I've made two complete campaigns for Warcraft 3. For the longest time, I had wanted to play the original Warcraft, but didn't have a DOS machine to run it on. Then I discovered DOSBox. After playing it through, I wondered what it would be like to play the same maps and plots in Warcraft 3.

For these campaigns, I used Warcraft 3 units, techtrees, etc. Simply extract the .w3n file into your /Warcraft III/Campaings/ folder.

Please send any comments, suggestions, fixes, rants, raves, or whatever to patrick@nightsolo.net

These campaigns are more of a total conversion from War1 to War3.

Download them and give me some feedback!
Roads are a little different here, and work a lot like Blight. Just have a Peasant place a Road Flag on existing Road, and you'll get some new area to build on.

You can find scans of the original manual on ReplacementDocs.com.

Here are some tutorials I've come up with during the project:

last modified 18 March 2014