Nightsolo's Mass Effect 2 Downloadable Content



The Alternate Appearance Packs are purely cosmetic.

The Aegis, Equalizer, and Firepower Packs do contain new weapons and armor, but the game is absolutely beatable without them.

The Blood Dragon Armor is available once you buy the game Dragon Age: Origins.

The Cerberus Network DLC also contains several weapons and armors.

Dr. Pepper once had a promotion that contained several armor pieces.

GameStop had some bonus armor and weapons if you pre-ordered the game from them.

Pre-Ordering anywhere got you some bonus armor.

The Collector Weapon and Armor are available from the Limited Collector's Edition.

The Incisor Sniper Rifle is available from the Digital Deluxe Edition.


This is an interactive module that takes place after the intro and before Shepard wakes up. It's done in a comic book style, with the voiceover done by your favorite male or female Shepard voice actor.

Genesis only triggers if you did not import a save game.

You will get to experience the crucial events from Mass Effect 1, and make the major choices that affect Mass Effect 2.


Download and install the Arrival DLC. After Horizon, if you access the Private Terminal next to the Galaxy Map, you'll get an audio from Admiral Hackett asking you to take the message privately. Go to Shepard's Cabin and use the Private Terminal there. Hackett will then explain that he wants you to go and rescue a friend of his. Go to Viper Nebula: Bahak System, and Land on Aratoht. (This make some plot sense if you wait to do it until after the Suicide Mission. It also counts towards advancing the conversation with Legion.)

As Hackett explained, this is a solo mission. When you land, you'll see a locked door. Hit the Cut Power switch to the right to get in. You'll come to a bridge that won't budge. Instead, go down the ramp to the left, kill the lone varren that attacks you, and activate that bridge control. Go back up, cross the bridge, and go up the stairs. You may see a varren running around in here. Find it and kill it first, then Cut Power to the Power Relay to bring down the barriers.

Continue around the only path you can until you come to a dead end where you can shoot an object in the ceiling to open a passageway. Activate the Gas Valve to stop the flames, then continue. Activate this second Gas Valve, then a third to your left. Kill the varren that rushes you. Yes, this blocks your way for now, but go back to the second valve and through the door. Listen to the Personal Log, Open the Locker for some Credits, and Scan the Technology for a Heavy Weapon Ammo Upgrade Research.

Go back to the third Gas Valve and Activate it to continue. (From here on in I'm going to explain as if you want the Covert Action Achievement. If not, just kill the guards as you please. Otherwise, avoid killing the guards until you get to the good Doctor.) Go through the hallway, up some stairs, and through a couple doors until you get to a rainy outside area. Go left out the door and straight ahead to Cut Power to a Power Relay. Backtrack a bit and hop up on the bed of the blue truck, then up to the level above. Go in the door to the left, and Open the locker on the shelf to the right for some Credits. Take a right out of this room and an immediate left to find some Iridium in the next room. Double back and hop down to the ground level on the left, then go up the stairs and through the door.

There are guards in the next room, but you can just walk past the open doorway and they won't see you, as they're facing the opposite direction. As you round the corner, a shuttle will arrive. If you go right along the catwalk, those two guards will see you, so instead run into the door on the left. Here, Activate the Crane Control to move it out of the way, then hit the switch on the left once, then the switch on the right twice. Hop down the crates to the level below and pick up the now-revealed Iridium and PDA with a Medi-Gel Capacity Upgrade Research.

Next, Activate the Vehicle Lift to lower it, and hop down to the next level. Activate the lift again to raise the vehicle, revealing a Med Kit and a PDA with some Credits on it. Go through the door down here, and go straight ahead. Open the Locker for some Credits, Listen to the Security Log, then Cut Power to the Power Relay. Even though one of the guards in the next room appears to be facing you, just walk past them and you won't alert them. Go around the corner to the left and open the door.

After you release Dr. Kenson, it's weapons free, and you should have the Covert Action Achievement. Loot some Credits from a Terminal in the torture room, kill the one guard who came from the same direction you did, then hang a left and go down the stairs to find a Med Kit. Continue down some more stairs, and kill guards until you come to a Security Console in a room to the right. Examine it, and Dr. Kenson will start hacking it. You should run back to the door you just came through, kill the three guards that come through, then close it, because guards will come through it until you do. Then it's just a matter of fending off the remaining guards until Dr. Kenson is done. Walk out to the middle of the chamber, and Use the Elevator Control to go up.

When you get to the hangar, kill the guards and work your way forward. You'll need to destroy the two objects, one on either side of the hangar doors to open them. When both doors are open and the area is clear, Board the Shuttle. You'll then have a conversation with Dr. Kenson, and you'll wind up at her Project Base.

Collect some Credits from the Shipping Records to the right. You can also change your Weapons Loadout here. Opposite the door Dr. Kenson is standing at you'll find some Palladium, and on the left side of the doorway are some Power Cells. When you're ready, follow Dr. Kenson to the Artifact Room, looting some more Palladium along the way.

Surprise! Your immediate goal is to survive as long as possible. If you want the Last Stand Achievement, you'll have to survive all five waves of enemies. Regardless of how long you last you will eventually be knocked unconscious. When you come to, you'll need to Assume Control of the nearby Mech. Use it to kill the Scientist, then destroy several other mechs on your way to destroying the Power Junction. This will open up the door and you can get out. Don't worry if the mech you're controlling is destroyed, as there are plenty more to use.

Play the Research Log as you go to the Armor and Weapons to Equip yourself. Don't go through the Bypassable door yet. Instead go the opposite direction to find a room containing a Research Log you can Play, and loot some Element Zero. Now go and Bypass the other door. Kill some guards in the hallway and continue through the next door and the next hallway. More guards will attack you in the Living Quarters. Before you leave, find some Mech Parts to Salvage for Credits.

In the next large room, kill off some guards, then Play another Research Log and Open a Wall Safe for some Credits. Go through the next two doors and kill all the guards in the large room. Play yet another Research Log and loot the Element Zero before going through the next door and down the hallway. In the Medical Center, kill some more guards, and prioritize the Pyros, as they like to get close. Once they're clear, you'll find a Medical Station. When you're ready, Use the Engine Control to get this rock moving. You'll then have a choice of whether to [Warn batarian colonies] or [Call Normandy for pickup]. Regardless of your choice, Dr. Kenson will try to blow up the asteroid. Your next task is to stop her. Kill the guards who attack you, then take then elevator they arrived in.

You'll start in dialog with Dr. Kenson. She'll get away, and you'll be attacked by two guards. After you kill them, find some Element Zero before Overloading the Door Lock to continue. Take the elevator, then loot some more Element Zero. You'll be attacked by several guards as you go through the next hallway. Kill them, then Use the Cooling Controls. Once that's done, go around corner and kill the guards. Walk around the corner where they were and take the elevator down. Go around the corner where you'll find a Medical Station and a PDA with some Credits on it. Use the Safety Console to Deactivate Plasma Venting, then go through the door you just passed.

Kill the guards to the left, then go in the door to the right to find some Element Zero. Go back where the guards were, and more will attack from the area to the left. Once they're clear, go down into that area towards a locked door. Destroy the Explosive Crate on the right to continue. Go around the corner, kill the guard and use the Security Console to Remove Lockdown. Go through the now-open door and kill the two guards before riding the elevator up.

Loot some Element Zero before riding the next elevator up. Access a PDA in the next room for some Credits, then go though the door. The next room contains many guards hiding behind crates. Cautiously make your way through, then Bypass the door at the end. In the next room, loot some Element Zero, Access a Wall Safe for some Credits, then Use the Cooling Control. Go down the elevator behind you. A scene will play, where Dr. Kenson will pull out a grenade. There is a Renegade Interrupt Opportunity where you can shoot her, but the grenade still blows up.

Your final task is to get to an escape shuttle. Get on the elevator to the next part. Go through the next door, then take the door on the left, about halfway down the hallway. Inside, loot the Palladium, then Open the Wall Safe for some Credits, and Collect the Analysis Data for a Heavy Skin Weave Upgrade Research. Continue through the next door and find some Survey Data between the stairs for some Credits. Pick up some Power Cells through the next door. The final door will take you outside, where you'll have to fight several guards. Your goal is to Activate the Comm Relay. In addition to the Alpha Mass Relay growing bigger in the sky, there is also a bar in the lower right corner of your HUD showing you how close it is. I can't imagine it taking you that long to finish, but if it does, you get to see the asteroid slam into the Relay, but you die and have to do it again. One strategy is to ignore all the enemies, and just run past them to the communications sattelite. Activate it to win.

When you do succeed, you'll enter into dialog with a hologram of Harbinger (if you're doing this before the Suicide Mission, the hologram is the big Collector boss. Afterwards, it's the reaper himself.) Then you get a nice cinematic of your timely escape from the system. Afterwards, you'll be in med bay and get to have a dialogue with Admiral Hackett. This conversation sets up where Shepard starts in Mass Effect 3. Remember to Research those Upgrades you found during the Mission.


Download and install the Kasumi - Stolen Memory DLC. See
Dossiers for how to recruit Kasumi, and Loyalty for how to gain her Loyalty.

Normandy Crash Site

Download and install the Cerberus Network and Normandy Crash Site DLC. Go to Omega Nebula: Amada System, and Scan Alchera. Land on the planet. You'll arrive alone, with some eerie music playing. There are three miscellaneous things to pick up:

There are 20 Dog Tags scattered around the site. They'll shine with a bright effect when you get near them. 16 of the Tags are laying out in the open, and 4 are inside of the fragile crates, which you'll have to shoot or melee to break open.

Your last task is to place the Memorial. As you walk around the site, a box will pop up in various places, telling you to use the melee button in order to place it at that location. There are several possible locations, and it doesn't matter where you put it. After you've placed the Memorial, you'll be allowed to return to the Normandy via the shuttle, but I recommend sticking around to find all the other stuff, if you haven't already.


Download and install the Overlord DLC. Go to Phoenix Massing: Typhon System, and Land on Aite. (For plot, I recommend doing the Firewalker DLC before this one. You may wish to save this until after the Suicide Mission, as it counts towards advancing the conversation count with Legion.)

From the landing pad, go down the ramp to the right to find some Palladium. Go through the door in front of the Hammerhead, then down the stairs. Listen to Archer's brief explanation on the monitor, then go past the door to the right. Shoot the cracked glass then go in to the otherwise locked room and Listen to Archer's Log. Also in this room are a Medical Station and a Cerberus Terminal, from which you can Recover Funds. Exit the door to this room and hang a right through the next door.

In the next room is another of Archer's Logs you can Listen to, as well as the Control Panel you need to Retract Dish to move things along. Unfortunately, the dish doesn't retract as you had hoped, and Archer tells you what you need to do. Go through the now-open door to your left, down the stairs, and Examine a PDA on the floor for some Credits. Continue down the next set of stairs and through the next door.

In the cafeteria a few geth will attack you. Kill the first group, then go down the stairs a bit to trigger the next group. Once the area is clear, loot the Medical Station and Recover Funds from the Cash Register. In the kitchen you'll find some Power Cells. When you're ready, head up the stairs and into the sleeping quarters. There, you can Listen to another of Archer's Logs, and a there's Wall Safe you can just Open for Credits.

Backtrack your way to the opposite end of the cafeteria and go through the door into a room with a couple of corpses. Here you will find a Medical Station and some Spare Parts you can Salvage for Credits. The next door takes you into the Tram. Use the console to take you to the radar dish. Follow the only path available. There is a small room to the left with some Power Cells. Some geth will attack on your way to the dish. Extend the walkway, and as you approach the door, more geth attack from the walkway to your left. You'll need to Bypass the door to get in. Waves of geth will attack from the right and from the stairs in the middle. Clear them, then go up.

When you get to the top, your goal will be to destroy the three struts holding the dish in place. Go to each Strut Console in turn and Expose Capacitor, then destroy it. Do this while fending off waves of geth. After you escape the dramatic cutscene, you enter into dialog with Dr. Archer, who explains what's really going on. The conversation has several Paragon and Renegade choices, but no opportunities for any points either way. When you're done investigating, use the "I'm ready" option to exit dialog, then head outside and get in the Hammerhead to continue the Assignment.

You now need to visit two small stations to override their lockdowns of Atlas station. As you descend the ramp, Vulcan Station is to the left, and Prometheus is to the right. Along the way, you'll come across a bonus goal of collecting six data packets. Five are fairly easy to find, being located in man-made outposts, some of which are guarded by turrets. One, however, is located under the rocky bridge leading to Vulcan Station, and is guarded by heavy mechs. Drive the Hammerhead over a glowing circle and hold the right mouse button until the scanner finishes. When you've gotten all six, you'll have the Achievement "Data Hound." Note that you cannot save while in the Hammerhead, so don't take any big risks. When the Hammerhead is damaged, you'll hear an alarm sound and see flames coming out of the vehicle. When that happens, just take cover until the alarm is quiet again.

Prometheus Station

When you arrive at the geth ship, go forward and down into the valley. A geth cannon will target you, but one shot will kill you. Watch out for the reddish targeting lasers, and avoid them while shooting at the four generators. You can also park near a generator until the targeting lines get to you, then high-tail it out of the area and let the geth cannon do your work for you. Once all four Shield generators are down, take out the geth cannon itself. Before you approach the entrance to the ship, you can find some Platinum by scanning a circle on the opposite side of the valley. When you're ready, approach the ship and press the "leave planet" key.

When you do, you and your squad will be outside the Hammerhead. Pick up the Platinum to your right, then go inside the door. Go through the next door and past the hovering green geth. Listen to the Research Log on the corpse of a human, then go up the ramp and find another Research Log. Continue and Salvage some Lab Equipment for some Credits, then go through the door. At then end of the hallway are another Research Log and a Med Kit. Go through the only open door here, down the stairs, to the left, and into a small room where you can Salvage some more Lab Equipment for Credits. Go back down the hallway, Listen to another Research Log, open the door on the right, and go down some more stairs to open another door.

Hop over the barrier to the right and Salvage some more Lab Equipment for Credits. Hop back over the barrier and Listen to another Research Log. Through the next door is a large, damaged lab area containing another Research Log. Through the next door is an even larger room with several platforms over some water. Go up the stairs to the left, and you'll see a series of switches. One will select which platform to move, and the other switches are directional buttons. Your goal is the Override Switch on the large computer in the middle, but first you should arrange the platforms to get to the area on the right. Once there, you can loot some Power Cells, a Med Kit, and a Laptop with Credits.

Reposition the platforms, and on the main area, loot the Med Kit and Hack the Laptop before you Use the Override Switch, because when you do, all the geth in the facility will come alive. You will then have to fight your way back out to the Hammerhead. The path will be a bit different than on your way in, because the Rogue AI will have closed some doors and opened others. When you get back to the Hammerhead, this part of the Assignment will end, and you'll find yourself in the open area between Stations.

Vulcan Station

From the starting point, go straight, down the ramp, hop the river of lava, and go into the building. Go across the first two sets of vents when they're not venting, then hover over the large cluster of vents. When they fire, hit the jump key and land on the ledge above. Take out the turret in the cave, then hang a left at the fork to find some Iridium. Go back and take the other branch of the fork. Fall off the cliff, then jump from island to island to the other side of the lava river. Jump on to the steam vent, then use its steam to boost your jump to the next ledge. Here, you'll need to enter the alcove in the middle of the facility to turn on the next steam vent. When you get close enough, a dialog will pop up instructing you to use the "leave planet" key.

Once on foot, proceed in the door and up the stairs. Kill the three mechs, then go through the next door. Access the Research Log, then Bypass the Valve A3 Control. Go back outside and get in the Hammerhead. Use the now active vent to boost your jump up to the next ledge.

Halfway along the valley is a turret. Once you've destroyed it, you can pick up some Iridium from a spot right next to it. Continue, and you'll come to another river with floating rock islands. You'll have to hop from island to island again, but this time you'll have to hop downstream to the next area of solid ground. Use the vent on the right to fly up and find another spot of Iridium. Hop up the ledges to the left to find another spot of Iridium, but beware the two turrets guarding it.

The next lava river is like the last, but you have to go upstream. Approach the large doors and exit the Hammerhead. Go up the stairs and through two doors. Bypass Valve D4 Control, then go down the adjacent ramp to Access a Datapad for some Credits. That way becomes blocked, so backtrack a bit and shoot the Explosive Container to clear a new path. On the first landing up the stairs is a Med Kit. Continue up, and kill the mechs and drones that attack you. There are some more Explosive Containers you can strategically shoot to make this fight a cinch. Towards the back of the platform you'll find a fallen pipe to walk up to the next level.

Go in the door on the left to find a Wall Safe with some Credits in it, as well as a Research Log to listen to. Go back out and through the doorway to the left. Loot the Medical Station in here, then continue and fight some more mechs and drones. Access the computer on the left for some Credits, then go through the door. Bypass the next door, and a cutscene will play, showing your squad hitting the Override Switch. You'll also have a Renegade Interrupt Opportunity, whereby you shoot the partially disabled mech. If you don't take it, on of your squad mates will take the shot. After the cutscene, this part of the Assignment will conclude, and you'll be back in the Hammerhead, in the open area between Stations.

Atlas Station

After you've hit the Override Switches in both Prometheus and Vulcan Stations, Atlas Station will be available. From the open area, follow the arrows there. This time, you won't have to fly the Hammerhead in, you'll start on foot. Go straight ahead and in the door. It says Bypass on it, but it'll open as you approach. Investigate the Damaged Machinery straight ahead to hear one of Archer's Logs. The next two doors say Examine on them, but will open up as you approach. At the base of some stairs, the doors in front will shut, then cycle, and the one on the left will open. Inside, another of Archer's Logs will play as you approach. Also in this room are a Med Kit and some Computer Hardware you can Salvage for some Credits. At the far end, hit the switch to Summon the elevator. Hit it three times, then it malfunctions. Turn around and Begin Decomposition Simulation on the 3D Diagnostic Console to reset the system, then use the Level 3 Computer near the Med Kit to send the elevator to Level 3. Lastly, hit the Summon button twice to bring the elevator to you. Take cover, kill the geth that come with the elevator, then enjoy the ride down to Floor 1.

In this room, as you listen to one of Archer's Logs, Scan the geth to the left for some Heavy Skin Weave Upgrade Research, pick up some Palladium, and Hack a computer for some Credits. Go through the door, then the next one's knob moves when you try to open it. Access the VI Server Control in the next room, and Shepard enters a Tron-like world, cut off from your squad-mates. In the next room, you'll kill three geth. After that is a lab, where you'll see Archer working with his brother. Loot the Palladium and the Power Cells, then Examine the two Disturbances as they appear in order to see more history. Hop the wall towards the geth hub, and loot the Med Kit and Wall Safe, then continue on.

You'll need to shoot the VI Connection to open the next door. Inside, you'll find some Power Cells, Palladium, and some Salvageable Hardware. Activate the Elevator Controls on the desk, kill the geth who ride up, then get on the elevator yourself. Ride it down and watch the history lesson. You'll then need to shoot the VI Connections to open up the core. They will travel up the chords from the core to the pillars. When they reach a pillar, the VI will start uploading to the Normandy. If that process completes, it's game over. Fend off the geth and destroy the VI Connections. Shoot the VI Core while it's exposed. Repeat this a few times, and David will stop. Archer will then show up and beg for mercy. At the end of the ensuing conversation, the fate of David is in your hands. Choose either to free him with David is coming with me or leave him there with The project needs him. Lastly, you'll have a corresponding Interrupt Opportunity. The Assignment then ends.

Project Firewalker

Download and install the Firewalker DLC. Go to Ismar Frontier: Zeona System, and Scan, thenLand on Zeona. (For continuity reasons, I recommend doing this before Project Oerlord.)

Shepard and squad will exit the Normandy's shuttle on foot at the crash site of the MSV Rosalie. There's nothing to do and no enemies to shoot, so go straight ahead and Bypass the Cargo Computer Control to open the container. Doing so causes you to enter the Hammerhead. Check your key bindings for how to use this vehicle. Your goal here is to Scan seven data sites, shown on the HUD as large blue glowing animated cylinders. The Hammerhead wiggles around while you're scanning, so you'll have to use the directional controls to keep the vehicle over the yellowish target circle. The only thing that can hurt the Hammerhead here is lava, so don't fall in. You cannot save while in the Hammerhead, and there's no way to just hop out.

After the third set of data, you'll have to shoot an obstacle to continue. In the next area, go down to the ground level and start with the circle down there, then work your way up and around the buttes, scanning circles as you go. Once all the circles are scanned, the mission will be complete, and you can press the Leave Planet key to return to the Normandy. Once back on board, you'll have a new message at your Private Terminal informing you that there are three places to visit in your efforts to find the missing scientists. The first three can be visited in any order, and the last location will only open up once you've completed the first three. (The order listed here makes the most sense to me, continuity-wise.)

Geth Incursion

Go to Phoenix Massing: Chomos System, and Scan then Land on Latesh.

This planet is extremely cold, and the Hammerhead can't take it. If it freezes, the game will end. Therefore, move fast between scanning sites. When you complete a scan, the Hammerhead will regain heat. Once all 10 Nodes are scanned, press the Leave Planet key to return to the Normandy and end the Assignment.

Survey Sites

Go to Hawking Eta Cluster: Verr System, and Scan then Land on Corang.

There are five survey sites you need to scan here. All are guarded by geth. Falling in acid or getting hit by weapons will damage the vehicle. There is no health bar for the Hammerhead, so instead, listen for an increasingly annoying alarm and watch for flames leaping from the vehicle. Thankfully, it auto-repairs, so all you have to do to recover from damage is find a safe place and sit still until the alarms are silenced. Otherwise, just follow the only path available and scan the Artifact Sites.

There are also 4 Sites here where you can scan to pick up Platinum. the first is on an island near Artifact 2, the second is to the left on a platform between Artifacts 3 and 4, the third is up a ramp near Artifact 4, and the last is just past Artifact 5 on the right. When you're ready, press the Leave Planet key to return to the Normandy and end the Assignment.

Volcano Station

Go to Caleston Rift: Yakawa System, and Scan then Land on Karumpto.

You'll start out in the Hammerhead, with the goal of reaching the Research Station at the bottom. There are eight Iridium sites along the way. If you want them all, begin by taking a left down to the first two, then return to the starting position and take the other path for the remaining six sites.

When you do reach the Research Station, you'll need to press the Leave Planet key to get out of the Hammerhead. This will put you directly in the base itself. There are no enemies inside, so relax. In the Docking Bay where you start is a Medical Station. Go up the ramp and through the door. To the left are the Crew Quarters, where you can loot a Wall Safe and read a DataPad containing Dr. Cayce's first log. Opposite here is the Main Lab. Before you touch anything, Bypass the door to the Storage Room where you can loot some Iridium. Back in the Lab, Examine the Computer Console to hear a log from Dr. Cayce, then go down either ramp and Open the Locker for some Credits. Use the Terminal up front to read Dr. Cayce's second log, then Activate the Sensors.

This gives you the location of the Prothean Site, but also makes the volcano explode. So high-tail it out to the Hammerhead and get in. You'll then just have to follow the path up and out of the volcano. Beware, however, that the lava rises steadily, creating a time limit for you. On your way out, you may notice an Iridium site, and you should have just enough time to scan it if you're quick.

Prothean Site

After you've been to the other three places, go to Hades Nexus: Hoplos System, then Scan and Land on Kopis.

When you land in the Hammerhead, its VI will suggest destroying the four power sources in order to gain access to the Site. The Generators are easily traced by the handy glowing blue lines in the ground. As you approach each Generator, you'll be attacked by drones. There are also four Element Zero sites at even intervals on the upper ledges. Once all four Generators are deactivated, go to the Dig Site and use the Leave Planet key to exit the Hammerhead. You and your squad will then be on foot.

There are no enemies here, so relax. Go up the nearby ramp, and follow the only path you can. In the first little room, Read a DataPad of Dr. Cayce's thoughts and loot some Element Zero. At the base of a long spiral ramp, Examine a Dead Body for some Credits, loot some more Element Zero, and Listen to another Journal of Dr. Cayce's. Round the corner to Examine a Research Terminal, which will give you some Biotic Damage Research. Also nearby are another audio Journal and a Computer Console you'll need to Hack to open the way to the Prothean Artifact.

As you approach the shiny, Read the DataPad to learn of Dr. O'Loy's final thoughts. Approach the artifact, and you'll get a cutscene, after which the Mission will end, and you'll be back aboard the Normandy. The Relic itself will be in Shepard's Cabin, and will pulse when you Examine it. You may remember a similar artefact from Mass Effect 1.

Lair of the Shadow Broker

This is the only part of the game where Liara will be a squad member, so I recommend holding off on this until you're at max level, so Liara will have all of her Talent Points available.

Download and install the Shadow Broker DLC. After Horizon, you'll have a message on your Private Terminal saying Cerberus has some information for Liara. Go to Crescent Nebula: Tasale System, and Land on Illium. When you first arrive at Nos Astra, capitol of Illium, you'll be greeted by a Concierge. Things are a bit tense with her, but you can calm her down and then learn about the place from her Investigate options.

Go through the Trading Floor area to the south, and go up the stairs near the "administration" sign. Talk to Nyxeris to learn about her, then go through the door and you'll enter into dialog with Liara. If you romanced her in Mass Effect 1, she'll kiss you. Otherwise you just get a hug. If you haven't already, ask her about Samara and Thane, and do her System Hacking and The Observer Assignments first. If you don't, she'll no longer be available to give or complete them after doing this DLC. When you're sure you've done everything else you want to do with her, tell her you're ready to take on the Shadow Broker. She'll leave and go to her apartment.

Take a cab from the southern edge of the city to Liara's Apartment. When you arrive, you'll find some police investigating a shooting. Convince the Spectre, Vasir, to let you look around. The objects downstairs are interesting, but don't lead anywhere. When you Examine the Picture upstairs, it'll change, unlocking the Prothean Relics for your inspection. The one you want is in the large case at the base of the stairs. You'll then fly to the Dracon Trade Center, where you witness a large explosion.

The Civilians are just confused. Go past them and through the door. The elevator to the left doesn't work, so use the stairs opposite. Next to the stairs is a Locker with some Credits in it. Find a Medical Station on the first landing, then continue up. Before you go up the next set of stairs, there's a PDA on the ground with some Credits, and another Medical Station around the corner. At the top of the stairs you'll find an ATM to Hack for some Credits, and some Power Cells to the right. Go through the two doors to the left, and you'll be attacked by Shadow Broker Agents as you round the corner. In the middle of the area is a Terminal you can Access for some Credits. At the end of the offices are a Medical Station and another Terminal you can Access for Credits.

You'll come to some stairs blocked by fire. Go in the doorway to the left and Use the Maintenance Console to put out the fire, loot the Element Zero, Salvage the Spare Parts for some Credits, then go up the stairs. You'll be attacked by some more Agents. Access the Research Terminal for a Heavy Pistol Damage Upgrade, then Open a Wall Safe for some Credits. Open the door to see Liara save your life.

Fight your way back to where you arrived. You'll team up with Liara from here on out, so you'll have to leave one of your squad mates behind.

Now you get to steer the flying car yourself. The goal is to keep up with Vasir. If you get too far behind, you'll lose her and will have to start the section over. Hold Boost (same key as Sprint) most of the time. Use either the directional keys or the mouse to steer. There's no way to be destroyed, so don't worry too much about running in to stuff. Eventually, Vasir crashes on a hotel, and you land to give chase.

The landing zone will be attacked by several waves of Agents. Be sure to allocate talent points for Liara. There is a Med Kit in the car you flew in on. In the door to the left is another Med Kit and a Wall Safe you can Bypass for some Credits. The wreck of Vasir's car contains some Power Cells and a Damage Protection Upgrade. Around the corner, the next suite has a Med Kit and a Weapons Locker in the room to the right. In the open area are a Medical Station and a Datapad with some Credits on it.

Open the next door, and you'll see a cutscene where Vasir takes a hostage. Use either the Paragon or Renegade options to resolve it, and then you'll enter into combat with Vasir. Take cover and concentrate on her reinforcements. Just stay alive and slowly burn her down. After she dies, you and Liara will discuss the next move. During this conversation you'll have three Paragon Interrupt Opportunities.

A cinematic will play showing your arrival on the Shadow Broker's Lair. You'll get to choose one squad mate to join you and Liara. You'll need to make your way north, fighting Agents as you go. You can shoot the capacitors to damage nearby enemies, but they'll damage allies as well. Along the way, you'll find two sets of Conductor Components to Salvage for Credits, some Power Cells, some Palladium, and two Medical Stations. Eventually, you'll come to a door, and Liara will start hacking it. You'll then need to fend off five waves of enemies. Thankfully, they only come from one direction at a time.

Once inside, follow the hallway and kill enemies until you come to the Prison Block, where you can Access a Terminal for Credits and loot a Med Kit. Bypass the door to meet Feron. After the conversation, more Agents will attack. When they're dead, go through the next door and around the hall to another door. Before going through, loot another Terminal and a Med Kit. Through the second door is the Shadow Broker. You'll talk for awhile, then he'll knock out your third squad member, and it'll be just you and Liara against him.

There are three phases to the fight: 1) Wear down his shields and armor like any other boss. Then he'll bring up a new kind of special protection that you'll have to run up to and melee. 2) Next, he'll have a shield up that you'll have to aim around to hit him. Once you wear him down again, you'll have to run up to him and punch his special protection. 3) Repeat of phase two, except he'll die at the end.

After the conversation with Liara, you'll be just outside the door to her office, dressed casually. Go straight ahead and enter to find several things to do:


Download and install the Cerberus Network DLC. See
Dossiers for how to recruit Zaeed, and Loyalty for how to gain his Loyalty.

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