to jump when its speed cuts in half (that's why you want to store it). If you jump too early, the ship can get caught at the Nav point where you left it and destroyed. Make sure the ship lands at its destination before you do.
2)Tell the ship to get going, but don't go anywhere yourself (It knows where it's going). Half the time it'll get there no problem. If not, just reload your game (you did save first, right?) and try again.

Combat Hints
1) Get behind your target. Match speeds so you don't get too close, as some ships can fit between your guns' firing track.
2) When attacking shuttles, cruisers, and other large craft, find the spot with no turrets and attack from there. For shuttles, this is usually on the underside. Some ships like to roll to bring their turrets to bear on you, so you'll have to adjust your flight path. Long -range weapons work well here. They won't keep you out of firing range, but they'll give you more time to move when the vessel decides to shoot at you.
3) When you're playing chicken with another ship, squeeze off a few shots while you're still out of range. The fact that you're flying towards each other closes the gap. You can turn away before his shots hit you, but chances are the AI won't.
4) Also while going head to head: if you're in a ship with a narrow profile, you can try to squeze between his gun track.
5) Jincilla Skulls are very annoying in the early stages of the game because of their speed. Hire a wingman and instruct him to attack the Skull. Then slow down and fly in a straight line. The Skull should line up behind you, and your wingman behind him. Be sure to watch your shields, though.

Missile Avoidance
1) Use decoys. They're expensive, but they're worth it if they keep you alive.
2) Target the missile and shoot it. This is harder than it sounds, but it works. It also keeps other ships off your tail.
3) Don't fly straight. Fly erratically. Sharp, unexpected turns. Do NOT fly in a straight path.
4) After destroying the last hostile ship, you can jump and the remaining missiles won't hit you.

Saving Credits
1) If you use Decoys and/or Mines, make sure there is at least one left when you land. When you sell that package, you get the same amount back that you paid for all 10!
2) Make an early investment in a Repair Droid. Don't land until it's done it's job. Keep in mind that it doesn't repair Armor, though.

Equipment Notes
1) Recommended upgrade order: Guns & Missiles, Afterburners, Repair Droids, Gun Coolers, Shield Generators. Other stuff at your discretion.
2) It's best not to use Nuke'Ems on escort missions. The danger of killing the escorted ship is really high.
3) The Blindfire and ALVIS RTS(Return To Sender) Systems are aquired after you talk with Hassan during the main plot. They cannot be deactivated or sold, and they carry over even when you trade your ship.

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