The Plot

The following two letters appear in the game's manual, and clear up a few details in the beginning of the game. They should be read either before or after the intro movie.

Letter from Ian Esperanto
Letter from Crius Hospital

1) FMV (Full Motion Video): The Crash of the Canera
2) FMV: Opening Titles
3) FMV: The Recovery
4) You wake up on Hermes and walk into Sinner's Inn. Talk to Joe the Bartender(if you don't, the booths won't work) and when you get the choice tell him you're interested in the "juicy deals" he mentioned earlier. (This comes in handy later).
5) Go to Crius (Nav 4). Upon landing, you get a flashback FMV. Go to the Hospital and talk to the Receptionist.
6) Nothing to do for a while. Fly around, run cargo, fly missions, earn 25,000 credits, whatever.
7) Eventually you get an email from Dr. Loomis. He tells you to look up the Canera in the Public Records.
8) When you land, look up Vehicles->M835_235M, The Canera. Also look up Taffin Reclamation, and its owner, Hal Taffin.
9) Head to Crius, and pay a visit to Taffin Reclamation. If you don't already have it, you'll need 10,000 credits for the info he's got on the guy he sold it to (20,000 if you don't have the cash when you first talk to him). The other option is to threaten him twice; then you don't have to pay anything.
10) Look up Angus Santana and Interplanetary Aid in the Booth. Head to Anhur and pay Mr. Santana a visit. He's a nice enough bloke, though, and gives you the pod's serial number. (Note: If Interplanetary Aid doesn't appear on the transit map, you've found a bug in the game and have to start over. Sorry.)
11) Look up pod# D285/06N in the Vehicles section of Public Records. Also look up Shernikov Medical Equipment.
12) Go to Shernikov Medical Equipment on Crius and talk to the nice receptionist lady. Whatever you say, you'll end up waiting, and she'll tell you Jan Mitor bought it.
13) Look up Jan Mitor to find out that he lives on Janus IV. Go to Janus and talk to him. He mentions Kappa Labs, then dies.
14) Look up Kappa Labs, then go there. For reasons which you'll soon see, you don't need to ask permission to land at the station. You also can't save there, which is a bummer because of its remoteness.
15) Upon leaving Kappa Labs, you get an email from David Hassan, asking you to meet him at Nav 140. When you get there, you get ambushed by a bunch of Kindred. Hassan also emails you that he's chicken, and to meet him at the CIS offices on Hades.
16) Go to Hades. Talk with Hassan and he gives you RTS and Blindfire (nice). He also tells you to go to Bex and meet Hugo Carmichael.
17) Look up Hugo Carmichael, then Head to Bex. He doesn't really want to talk to you, but you decide to escort him to Hephaestus anyway.
18) Things will get rough at the Nav point between the planets, and he'll send you an email saying he bugged out, and to meet him on Hephaestus.
19) Go to the Galactic Gormet to find him dead. You take away a strange silver canister. How to open this thing?
20) Go to Hermes and Sinner's Inn. Talk to Joe and he "introduces" Dimitri Avignoni. He wants 30,000 credits to open the thing. If you don't already have it, get it and come back. Inside is a memory crystal with some names in it.
21) Fly around for a while.
22) You get an email from an unknown somebody who says to meet him at Leviatha. Once there he says to go to Petra. At Petra you get an email saying you were followed, and he'll be in touch.
23) Fly around some more.
24) Hassan emails you to meet him at Hades. Do so. He tells you they caught the guy who was emailing you. Turns out he's being transported to Hades under false orders, and you have to go protect him.
25) Once in space, Hassan tells you to defend the transport at Nav 24. Expect a tough fight. If the transport dies, the game is essentially over, so make extra certain it makes it.
26) Return to Hades to talk to the prisoner. You start remembering stuff.
27) Sheila Nabakov is in trouble. Head to Nav 36 and help her out. Fly close to the Kindred mothership to trigger the final FMV and the end credits.
28) Seems like the game should be over, right? Well, you end up in space after all that. Check your diary and it says "Better tie up some loose ends." I assume this is just the game's way of letting you play if you want to. Somebody email me and let me know what else is left.

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